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    The Truth Is We Can't Hide The Truth.

    Tuesday, August 25 2009
    Phillip spends some time with his family, Mallet decides to leave and Shayne feels disconnected.

    Phillip goes to visit his grave and think. He had a good day with his daughter and his best friend yesterday. Today he will try to squeeze James, Lizzie and Beth in. He wanders to the basketball court and asks James to spend some time with him. "I don't like you. I don't," James flatly tells him.

    Lizzie and Bill are eating with Vanessa and Billy at Company. Vanessa says that she is officially being courted and Billy's actually okay at doing it. As everyone laughs, Phillip wanders in and joins them. He talks about how Lizzie used to sleepwalk and once went out on the road naked while she was asleep. "That's how we met," Bill jokes. Phillip asks if he can take his daughter away for the day.

    Phillip and his daughter go out to the driving range. She's missed doing things with him.

    Phillip runs into Beth at the library. She's studying. He tries to convince her to go away with him.

    Shayne rolls over in bed and looks at a picture of Henry.

    Jonathan sends Reva off to the minimart. As soon as she's gone, Jeffrey calls. Jonathan tells him to hurry up and kill Edmund so he can see his kid again. Shayne arrives, surprised to see that his brother has been left alone with Colin. "You ever gonna stop running?" Shayne asks. Jonathan says he won't stop as long as he has to protect his kid. It's his 'father instinct'. As they taunt each other, Reva returns and tries joking around with them. Shayne scowls and then leaves. Jonathan begins doing a mocking impression of his brother. Jonathan begins trying to force his mother to take pictures of Jeffrey down. She refuses. He repeats that this is weird and tells her to take the 'always' carving on the mantel down. She says it comes with the house. They run around, teasing each other, and then she tells him how well Bill and Lizzie are doing.

    Mallet slowly walks downstairs and joins Marina and the baby. "I can't do this anymore... be a part of this family," he explains. She tells him not to do this but he thinks leaving is the answer; what they've been trying to be never will be. They can keep building what they have but it will only hurt more when it ends and that won't be fair for anyone. She thinks this is all because of Shayne and offers to try and figure something out. He thinks there are only two choices: They can give Henry to Shayne or he can leave.

    Bill finds Mallet hitting balls at the baseball diamond. He thanks him for getting Dinah out of town. "You got some good instincts. Keep following them," Bill says.

    Lizzie and Bill go out to Cross Creek. They wander the grounds and Jonathan wanders around looking for signs of Edmund. He calls Jeffrey and says he can't find anything. Jeffrey says he can leave but Jonathan wants to spend a few more days with his mother. He hears something and ducks into hiding in the shed. Bill and Lizzie come in and decide to kill some time. He suggests that they try to make a baby. "Not going to happen," she says. "You're one classy broad," he says.

    Marina sits with the baby in the gazebo. She thought that she could make things work with Mallet... As they are about to leave, Shayne arrives. They talk about how they've been feeling. He wants her and the baby to be okay. Right now, he feels like his life needs to be about making Henry's better. He doesn't know how he can help right now. Marina promises they aren't going anywhere.

    Shayne goes to see his mother. He asks her why there are no pictures of him in her home. He knows they never connected like she did to her other children. "We never had a true connection and it's no one's fault... it never happened for us. How does a parent not have a connection with their kid?" he wonders. She's confused. He blurts out that he never wants his kid to feel the way he does. They have beer and she says he'll be a good father one day. She tells him that she feels connected to him and parenting is a rollercoaster ride.

    Mallet goes back home. Henry's asleep. Marina tells her husband that a lot has changed but she still thinks they could make things work. They probably could, he agrees, but this is about Henry. He thinks that the child has a right to know his biological father. "The truth is we can't hide the truth. We're never going to be a happy little family... I didn't trust you," he explains. He repeats the two choices. She can't walk away from the baby. Mallet loves Henry but he can't share him with Shayne. He tells her to raise Henry and let Shayne be a father to him. She doesn't know how he can do this. Crying, he tells her that he's going. They kiss. He tells the baby how much he loves him and then tells Marina that if things had been different, they could have been happy. Taking his bag, he leaves.

    Billy takes Vanessa home. He kisses her goodnight and she tells him that she's not ready for the date to be over. He chuckles and hurries into her room.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Holly returns.

    Mallet tells Lillian that he moved out.

    Frank refuses to let his daughter and Mallet break up.

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    Posted by smartkid at Tuesday, August 25 2009 01:42 PM

    Shayne is the father of the baby, and Mallet is the voice of reason seeing that he will be hurt if he does not have the connection to the child. I think that this will work out if they will find a common bond to heal their pain.

    Posted by smartkid at Tuesday, August 25 2009 01:44 PM

    I believe that Edmund will get a taste of his own medicine soon and hope that Jonathan will have his child to raise soon.

    Posted by greenangel at Tuesday, August 25 2009 02:30 PM

    Kudos to you Guiding Light for the Natalia and Olivia storyline. Although this is a controversial topic, I thank you for giving it room on the show. I don't think that you could have paired two more perfect people together to carry out this story. I am sadden though that Olivia has closed her heart to true love because of the simple fact, that she had her feelings hurt. I hope that before the show ends that you will bring those two back together again!

    I have watched the Guiding Light for 40 yrs. now and am very sadden that it is leaving the air - I have grown up with many of the characters and they have become "family" to me. No other show can even begin to compare to the Guiding Light and to all my "family", thanks for the laughter, the tears and for letting your many fans into your lives - My love and Best Wishes are sent out to each and every one --- Thanks for the Memories!!!

    Posted by 12312 at Tuesday, August 25 2009 03:07 PM

    wow what a teary one today... the emotions were set so high. Hats off to Rob and Mandy outstanding acting. I cried for the them and for the showing ending... I still can't believe it.

    Posted by April Washington at Tuesday, August 25 2009 03:23 PM

    I Think its darn right shameful for Mallet to leave Marina! Hee knew what he ws getting into!

    Posted by SydneyGirl at Wednesday, August 26 2009 06:16 AM

    Mallet is the one who went to Bosnia and brought that baby to Marina!!! It just happened to be Shayne's.. Not Marina's fault... MAN UP MALLET.. Don't throw away your marriage. Lots of families share custody with another an ex spouse etc.

    Posted by mjma at Wednesday, August 26 2009 11:20 AM

    Good bye, Mallet, a poor excuse for a cop and a husband....

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