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Pink Lemonade.

Friday, August 28 2009
Josh helps his brother out, Rafe has a big announcement, the Coopers find out Cyrus is one of them and Olivia pushes Nat away again.

Josh goes to the office to see his brother. Billy's distracted by thoughts of a picnic with Vanessa. He says he has 52 dates all planned out for the year. After that, he'll propose to her. He already has the ring.

Frank calls together the family. They meet in Company to wait for Buzz. He has no idea what is happening, but his father seems 'off'. He's sure that something must have happened while Buzz was in Australia. Buzz walks in and everyone rushes over to hug him and asks if he found treasure. "More amazing than I could have imagined," he says. He asks them all to come outside with him.

Cyrus is pacing outside, wondering who will be more upset by the news. Remy tries to reassure him but it's not working. The family comes outside with their eyes closed and then Buzz asks them to open them. No one knows what they are supposed to be looking at. Buzz explains that Cyrus is Jenna's son and he's part of their family. Marina and Frank look really uncomfortable. Lillian welcomes him. Cyrus says he'll try to be worthy. "I thought we were getting money," Daisy says, disappointed. Blake rushes off to call Ashlee and tell her she has an ending for the book.

Rafe tells his mother that he can't move back in with her. He's enlisted in the army and is leaving in two weeks. He wants focus and discipline in his life. Since he has a record, this is the best he can do. She wonders who he has been talking to. He says he made this choice on his own. She refuses to let him go and tells him he's too young to make his own choices. "If you cannot respect me making my decision, how can you expect me to respect yours?" he asks. He tells her he loves her and leaves.

Natalia calls Frank to meet her. She tells him to stop her son from going into the army. "He's not a little boy anymore," Frank says. Nat doesn't want this. "This is about what Rafe wants now," he says.

Nat cries in the minimart and drinks out of a milk carton. Remy is there buying flowers for his wife. She smells them and cries before explaining that her son enlisted. Remy says that he always thought about joining up when he was Rafe's age. He thinks she should be proud of her son.

Josh runs into Vanessa at Towers. They have coffee and she complains about how TV isn't what it was. She thinks she should have married Billy. "You mean when he kidnapped you?" he asks. She does. Billy is wooing her with a vengeance and that's nice but she loves him and wants to marry him right now.

Billy runs into Matt at the minimart and asks him where the pink lemonade is. He tells him all about his plan to marry Vanessa.

Olivia runs into Josh in the hallway and apologizes for trying to have sex with him. He tells her that was the highlight of his day. After that, he had to deal with Reva's theatrics. Between the two of them, he may be ready to swear off women, he jokes. He tells her about Vanessa and Billy and asks her if he can get a pass key so that he can get the engagement ring.

After they get the ring, they bring it down to the gazebo and drop it into Vanessa's glass. They hide. Billy and Vanessa come out and toast to courting. When she raises her glass, she spots the ring and tells him it's a 'yes'. "What's the question?" he asks. She fishes the ring out. He's confused and she tells him to put it on her finger. They giggle and he slips it on.

Josh later tells his brother about his run-in with Vanessa and what he and Olivia did. Billy thanks him. "Some things are meant to be," Josh says. Billy explains that Vanessa has gone to tell Matt. Josh tells his brother not to screw it up this time.

Vanessa and Matt meet in the park. She tells him that Billy proposed and she said yes. He congratulates her. They share an awkward moment and then he tells her that he wants her to be happy. She thanks him and walks away.

Billy and Vanessa meet up again. She tells him he's amazing and he promises not to screw things up this time.

Daisy sits with Rafe outside of Company and tells him about Cyrus. She invites him in to join the 'family reunion'. Inside, Buzz is showing pictures of his trip to the family. Frank cringes and walks away from them. Blake follows him and he tells her he doesn't want Cyrus in his family. Remy comes in with flowers but Christina isn't impressed.

Cyrus and Marina talk about how weird this situation is, but, after the past few weeks, she's learned to deal with whatever gets thrown at her. Cyrus pulls Remy aside and they toast. Daisy comes next and he asks her if she is okay with all of this. She says that Coop would have liked it. In the kitchen, Buzz thanks Lillian and they kiss. Frank interrupts by calling everyone out so Rafe can announce that he's enlisted. Everyone claps. Buzz takes Rafe aside and tells him he understands. The choice he made makes him a man and he's sure his father would be proud of him. As Rafe goes to play poker, Lillian hugs Buzz and tells him they all need to hold onto each other.

When Olivia goes home, she finds Nat sitting on her doorstep. She tells her what Rafe did and how scared she is. "I need you. I feel alone and helpless and I need you to hold me and lie to me and tell me I've been a good mom," she says. Olivia would like to help her, but she can't do any of those things for her. She can't be any more to her than a friend.

Olivia runs into Josh outside. He tells her that everything went well with Vanessa and Billy.

Natalia goes to the church and lights a candle. She asks God to watch over her son and keep him safe.

Next on Guiding Light:

Billy and Vanessa ask Reva to be the matron of honor.

James' rejections start to take a toll on Phillip.

Edmund threatens to start killing the kids.

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