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Some People Never Learn From Their Mistakes.

Tuesday, September 01 2009
Billy and Vanessa continue celebrating and Phillip tries to bond with his son.

Billy goes to visit Reva to talk about the wedding. He wants her to be the matron of honor. She tells him he doesn't need to do this so she won't feel left out. He insists that he wants her there. No one has been a better friend to him than her. "Then I'll be there with bells on," she says.

Lizzie walks up as Josh and Bill discuss a project for the wedding. They admit that they are planning their part of the Lewis tradition - disrupting Billy and Vanessa's honeymoon. She refuses to let them go through with this and takes their blueprints away. As she walks across the lawn, her mother calls and they chat about the wedding. She says it's every child's dream to have their parents back together. Beth tells her to keep dreaming.

James is having breakfast and chatting with Alex when Alan comes down and tells him to get ready. When James leaves to get ready for work, Alex tells her brother he must be proud of himself. He explains that they are going to play some frisbee before they go to the office. She's impressed. He says that James is the only person who understands him almost as well as she does.

Phillip arrives at Company to meet with Lillian and Ed. He's starting to feel his time running out and thinks he has to start saying goodbye now. After he steps away, Beth comes in and Ed rushes off to work. Beth sits down with her mother and asks what's going on. "Do you realize what a mistake you're making? Buzz loves you!" Beth blurts out. Lillian insists they aren't having another affair. She's a one man woman.

James and Alan are in the minimart talking about frisbee. James wonders what his grandfather did for fun when he was a kid. Alan didn't have time for fun. "We gotta get you a hula hoop," James says.

When Phillip gets home, Alex tells him that James and Alan have been forming quite a bond. He decides to spend some time with her and challenges her to a game of cards.

Bill and Lizzie run into Alex as she eats a hotdog in the minimart. They talk about all of the weddings and she expects them to have some babies in the spring.

Reva goes to see Vanessa at The Beacon. They awkwardly talk about dresses. Reva admits she thought Billy was kidding and asks her if she really wants her to be part of this. Vanessa confirms she does. Reva cries. "Who would have thought the girl who came to Springfield to break up you and Billy would be standing up for you now?" she says. Lizzie arrives and they talk about what to wear. They tease Vanessa but she doesn't want any surprises.

Billy runs into Alan at Towers and asks for his congratulations. Alan guesses he won a pie eating contest. Billy informs him that he's marrying Vanessa. "Some people never learn from their mistakes," Alan says. Billy offers him an invitation but Alan turns it down.

James runs into his father at the mansion. Phillip tells him it's great he's spending time with Alan and asks him to do something later. James turns him down. Phillip needs to spend some time with him. As he demands to know why he refuses, Beth walks in and tells him to leave their son alone. "We don't always get everything we want when we want it," she tells him.

Josh and Bill find Billy playing horseshoes. They joke about the bachelor party.

Lillian goes to the mansion to see Alan. She tells him that Phillip is going to tell the family he's dying. She wishes he and Phillip would end their fight because the family will need him. "I love Phillip too," he admits. She knows he does, even if he has a funny way of showing it.

James runs into his great aunt eating dessert at Company. They joke around and she asks him to play frisbee.

Phillip and Beth argue outside. She reminds him that he was gone for years and his son grew up without him. She thinks that he just pulls people in and pushes them away when he wants to. He tells her that it really is all about him this time and walks away.

At Towers, Josh, Reva, Bill and Lizzie toast to Vanessa and Billy. They're all happy to see them happy, even if they are a bit scared of Vanessa. Reva says it feels like they're all where they are supposed to be. Bill tells his parents that he loves them and couldn't be more proud to be their son. Billy admits he blew it with Vanessa before, but she says third time is a charm. Reva abruptly says she has to go and leaves. Josh trails after her, catching her by the elevator. She claims the babysitter needs her to come home.

James runs into Lillian in the garden. He tells her the only thing his dad ever taught him was how to disappear. She thinks he should be spending some time with him. He shakes his head.

Alan corners his son in the attic and asks him why he's telling everyone today. He thinks it's time now that he's had a moment with everyone. "What about me? What about my moment?" Alan asks. Phillip says he's been trying for his whole life, but now he's out of time. After Alan storms off, Phillip looks for him and runs into James. He asks him if they can do nothing together and then challenges him to basketball. James walks away. Phillip chases him, running down the road after him as he drives away before he collapses on the lawn.

Lillian goes to see Ed and asks him if Phillip has any chance. He tells her that the marrow transfusion is too dangerous for everyone involved.

Reva goes home and talks to Jeffrey's picture about how hard it is to move forward. Josh calls to make sure she is okay. She assures him that she is pulling herself together and will be okay.

Next on Guiding Light:

Jeffrey gets an update from Jonathan.

Shayne and Marina decide to tell their families about their arrangement.

Phillip calls for help.

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