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Cyrus Is Jenna's Son.

Thursday, August 27 2009
Buzz and Cyrus make a surprising discovery, Jonathan leaves town and Shayne and Marina try to work something out.

Lizzie and Christina sit around doing nothing. Christina needs a distraction from wondering about what Remy is doing on his secret mission. "Fine, let's go caulk something," Lizzie says.

Cyrus and Remy are in Australia. They bicker as they head off to a house. As Cyrus peers in the window, Buzz surprises him. He screams at him for betraying him. Remy runs over and Buzz tells him to arrest Cyrus. Remy explains that Cyrus only wants to help, not steal from him. Cyrus explains that he didn't ask him to come because he didn't want him to be disappointed. "Let's start digging," Buzz says. They dig and soon find a box. Cyrus cracks it open and Buzz finds a chain inside. It's a dog tag. As he reads the numbers on it out loud, Cyrus is shocked. He shows him his dog tags. The numbers are identical. He tells them that Grady's tags were fake. He'd met him at the orphanage and adopted him as his brother. Grady never knew the truth. They also find a note in the box. It says that Jenna was pregnant when she was sent to Australia and had to give her son to the orphanage. The matching dog tag was left with her son. She planned one day to find him. "You are Jenna's son," Buzz says. He hugs Cyrus. He's eager to tell the whole family that he is a Cooper.

Marina arrives at Company and apologizes for being late. Blake suggests that she sit down and relax. She takes Ashlee aside and tells her that they are going to make a lot of money for the Coopers from the book. Marina opens a letter from the bank and tells her father that they have more debt than they thought.

Shayne goes to see his father and apologizes for being a mess. He asks him for a job. Josh gives him one. Shayne is excited to start but he has to do some things first.

Reva is at Cross Creek making a sandwich and talking to a photo of Jeffrey. Jonathan watches her for a minute before coming in. She talks about marshmallow fluff and he teases her about talking to Jeffrey's picture. Shayne calls and apologizes to his mother for the way he's been behaving. After getting off the phone, she tells Jeffrey's picture that Shayne is a good kid even if he's weird.

Shayne arranges to meet Marina. When she gets off the phone, Frank complains to her and Blake about Buzz running off to Australia and how much Cyrus is costing them. Blake takes Ashlee aside and asks her to get the publisher not to print anything. "This story isn't over yet," she says. She goes over to Frank and badgers him to eat lunch. She assures him that Marina will be fine and things will turn out well for Buzz.

Shayne and Marina walk out to the woods. He doesn't want to be insensitive, but he needs to talk about custody. "I want us to do this together," he says. She says that's okay and is relieved that he won't be taking her son away. They hug.

Jonathan wanders through the woods and past Lizzie's. He watches her and Christina trying to do construction work. He runs off. Josh arrives to visit. Lizzie tells him that she and Bill are trying to have a baby. He promises to spoil it.

Reva sees Blake drive up and runs out to meet her. They sit at the picnic table and talk about what it's like to lose a husband. Blake wishes she could spend more time with her but she has to run. When Reva goes back in, she continues talking to Jeffrey's pictures. Jonathan snatches it away from her and tells her to stop. He accuses her of running away from her problems by closing herself in like this. As he tears down the pictures and yells in her face, she tells him not to judge her. He thinks she's insane.

Lizzie and Christina walk into Company. They see Ashlee staring at four cellphones and begin calling them. Ashlee freaks out. They begin talking about Cyrus running off to Australia with Buzz. Christina gets angry when she realizes Remy lied to her.

Blake runs into Josh at The Beacon. She tells him she ran into Reva and she's having a hard time but will level off. "Level for Reva is like a stock market chart from Hell," he says.

Lizzie runs into Reva at the minimart. She tells her that she and Bill are planning to have kids. They talk about Sarah and she wonders what she is like now. When she asks after her again, Reva deflects the question and tells her that any 'creature' she has will be lucky to have her as a mother.

Shayne goes to Cross Creek and finds that Jonathan is packing. Shayne tells him he's been making things better for their mother and compliments him on being a good father. They shake and Jonathan leaves. When Reva returns, she sees the note her son left behind. She talks to Jeffrey's picture again, admitting that she can't keep doing this.

Blake sits with Marina outside of Company. They talk about Mallet leaving. She still doesn't really understand but she knows he was trying to do the right thing. "You're going to miss him for a long time," Blake says.

Shayne and Marina take Henry to Cedars for a checkup. "Were going to make sure you have a great great life," Shayne says to the kid.

Frank and Blake unwittingly chat on the internet. Josh startles Frank and tries to order food. He teases Frank.

Next on Guiding Light:

Billy tells Josh his plan.

Rafe tells his mom that he is leaving.

Buzz returns and informs the family that he has found a treasure more wonderful than he had imagined.

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