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I'm Going To Miss Him.

Thursday, September 17 2009
Alan's funeral, Josh says his farewells and Danny and Michelle move back.

Bill brings Phillip the box of Alan's ashes. He looks inside at the ashes and breathes deep. "It's strange to think a life as big as Alan Spaudling's could end up being this," Bill says. Phillip goes inside and sits with Alex. He tells her they need to go.

Berkley calls Daisy to inform her that she has been accepted. Classes start on Monday. She's shocked. They give her four hours to think it over. Buzz has eavesdropped on the call. He walks up to her and tells her she should go. She has to talk to James first.

In Company, Christina teases Frank and tells him he needs a lady. He thinks he has more than enough of those in his life.

At Cross Creek, Reva catches Jonathan drinking out of the milk carton. She asks him to stay there with Sarah. "Are you stoned?" he asks, saying he's too old to be living with his mother.

Josh goes to see his brother. He tells him that life is short and you have to go after what you want. "I want you to help me kidnap Reva so I can marry the love of my life," he says. Billy isn't sure that this will work. Josh refuses to wait around for him and drives off.

Josh arrives at Cross Creek and finds Marina, Shayne, Henry and Jonathan with Reva. She runs up to him and tells him that she is taking his advice and saving herself. She drags him over to eat with the family. Jonathan slips off to take a call from Jeffrey. Jeff tells him that he's tracking Edmund and may be able to take a shot at him today.

Reva talks to Cassie on the phone and then tells Jonathan she's found him somewhere to live. She takes him by the hand and walks him to the house that Cassie bought Tammy. She explains that Cassie wants him to live there and hands him the keys. He asks Tammy if it's okay for him to stay there. "You would have loved to live here," he says, crying. His mother catches him and he says he's moving in. "Welcome home," she cries.

Josh drives back to Billy. "Where's your girl?" Billy asks with a laugh. Josh is annoyed and explains that he's realized that Reva isn't ready.

Danny and Michelle drive up to Rick's in a moving van. They jump out and announce that they are moving back. He hugs them and welcomes them home. Rick begins carrying their stuff inside. Ed tells him he's still not planning on moving back.

Remy is on the phone arguing with his insurance company. He discovers that there is no record of his marriage because he didn't file a license. Rushing off, he finds Christina and tells her the news. He tries to laugh it off. She tells him that they better get married in a hurry and shows him the blue line on her pregnancy test.

Cyrus goes to see Mel. It's her birthday so he hands her cookies, telling her that they are terrible but he wanted to give her something. They kiss. Then they go to The Beacon and do a lot more.

Rick drops by Company to get food. Frank is busy trying to ask a woman out online. Blake gets his message and asks to meet him in the park.

The Spauldings arrive at the lake. Buzz is already there, waiting for them. Beth admits that this isn't what she thought Alan would want for a funeral. Phillip tells Alex that Alan loved her more than anybody. "Not more than you sweetheart," she says. As they stand on the shore, none of them are sure what to say. Even Buzz has trouble saying anything. "Alan, I can't imagine Springfield without you... you brought out the best and worst in all of us. You made us strong. You were our constant so we can never say goodbye to you. Each one of us found a piece of ourselves because of you and I'll miss," he says. They each take a handful of the ashes and then, one by one, scatter them into the water.

James and Phillip stand on the shore. "I'm going to miss him," James says. They play frisbee and laugh.

Phillip skips rocks on the water when Beth approaches him. He admits that in some ways he's sadder than he's ever been but, in others, he's at peace. He talks about how brave Alan was to save them.

Alex goes home. She tells Bill and Lizzie that she'll be fine. Hilda comes in and announces a guest. Fletcher arrives. Alex throws her arms around him and cries.

Daisy and James meet up. She explains that she was offered a place at Berkley. He tells her to take it and promises to come and visit her.

Josh drops by Marina's to see his son. They can't believe he's leaving. Marina gets them together to snap a few pictures. Josh hugs his son, tells him that he loves him and is proud of him.

Jeffrey runs around on a rooftop. He gets ready to take a shot at Edmund when one of his thugs attacks him. After Jeffrey strangles the guy, he notices his gun went over the edge. Edmund laughs from across the roof and taunts him.

Ed goes to see Holly. He tells her that he is going on a tour of the world and wants her to come with him. "How long do I have to pack?" she asks.

Josh goes back to see his brother. He tells him that he'll be leaving in a few hours. They walk off to pack.

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Everyone says goodbye.

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