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    The End.

    Friday, September 18 2009
    Daisy and Ashlee leave, Mindy comes back, Reva and Josh leave, Frank and Blake get together, Christina and Remy get married and Alex leaves.

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    Posted by DIANA1965 at Saturday, September 19 2009 12:46 AM

    OMG!!! IT REALLY HAPPENED!! I am still in shock dat GL has ended!! what am i goin to do?? First let me say dat i have enjoyed every moment i've spent watching this FABULOUS soap, even in da yrs they call the DECLINING yrs, there will NEVER be another like it!! As the week started i was looking forward to a lot of s/l's coming 2gether, but what shocked me da most was da DEATH OF ALLEN SPAULDING!!! I SWEAR I DID NOT SEE DAT ONE COMING!! what has me baffled is WHY?? da show is ending 4GOOD so why kill him off now?? and if u had to kill him, y not wait til friday's episode during the ONE YR LATER part and say "ALLEN DIED LAST YR"??!! he deserved to be there at the END!! i just thought dat was a terrible thing to do da man, and he's been there over 20yrs!! u brought back folks who been gon dat long and didn't have a damn thang to do with da show 2day!!

    All in all i must say i really enjoyed the last wk of GL. there are a couple of s/l's dat didn't get dealt with dat SHOULD HAVE, but it's over now so i guess i'll just have to use my imagination. I knew one thing: GL WOULD NOT END WITHOUT JOSH AND REVA BEING 2GETHER!!! and i am sooooo glad they did!! i love josh and reva....always bud! lol!

    I hope that some where in da near future da powers dat be at cbs and p&g will have a REUNION show of some sort, just to update us loyal and devoted GL fans...i for one would love to know how some other s/l's end.

    As my day comes to a close, i say with a heavy heart; FAREWELL GL! u have been a constant joy to watch...and TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF "SPRINGFIELD", GOOD LUCK TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF U!! U became our family and our best friends!! U WILL BE DEEPLY MISSED!! MAY DA LIGHT SHINE ON U NO MATTER WHERE U GO! the end!

    Posted by 12312 at Saturday, September 19 2009 03:58 AM

    Great ending... thank you Guiding Light... you are already missed. Will bewatching for you all... May you have much success, just don't stay with CBS they did you wrong!
    Good luck always and again thank you.

    Posted by longviewer at Saturday, September 19 2009 04:45 AM

    I have watched this show every since it came on TV. During my working years I recorded it so I could watch it each night. I was so disappointed with "THE END". I really wanted Jeffery to return to Reva. I was so tired of Josh and Reva bouncing back and forth over all the years it was a treat to see Reva happy with Jeffery. In addition it would have been nice if it had closed out with Mallet and Marina, Dina and Shane together.
    Wasn't sad by Alan's death and was glad he reflected a better person when he departed. Would have enjoyed seeing
    Ross return to Blake but, happy for Frank.
    I have enjoyed my many years of The Guilding Light but, very let down by the writers "ENDING".

    Posted by CBSoapKing at Saturday, September 19 2009 09:48 AM

    Earthmom thanks so much for the feedback!
    I'm one of those who got tough on GL when I saw the quality slipping and I REALLY wanted this soap to go on forever.
    As we all know though, most things don't last forever and I hope the many wonderful memories that we've all shared through the years will endure.

    God Bless All!

    Posted by BOYDS BEAR GIRL at Saturday, September 19 2009 10:15 AM

    nickilani - I have to agree with you in aging the babies. Colin did look 3 yrs. old and so did Henry. All in all though, I did enjoy the way they had it end, wrapping things up. Would have been nice if they hadn't left Jeffrey and Edmund up in the air, won't they tire of chasing after each other? LOL. Will miss this soap, won't be the same.

    Posted by maribry2004 at Saturday, September 19 2009 10:57 AM

    Like many people here I didn't post regularly but I read often and watched GL daily. I don't know what exactly attracted me to Sprinfield over 20 years ago but it became a part of who I am. Like everyone else I'm sad to see it end and I have this dream that one day it will return. I was so happy to see Josh and Reva back together. I was happy to see old casts return and I was especially happy for Alex. Like death, I'm not sure what stage I'm in but I know it's not the acceptance stage. Thank you for so many years of love, excitement and drama.

    Posted by burl566 at Saturday, September 19 2009 11:22 AM

    I also think the ending was terrible. The Jeffery story was completely unbelievable. The writers made Reva either a bigamist or a married woman living with another man.

    Posted by mummerh at Saturday, September 19 2009 12:29 PM

    Goodbye dear Springfield friends. The ending was the best it could be. I don't think I could have handled it if Josh and Reva had not been together "Always"
    I choose to believe that Jeffery and Edmund either killed each other or he chose chasing Edmund over Reva - either way I don't care. I wanted Josh and Reva together no metter what else happened. Who knows - maybe CBS will choose to let the Jeffery/Edmund storyline spill over into another CBS soap. I, however, will not be watching to find out!

    Posted by ohc1 at Saturday, September 19 2009 01:27 PM

    Thank you GUIDING LIGHT for the lessons of life we learn daily.For bringing Josh and Reva together was the happiness this show brings us CBS should had did what ABC did when they aired the last episode of Edge of Night by showin the beginning of a new mystery on that show

    Posted by GLfan4ovr20yrs at Saturday, September 19 2009 05:07 PM

    I grew up watching all of the soap operas on CBS with my mother, sisters, aunts, cousins,and grandmother. The guiding light has always been my favorite. I just feel so bad that due to working, and or picking up my daughter in the 2:00 p.m. time slot I helped send GL to its grave. That's what it feels like a part of my family died when the show ended. I cried through the last 3 episodes and have them saved on my DVR. I think the writers did a fantastic job of leaving it open for the characters to live their lives without leaving us cliff-hanging. I absolutely loved Reva and Josh getting back together! I had tears in my eyes and a happiness in my heart when josh was professing his love for her at the light house. GREAT JOB GL cast and writers! But I am still so sad.

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