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    Two For The Price Of One.

    Monday, September 14 2009
    There's a double wedding in Springfield.

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    Posted by renojoe at Tuesday, September 15 2009 08:13 AM

    .... we must not give up... I have a fantastic idea
    why don't we bring guiding light to the internet... soaps are losing fan base ... BECAUSE? .... reality tv.. talk shows.... so we combine guiding light with reality tv.... we will have either competitions or people from universities and colleges be able to act on the soap once a month..... we'll film... at local pubs.... something to connect guiding light to the viewer.. and bring Roger Thorpe back.... We must try something ... Maybe bring guiding light characters to another soap... like Y& R has some affiliation with bold and beautiful. .... bring the Spauldings to oakdale...... WE just got phillip back.. let's give it a shot at least.....

    Posted by webwtcher at Tuesday, September 15 2009 12:16 PM

    How about all the Roger Thorpe issues? My word didn't think he'd ever die and then he got sick and died in real life. They couldn't resurrect him after that. He was the worst villain you could love to hate on TV.

    Posted by biancarosa at Tuesday, September 15 2009 01:21 PM

    The weddings were great. I hope Alan isn't dead, but I fear he is. If he is dead, he died a hero. Josh leaving is terrible. He is such a good guy and doesn't deserve to be alone. Why not Reva? I like Olivia and Natalia together as very close friends. Gosh, I can't imagine weekdays without Guiding Light. Hope "Venice" will be as warm and wonderful!!

    Posted by terriesingz at Wednesday, September 16 2009 04:34 AM

    I HATE the way this seems to be going. I've watched GL my entire life, 43 years. Reva and Josh are the "it" couple (along with Beth and Phillip) or GL. To not bring them together in the end is ludicrous and not true to the characters. I never bought into Reva and Jeffrey. Reva would be super pissed and unforgiving of Jeffrey not immediately returning to his family.
    Josh riding off into the sunset is NOT making me a happy GL "lifer".

    Posted by cnbpjb at Thursday, September 17 2009 08:51 AM

    This in response to ness17:

    Peter Reardon Lewis is the biological son of Bridget and Hart (therefore making him Roger's grandson, Blake's nephew, the Reardon's grandchildren & nephew). They had an affair when Bridget and A.C. Mallet's younger sister, Julie, were in competition for Hart (which later developed into a competition for Dylan).

    Peter ended up a Lewis, because Nadine was married to Billy at the time, and to cover up Peter's true parentage and to not let either Roger or the Bauers (Mo & Ed) know about the biological parentage), Bridget agreed to give Nadine the child with Nadine pretending to be pregnant until the birth (Mo was killed near the end of the Bridget's pregnancy).

    Later when Vanessa came to Billy with proof of Nadine's lies, Nadine was outed out of the life of Billy. And Bridget reluctantly agreed to let Billy and Vanessa raise Peter as their own as first Hart fell out her life, and left town for awhile, and Dylan came into it -- with Julie getting sidelined by her own mistakes (Julie would make a play for Frank and cause trouble for Frank, Eleni and Lucy).

    A little later Billy found out at the country club that Peter was Hart's biological son (making him Billy's then rival, Roger's grandson) and Billy went after Roger with a gun to try and kill him. During Roger's investigation into his planned murder, Roger found out, as well, that Hart was Peter's biological father, and Roger wanted in on being part of the custody arrangement, especially after Billy was taken off to prison for his attempted murder of Roger.

    In the end to stop the in court fight, Vanessa and Bridget agreed to a mutual arranged custody, with Roger having some generous visitation rights. Dylan and Bridget then started becoming a couple and would end up leaving town together after Ed caused Dylan's blindness after a drunken hit and run accident. Dylan went out of town, in early 1997, to attend a school for the blind in Minnesota. With Hart's blessing (Hart was seeing Dinah at the time), Bridget left with Peter to join Dylan in mid-1997.

    I do believe when Dylan came for a visit in June 1999 (although I can't remember if Dylan was still blind or not, at this point) for Reva & Josh's second wedding, Dylan said he and Bridget had gotten married and that Peter was fine and he had adopted him (and had set up agreements with Vanessa and Bridget to do this). (I wasn't watching the show that much in 1999, though, so I could be wrong about that)?

    But later when Dylan showed up in town, again, but as Brian Gaskill (not Morgan England) in early 2007, Dylan had stated that he and Bridget had gotten a divorce. But he still treated an aged, off-screen, Peter as his son.

    Hope this helps.

    Posted by cnbpjb at Thursday, September 17 2009 09:00 AM

    Making GL an internet only show, would be fine by me. But I just don't think ATWT or Y&R or any other show should pick up any of the GL characters.

    I think ATWT has enough problems writing for it's characters w/out picking up more from another show. ATWT also is looking at being cancelled w/in the next year if it's ratings don't improve.

    And Y&R has enough to do with writing for it's group of characters as well.

    AND A BIG FAT NO, "Guiding Light" needs to not become a reality show.

    Posted by bishprincess at Friday, September 18 2009 03:24 PM

    I think Lillian meant that she never had a traditional type wedding with guests and the fancy dress and cake, etc.

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