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    The End.

    Friday, September 18 2009
    Daisy and Ashlee leave, Mindy comes back, Reva and Josh leave, Frank and Blake get together, Christina and Remy get married and Alex leaves.

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    Posted by mizkitty at Friday, September 18 2009 07:25 PM

    I think they did tie up the loose ends with Jeffery. He chose to chase Edmund and not return to his family. He chose that life over the family life. Jeffery was dead to Reva for well over a year, she had lots of time to heal. I would have been disappointed if they didn't fast forward a year, then it would have been too soon to put Josh and Reva back together. Loved the endings, just sad it was THE END.

    Posted by Earthmom at Friday, September 18 2009 07:40 PM

    CBSsoapking...I saw your post this morning...beautiful must live eastward...your post is on Thursdays update, like my own. Not to did not disappear. I really want to thank the amazing cast that has given us the gift of their talents through these many years. On the off chance that some of the Guiding Light staff may stop by and read our humble postings today...thank you. Thank you so much. I have laughed, and cried...sighed and longed, and hoped for happiness for all of the characters in this wonderful creation for many years. I wish the best to all of you that offered the gift of your talents and your hearts to us. We strive to be more perfect...we vow to ne'er be so evil or only be loving and giving...we identify with the best and the worst of each of the characters that you have so beautifully protrayed. Our hats are off to you. And, know that you will ALWAYS be a part of our lives. We will miss you and appreciate all of your hard work and devotion. Thank you again, ever so much for sharing your wonderful, beautiful gift. We love you and will miss you, ALWAYS.

    Posted by grammegirl at Friday, September 18 2009 07:50 PM

    When I was 3 1/2 years old, I had the German Measles. My Grandma had me sleeping on the couch and everyday the music to The Guiding Light came on and Grandma was right there to watch it. I would wake-up and wonder why she always watched it. As I grew-up I never missed it either and I'm now 56!! Today, I got a little glass of red wine and when "The End" flashed on the screen, I toasted my late Grandma and had a good cry!! It's always been a great show but when the story-line was all about the Bauer's, it was the best! Does anyone out there remember the original Alan Spaulding? The last Alan was good but the original was absolute great!! He played that role to a "T". Good-bye Guiding Light!! :^(

    Posted by awrwa at Friday, September 18 2009 08:08 PM

    I had no idea I'd feel this empty after it ended. But after losing a show that has been on my entire life, I guess it's not surprising. I thought the show ended GREAT, with no stunts or shocking surprises, other than all the great past cast members returning for one final farewell. Mindy & Rick, Phillip & Beth, Dinah & Mallet, Vanessa & Billy, Reva & Josh... all is as it should be. Finally! and... Always.

    Posted by edge of night at Friday, September 18 2009 08:26 PM

    Sooooo Sorry to see the light go dim i feel as if it was the last link to my grandma who started listening on the radio in the middle of eppy 5 when on the radio it was 15 min long. So long faithful and loyal will be sorely missed{crying as i type}

    Posted by doubled at Friday, September 18 2009 08:52 PM

    Everybody wants to post how many years they have watched GUIDING LIGHT. It's too late, and no one cares. I loved it, it was part of my life and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FILL THAT VOID. It was my time of night when I would get home after I recorded it, to step out of my life (stress) into their lives (stress) - SO - I HAVE NOTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

    Posted by SadLexingtonLady at Friday, September 18 2009 10:32 PM

    So sorry here, too. My last link was to my mother, who I started watching GL with in the early 80's. There were still many characters she knew. I thought of this show as my last link to her.

    Posted by Nickilani at Friday, September 18 2009 10:36 PM

    Nice that Reva and Josh are together but I also would have been happy if it was Jeffery. Did the writers forget that she is still married to Jeffery? I don't understand why the writers kept Jeffery alive if he wasn't returning to Reva. If Jonathan continued to be in touch with Jeffery, you would think he would have said something to him about the possibility of Reva going back to Josh. Colin was in a baby carrier and a year later he looks as if he's three years old. I did love that the last word of the show was Reva saying, "Always." All in all it was a happy ending and I will really miss watching GL. I watch the other three CBS soaps as well, but I'm not as devoted as I was to GL. I just can't get into the characters or the story lines as much. Like many others I feel the show should not have been taken off the air, but it's quite apparent CBS doesn't care about the viewers.

    Posted by Lotgar at Friday, September 18 2009 10:49 PM

    I am so happy that they got Reva and Josh back together and this time it is forever. Still hate CBS! When ATWT goes I will never tune in to another CBS program.

    Posted by SCgirlsonice at Friday, September 18 2009 11:39 PM

    I am like mom or 6 - What did happen to Jeffery???? The last I saw him he was in some warehouse like with a gun and Edmund was there. I am assuming he was trying to get hoem to Reva. Did she ever know he was alive??????

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