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I Only Believe In Ice Cream.

Monday, August 31 2009
Billy and Vanessa announce their engagement, Reva leaves the house and Nat refuses to back down.

At Cross Creek, Reva is putting pictures of Jeffrey away, but she tells Colin she won't put them all away. They still need to see his smile. She admits that Jonathan was right; they really need to get back to the real world. Taking the baby, they go out to the car. Once they're there, she says they don't need to go anywhere and convinces herself to stay home. They go back inside. Lizzie and Bill drive up. She runs out to keep them from going in and insists that she is fine. She says they can come over for dinner some time and sends them away. They're sure something is wrong but leave. Reva paces around Cross Creek and tells Colin they'll have to go out soon to stop people from coming by to check on them.

Buzz is about to take Lillian out when Vanessa and Billy come in to Company to announce that they are getting married. They want pie and cake. They're all out, Buzz says. Lillian volunteers James and Daisy to help them bake some. As Vanessa and Billy leave, he steps aside to call his brother and ask him to act surprised when they break the news to him.

Nat runs into Matt at the minimart. He's eating ice cream and wallowing in self pity. He's kicking himself for screwing things up with Vanessa. Now it's too late. She tells him that if he finds something he wants, he should believe in it. At this point, he only believes in ice cream.

In Company, Daisy and James decide to take a break from baking and ask Buzz about his relationship with Lillian. As James asks him about his 'intentions' toward his grandmother, Nat comes in. She wants a sandwich. Daisy awkwardly offers her tuna and then cheese.

Josh runs into Olivia in the park and leers at her as she does her stretches. They talk about doing things for their friends and trying to only be friends when you love someone. He knows what she means after dealing with Reva. After they leave, Matt arrives and asks Josh to get drunk with him. Josh agrees. "I get to get drunk twice. Celebrate with Billy, lament with you," he says.

Vanessa and Billy drop by Josh's office to tell him their news. As soon as they're gone, Bill and Lizzie arrive to tell him that Reva isn't doing well. He knows that she's going through a rough time but he's sure she'll get by.

Olivia runs into Lillian at the minimart. They talk about Vanessa and Billy getting married. "Everyone should be happy," Lillian says.

Lillian returns to Company and Buzz licks frosting off her face in front of their grandchildren. After the teens leave, Lillian tries cleaning up and Buzz makes a pass at her. They start prepping the restaurant for the dinner rush and planning their evening. He suggests dinner and dancing and reveals a special dinner he's set out for them. He puts up the 'closed' sign, turns on music and they dance.

Billy and Vanessa drop by Cross Creek with a cake for Reva. They invite themselves in for a piece. As they eat, Billy tells her the news. Reva gives a delayed reaction and then congratulates them. They'd love her to come to the wedding. "I wouldn't miss it," she says, hugging them. After they leave, she tries to convince herself to take the baby for a walk. After another bite of cake, they go.

Olivia goes home and stresses out about what to wear on her shopping trip with Nat. She tells herself that she can't do this so she calls Matt and asks him out for dinner. He agrees. Once she gets dressed, Nat comes to the door. Olivia tells her that she has dinner plans. She admits that she can't hang out and act like they're friends.

Reva runs into Josh at the minimart. He's glad to see that she is looking more like herself again. They talk about Billy and Vanessa. "Sometimes love actually wins out," he says. She invites him over to Bill and Lizzie's but he turns her down.

Lizzie and Bill sit on their porch. He decides that they need to have a fight because their marriage is too perfect. "You're weird," she says. Daisy and James arrive with a cake. They wait until Billy and Vanessa arrive. They tell them the news. Hugs follow and everyone pretends to be surprised. Bill volunteers to plan their wedding. Lizzie insists that they aren't the people to do it. Reva walks up and joins them.

Matt and Olivia go to Towers. They chat until Nat interrupts. "You and I need to talk," she tells Olivia. He leaves. Olivia repeats that she can't do this. "We need to be together," Nat says. She knows it will take hard work, but she's willing to do it.

Matt drifts over to the office to see Josh. He tells him that Nat showed up and ended the date. He senses that there is something more than friendship between them. Josh says there is. Matt enjoys the image of Nat and Olivia together.

Next on Guiding Light:

Billy asks Reva to be the matron of honor.

Phillip says it's time to start saying goodbye.

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