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Two For The Price Of One.

Monday, September 14 2009
There's a double wedding in Springfield.

Reva is on the phone promising Vanessa that she will get all of the Lewis men to the wedding on time and clean. She tells Jonathan that he needs to learn how to settle in for his daughter's sake. When she walks off, he calls Mel and asks her for help.

James stops by outside of Company to see Daisy. They talk about the wedding and he asks her to go with him. Inside, Blake watches Buzz and Lillian kissing before logging on to her internet chat group. She and Frank talk and he asks her if she's busy. She types that she already has plans. "Figures," he groans. The Reardon women drop by Company to pick everyone up, saying under their breath that the place looked better when they ran it.

Emma runs in to the mansion and leaps into her father's arms. He tells her the cookies helped. Olivia and Nat follow her in and then rush off to the wedding with her. James comes in and tells his parents that he is going to the wedding without them – he has a date. "Do I?" Phillip asks, offering Beth his arm.

James drops by the Coopers to pick up Daisy. Frank isn't thrilled but they walk off together.

Olivia, Nat and Emma stop when they see Rafe and ask him if he wants to come to the wedding with them. He already has plans to go with someone else. He hugs his mother and tells her they need to take this one step at a time.

At Cedars, Ed tells Alan that he'll have to take it easy for a few weeks. Alex tells her brother to stay calm and be thankful that he and his son have made it through this. They tell him he did a fine thing saving his son. "I think he saved me," he says. Nat, Olivia and Emma come in to visit him. Jonathan watches from the hallway. Emma tells Alan about her new family and how happy she is with it. He gives her a hug. When she runs off to get a lollipop, Alan tells them that being happy is all that really matters. After they leave, Alex tells her brother that he just did a lovely thing. He says he's not running away from happiness anymore. He's realized that everything can be taken away in a few moments.

Mindy and Lizzie help Vanessa get ready for the wedding. Lizzie pulls out a garter for her and they all start laughing.

The Lewis men are fishing when Reva walks up to them. They argue about whether there are actually any fish in the stream. They pile into the back of a truck and drive to the wedding. Mindy adjusts her father's tie after he climbs out and tells him how proud she is of him.

Everyone gathers for the wedding. Doris introduces her date to her daughter. Ashlee gives her mom a hug and tells her how glad she is that she's finally let her in.

Bill and Lizzie are outside. She worries that Jonathan might change his mind and take her daughter away. He says he won't let that happen. Reva walks by and down the pier to Josh and Shayne. She tells them that they smell like fish.

As Vanessa greets the Reardons, Buzz wanders over to Lillian by the wedding cake and tells her he's sure of something. He gets down on a knee while all of the guests watch from the distance and laugh. He tells her that he's wasted a lot of time but he doesn't want to waste any more. "Why don't we promise to spend the rest of our lives together?" he asks. She agrees to marry him. Everyone claps. Billy yells at them that they should get married today. "Why not?" they decide. Buzz thinks they should go to city hall but Vanessa and Billy want them to join them. "Two for the price of one. Why not?" Buzz says.

Lillian slips away to Maureen's grave. She cries and tells her that she doesn't come there nearly enough. Her death changed the town forever and she will never stop being sorry for causing it. For years, she didn't move on with her life because she felt so guilty. Now she has a man who loves her and wants to marry her. She had to come and tell her that before she goes through with it. "I know you will understand," she sobs, leaving a rose on her grave.

Jonathan bursts into Alan's room. Alan tells him he's stopped trying to control people. Jonathan doesn't believe it. "I'm not the same man that you ran away from," Alan says. Jon hopes so and walks out.

Reva and Josh chat. She says that Olivia and Nat seem happy. He explains that they're a couple. "Good for them," she says. "Since she couldn't have you, she went for the next best thing."

The wedding starts. Bill tells his mother how happy he is for her and walks her down the aisle. She joins Billy, Buzz and Lillian at the front. Billy tells her that she has made him the happiest man in the world. Father Ray begins the service. Lillian tells Buzz that she has never been a bride before and she thanks Buzz for the love and happiness he has made her know is possible. Buzz admits that he'd given up hope but he finally had a light in his life again when he met her. Vanessa speaks next, quoting a letter from her father about the joy of coming home. "Because of you, I get to come home. You're my only home Billy," she says. Everyone claps. Billy cries and tells her that he's been blessed and they'll get it right this time. They slip on their rings and are married.

Next on Guiding Light:

Billy tells Josh everyone is where they belong.

Jonathan doesn't know about sticking around.

Josh thinks of leaving town.

Beth says she won't hold Phillip to what he said before the surgery.

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