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Mallet Says Goodbye.

Wednesday, August 26 2009
Olivia rejects Natalia again, Holly comes back for a visit and Mallet leaves town.

When Olivia gets to her office, she finds a note asking her to meet on the roof. When she goes up there, Natalia is waiting with a table prepared. Olivia tells her to stop doing this. They can't go back to the way things were. Nat says it will just take time and she can wait. She apologizes for the fact that they've already waited so long but she's sure they can work it out.

"Run out of everything at the same time?" Lillian asks Mallet when she runs into him at the minimart, loading up on supplies. He tells her that he's moved out.

Frank goes to his daughter's looking for orange juice. He notices all of Mallet's stuff is in boxes. "He's moving out," she explains. He doesn't understand so she tells him that she and Mallet aren't going to be together anymore. Frank runs out to find Mallet, refusing to let them make a mistake.

Holly walks into Company. She hugs her daughter and admits that she's been meaning to stop by. They go to Blake's room and she tells her mom that she wants to talk but she doesn't know what to say yet. She suggests that her mother go around town visiting while she runs some errands.

Marina takes Henry down to the water and tells him that they won't see Mallet much anymore. She cries. Lillian arrives and comforts her, telling her that Mallet already told her what happened. They sit down and talk things over. Marina explains that Shayne is the father and she and Mallet are splitting up for Henry's sake. Lillian thinks they are being stupid, but they are also the bravest people she's ever known.

Frank finds Mallet at the station and confronts him. Mallet explains that it is impossible for him to stay but he can't explain why. That's not good enough for Frank but Mallet refuses to say anything. Frank becomes furious and tells Mallet to get out of sight and never come back.

Mallet tracks down Shayne at the baseball diamond. He thanks him for standing up for Henry and tells him that he wishes he could be the child's father but he can't while Shayne is there. "You're his dad," Mallet says, explaining that he's moved out. He thinks that this is what is best for the child. "It's time for you to step up... Henry's your son and you need to be his dad," Mallet tells him. They shake hands. Mallet chokes on his tears and walks away.

Olivia runs into Frank as he loads up on beer at the minimart. She teases him. He's angry and tells her that Marina and Mallet are breaking up. He sits in the corner with his beer and a muffin. Blake stops by. He tells her the news. They both think this sucks but she says this happens.

Holly drops by Cedars to see Ed. They catch up. She tells him that her life is simple now and she travels a lot.

Mallet goes home and looks in his box at a photo of him with Marina and Henry. Daisy drops in and sees him carrying his boxes. He tells her that he's moving out; he can't live there anymore. "That's stupid. That sucks," she says. "It sucks," he agrees. She's mad at him. He's not happy with himself either but is sure it will make sense one day. Giving him a hug, she tells him she'll miss him.

Holly and Blake run into Olivia at The Beacon. Blake tells her that she called her mother because she needed to talk about lost love. They talk about Holly's love affairs and ask Olivia to join them for lunch. They order room service and Holly tells them all about relationships and becoming a different person. Blake gets an idea and runs off. Holly asks Olivia about her tumultuous love life. Olivia gives her a heavily abbreviated version of the story.

Shayne runs into Marina in the park and asks her if she's alright. He tells her that Mallet was right and he will be there for Henry. She puts the baby in his arms. Mallet watches from a distance and then walks over. He tells them that he just got a job in Germany and is leaving tonight. Shayne offers to leave them alone but Mallet is leaving immediately. He holds Henry and walks him a few feet away to say goodbye. He tells the child how much he loves him and how many positive changes he's brought. "I've just been kind of filling in. Shayne's your dad," he says, promising to come back if he needs help. Mallet weeps and then hands the child back.

Blake goes to visit Ross' grave. She tells him about the book on Jenna and that it's made her think a lot about love lately. They had crazy love and then comfortable love. She doesn't think she'll ever be that lucky again but she's looking forward to whatever is coming next. "I think about you every day," she confesses. Ed approaches and startles her. They discuss Ross and how lucky they've been to have love.

Mallet goes to see Frank and tells him that he is leaving immediately. He turns in his badge.

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