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I Knew That You Could Be A Hero.

Wednesday, September 09 2009
Phillip and Alan say their goodbyes, Jonathan decides to move back and Frank, Nat and Olivia go through baby names.

Natalia goes to see Olivia with a baby name book. She thinks they and Frank can all start lists or get together to make a big list. Olivia tells her she needs to move slowly. Nat tells her to jump in with both feet and takes her hand. Natalia begins reading names. Olivia feels the baby kick and tells her that she loves her, but she still needs to catch up with her. Nat tells her to hurry up because the baby is coming and she wants her to know that they are both her mother.

At Company, Frank and Blake are looking at the picture from the ultrasound. He's eager to do the right thing but he doesn't know what it is anymore. Reva and her baby come in. She hopes that both sides of the family will be supportive of Henry. Frank looks forward to going broke spoiling his child and grandchild. Blake and Reva sit together and the redhead says she's impressed by how well Reva's doing.

Jeffrey stands in an alley as Edmund pulls up. He tries to get a shot at him but has no luck. He follows him into a garage and tries shooting at him. Edmund stands behind a wall and they begin taunting each other.

Sarah and Jonathan walk into Josh's office and surprise him. Jonathan asks him if it would be safe for him to move back to town. He thinks that Sarah needs more of a girl influence in her life. Josh explains that Alan has relaxed since Phillip came back and plenty of people will help to make sure that Sarah is safe.

Reva takes Colin home and tells him that they will never forget Jeffrey but they have to get through this. Josh comes to the door and then lets Jonathan and Sarah in. They send Sarah to get some toys and Jonathan explains that he wants them to stop running and stay there. Jeffrey calls Jonathan and tells him that Edmund is watching everyone so they need to be careful. Josh brings Henry over to meet the other kids.

Lizzie and Bill rush to the hospital. Alex, Beth and James are also there. Lillian and Rick come out and explain that Alan has volunteered to save Phillip. Rick says the chances are only 50/50. James demands to speak to his father. Alex sends Lizzie to see Alan.

Phillip and Alan are being prepped for surgery. They try joking around. Alan refuses to back out. They join hands and tell each other how much they love each other.

James sits with his father. He hopes this works but doesn't know why he is taking Alan's help and not his. Phillip couldn't let him do it. They hug. Bill comes in next. Phillip tells him that he needs him to make sure that all of the loose ends are taken care of if he and Alan don't make it. "Lizzie's family is my family," Bill says.

Lizzie goes to see Alan. He assures her that he will be fine. "I always knew that you could be a hero," she cries, hugging him. James comes in next. Alan admits that he's terrified. James tells him he'll make it.

Olivia runs into Alex in the minimart. Alex explains that Alan is in surgery. They try to be positive and Olivia asks to be informed of what happens. They share an extremely awkward moment.

Olivia runs into Josh at The Beacon. They catch up and talk about babies. When she mentions Nat, he tells her that she should just get back together with her.

At Cedars, Alex goes to see her brother as he's being sedated. He tells her that she's been a wonderful sister. She thinks he's been a wonderful father and is being heroic. Alan just hopes he can save his son. He brings up his funeral and explains that he wants it to be a quiet scattering of his ashes for the family. She gives him a kiss.

Beth goes to see Phillip. They joke about how nothing kills Alan so they must have a good shot at surviving this. She cries and he admits that he knew he was dying when she kissed him, but he felt in that moment that nothing could separate them. If he can make it through this, he hopes they can find a way back to each other. Before she can say anything, Rick and the nurses come in and wheel him out.

Bill and James bring sandwiches for everyone. Beth tells her mother how angry she is with her for never telling her that Phillip is sick. Lillian tells her that lying about this has been the hardest thing she's ever had to do. "I just wanted the chance to take care of him," Beth cries.

Lizzie and James talk. He's angry that his grandfather is taking this risk. She reminds him that he has already saved one member of the family. Now they have to help their mom and Alex.

Frank, Blake and Nat discuss baby names at Company. Nat insists that it has to be chosen before the baby is born. She starts the names from the beginning. Olivia arrives and sits down to help. Frank seems uncomfortable. When they reach the letter 'b', Frank leaves to take a call. Nat tells Olivia to move into the farmhouse today. Olivia agrees. Frank returns and says that he's going to be chief again.

Next on Guiding Light:

The Spauldings wait for news.

Reva thinks Jonathan should call Lizzie.

Doris tells Olivia that she's worried since Ashlee ran off after she came out to her.

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