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    I'm Sorry You're Dying.

    Tuesday, September 08 2009
    Henry's birthday party gets underway, Dinah runs into Mallet and Alan and Phillip finally agree about what to do.

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    Posted by Julien at Tuesday, September 08 2009 04:42 PM

    I am betting that Alan will die.

    Posted by noreen00 at Tuesday, September 08 2009 05:59 PM

    I just love this show. I watch with my mom growing up and now it is just me. I cant believe no one has put two and two together about Edmund and no APB has been put out. Why hasn't Jeffery done this. Come home Jeffery! I LOVE Johnathan..he is a real breath of fresh air. I am sorry that Nat and Oliva do not realise that they are just the bestest of friends and have Nat with Frank. They never really had woman freinds and they are confused. Anyhow they add a realistic life style to the show and I love Nat and Oliva together. Josh needs to leave Reva alone. man that is a man that just does not know what he wants--HA that is why he is loved so much! I wish that they would have put Lizzie pregnanacy in the show, it would have been so much fun! I can't wait to see her with Sarah... she is so cute... I love Shayne and Marina then Mallet and Dinah together that is a nice ending! Alan,,, what to say about Alan... Let him help Philip and then live so James can take over the famliy fortune... I am going to be so said after 56 years of watching this show to see it go for a lousy game show! This is such a bad idea and I hate it. it is the only daytime soap I watch religousley!!!! It is my down time from reality! Boo CBS! Can't wait for tomorrow!

    Posted by kyh4 at Tuesday, September 08 2009 09:01 PM

    OMG Ron Raines was stellar today loved every bit of he and Grant Alexander!

    Posted by Sweet CeeCee at Wednesday, September 09 2009 05:27 AM

    Good Job Alan! Finally.

    Posted by vanillahere at Wednesday, September 09 2009 06:09 AM

    I think Alan did a wonderful job and showed that he was at least capable of having human emotions. I was also glad to see that Mallet and Dinah together again and it is like Mallet said everyone is where they are suppose to be.

    I didn't think I was going to like the whole the Olivia and Natalia s/l but I really like how GL did it. They actually showed a true love affair and not a true sex affair. It was tactfully and the acting from both actresses was outstanding. I will really miss Springfield.

    On a side note Tom P is moving to ATWT he will not be playing Jonathan but it will still be good to see him on the screen again. The only thing is that ATWT is in danger of being cancelled as well.

    Posted by mizkitty at Wednesday, September 09 2009 09:18 AM

    Like everyone else I too am very sorry this show is going off the air. I haven't watched it for years, I just picked it up a little over a year ago, but it was easy to feel like I had watched it longer, so many people I know filled me in on the background, people that have watched it for years and years. I have grown to love the characters/actors. This feels now like being at a movie theatre where they 'end' everything neatly by the end of the show. For me its not so much the end of a plot line, its the work up to it. The story that pops in your brain throughout the day at odd times and usually when you least expect it, that keeps you wondering what tomorrow will bring on a soap...isn't that why we watch? It is sad to think this kind of acting is being replaced by a game show. If I want game shows, there are plenty and even GSN. I have watched Y&R since the day it started, back in Jr high school for me. It is still a break from reality for just a few minutes a day. I don't get to watch it everyday but I do read what is going on and especially what is coming up. Maybe TPTB don't realize that just because the ratings are low, doesn't mean people aren't keeping up and 'watching' in different ways with the technology that is available.
    I love Nat/Olivia and it is a true life story that needed to be told, this very kind of relationship happens, I know some couples that are very truely happy for the first time in their lives. Josh and Reva are staples, they should be together but its not enough time for her to grieve Jeffrey and them to move on together. Shane and Marina are cute together. Alan and Phillip are riviting. Yesterdays scenes had me in tears. James needs to step up now, life is not just for playing. Lizzie and Bill have been a breath of fresh air, their new life should be fun. Can't wait to see her with Sarah. I will miss this show when the lights go out.

    Posted by brian13586 at Saturday, September 12 2009 10:33 AM

    Hopefully someone can help me...

    Does anyone know the name/artist of the song that played today on the 9-8-09 episode while Alan was watching the balloons and then it continued to play as he talked/gave that speech at Phillip's grave??? I'm trying to find it and having no such luck. The song kept saying the line "but life can be so cruel". I want to use it for a project.

    I really liked that song & some of the lyrics were:
    "I’m climbing a mountain and I don’t know why
    Just like a fool chasing the wind
    Looking for answers way up in the sky
    But I think it’s time to come back down again
    I’m turning my guard down"


    "Sometimes in my head I’ve been such a fool
    And my dream carried me away like a song"

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