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    The End.

    Friday, September 18 2009
    Daisy and Ashlee leave, Mindy comes back, Reva and Josh leave, Frank and Blake get together, Christina and Remy get married and Alex leaves.

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    Posted by skipperrose at Friday, September 18 2009 02:34 PM

    does anyone else feel that it was writen as though they are going to write a book or it will be picked up at some point and start being made again?

    i feel that they just let Jeffrey go off and never say what happend to him. i have always life reva and josh. but also feel that maybe they should have showen Jon with some one. he can't spend the rest of his life pining over Tammy. but all it all i feel it was left open to Josh and reva to go to anther soap? or somthing like that.

    Posted by Awilli at Friday, September 18 2009 02:35 PM

    Kiala-Jarey I agree with your whole comment except the Rick and Mindy part. They did from what I know dated in HS so they both are a nice fit. I hate that they put Reve and Josh back together. Their life was over and the writers should have had Jeffery come back to her. I think she would have been upset but would have understood why he did what he did. Jeffery loved Reva and his son and I wasn't very happy about this ending at all. He had already missed Ava's life and her growing up why have him miss his sons. This ending SUCKED!!! Other then that I loved everything else.

    Posted by suepoo53 at Friday, September 18 2009 02:40 PM

    I am sorry to see g/l end. I thought todays show was pretty good when they went a year down the road and tied up loose ends not keeping us hanging. As for jeffery I guess chasing edmond and killing him was more important than reva and their son, so I am glad reva got back with josh and to see everyone back with there original partners was nice to see. What a sad day.

    Posted by irishprincess at Friday, September 18 2009 02:45 PM

    Today there were no tears; just smiles. I was so happy with the endings except for Jeffrey. Thirty years + of watching this show. My mornings will no longer be the same.
    I would definitely read updates online.

    My postings haven't been many but I've enjoyed reading all of yours. I wish you all health, happiness, love and a light that guides you through this life into the next.

    Posted by davinaleigh0225 at Friday, September 18 2009 02:52 PM

    had the writers written the past few years the way the did during the last week, the show would not have been cancelled. i am very sad to see the show go.

    i think it ended perfectly.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Friday, September 18 2009 02:52 PM

    Sorry guys, I am late in posting. I did watch the show today and I, too, cried like a baby. The GL has been a part of my life through school age, children, and even death. So many story lines have duplicated my life in some ways. What I loved about the finalizing of GL:
    1. Jeffery and Eddie will continue to do what they love most in their lives = chasing each other. Jeffery loved his job. Nothing or no one could change him. His favorite quote: What the Hell!

    2. Rick/Minday and Phillip/Beth - fantastic.

    3. Dinah and Mallet back together again - Wonderful.

    4. Shayne/Marina/Baby Henry - perfect.

    5. Alex and Fletcher - a long time coming - good for them.

    6. Jonathan and Sarah back to SF. Best place for them.

    7. Lizzie finally acknowledging her pregnancy - thank you.

    8. Daisy/James/Ashlee - didn't care one way or another.

    9. Frank and Blake - about time Frankie.

    10 I left the best for last - JOSH AND REVA!!!!!
    Thank you writers for saving the best for the last.

    I could name more but this post is getting too long.
    So I have to say good-by to my dear friends: GLandWT, mom6, Gossipqueen75, Sunflower23, Shorty1943. If I forgot someone else please forgive me, I hate good-bys.

    Posted by Africa at Friday, September 18 2009 02:55 PM

    Hello GL Fans! I’ve never posted on this site, however; I’ve watched GL on and off for years. As we all know, today we saw the last of GL, as we know it. Though sad to see the soap come to completion, I am happy the writers ended the s/l's with much love…Reva and Josh, Phillip and Beth, Rick and Mindy, Dina and Mallet, Alex and Fletcher, among others being together and showing that ‘true love never dies.’ I’ve always-luved Phillip (good and not so good) and was ecstatic to see him and Beth together. I’m happy Rafe returned home safely and Olivia and Natalia are still together. I’m proud of James keeping his promise-visiting Daisy.
    More than being ecstatic re Phillip and Beth, I’m over the moon that Reva met Josh at the Lighthouse and made the decision to share her life with him – absolutely beautiful! It was a sad and happy conclusion to GL.
    I wish all GL’s actors the very best, as they journey into the further!

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, September 18 2009 03:15 PM

    I felt like GL would fast forward to the future in order for Josh and Reva to end up together - always and forever. I like how Josh was honest with her and asked her to meet him at the lighthouse one year from today... She did!

    Since one year had passed, one would assume that Phillip and Beth had gotten married earlier; and Rick and Mindy dated during the past year and was getting married on tomorrow. I was so glad that everyone ended up with someone.

    3Puppies, I have enjoyed reading your posts and posting with you. I will continue to pray for you and your husband - that before long, he will be 100%... I will miss you.

    Mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Sunflower23, Vanillahere, Shorty1943, I will miss all of you and others. I know some of you post on ATWT's board, maybe I will catch you there. I have enjoyed your posts and all of you, I will miss you.

    Posted by MsMilla at Friday, September 18 2009 03:16 PM

    Seeing "The End" makes me want to cry! Guiding Light has been a part of my life for so long and I am heartbroken the story will not go on. There have been periods of time when I lost track of the show, but every time I came back to watching I get drawn right back in. I would even watch the Dolly story again if it meant Guiding Light would still be there!

    Posted by Grannyhope at Friday, September 18 2009 03:17 PM

    Of course Reva and Josh belong together!
    Everyone is happy. That's how it should be when a wonderful show that's been a part of so many lives for so many years ends.
    However it was a bit awkward that they left Jeffrey hanging in the wings. What's up with that? Is there to be an afternoon movie? Special?
    Thank you for the wonderful updates. I read the updates everyday I worked!
    Too bad all of us that couldn't watch everyday because we worked couldn't figure into the ratings.
    Of course it's about the commercials getting seen though....

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