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That Sneaky Olivia.

Monday, August 24 2009
Cyrus and Remy leave for Australia, Nat gets a new job and Ed gets an idea.

Phillip tells Lillian that he is going to spend some quality time with people in his life and then tell them all that he is dying.

Olivia is at work when Nat comes in looking for a job. "I know what you are doing and it's not fair. I want you to leave," Olivia says. She doesn't need to be reminded that she loves her, but she doesn't want to think about it. She wishes her luck and jumps into an elevator.

At work, Frank is chatting online through the dating site.

Cyrus reads Jenna's diary note about buried treasure and then wakes up Remy. He tells him that Jenna lived in Australia and left a treasure behind. He thinks they should go get it. Remy laughs. He's reluctant to go but Cyrus explains that whatever he finds, if there is anything, will all go to Buzz and his family.

In Company, Christina reads the diary out loud to Buzz. Daisy interrupts them to send her grandpa back to work. She gets a text from James. Christina teases her. Buzz goes back to reading as Lillian arrives. Frank comes in and thanks Lillian for referring a doctor to Natalia. She congratulates him on the baby. Cyrus comes in after ripping a page out of the diary. He places it in the pile and tells Buzz that he is leaving the country but will come back.

At the mansion, Alan snatches James' phone away and puts it in the trash. He tells him that Coopers and Spauldings don't fit and Daisy is off limits. James takes the phone back and tells Alan he makes everything bigger than it has to be. After Alan leaves, Phillip comes down and asks his son to play basketball. James tells him to call Rick instead and walks out.

Phillip goes over to Olivia's and tells her that he'd like to spend some time with Emma. That's fine with her. She tells him that Nat is back but she's pregnant with Frank's baby so they're not getting back together.

James and Daisy flirt as they play mini-golf.

Shayne is packing up Dinah's stuff when Christina and Daisy arrive. He called them over to help themselves to Dinah's clothes. They excitedly run into the closet.

Christina goes home and finds Remy packing. He tells her that the SPD is sending he and Cyrus out of town on a secret mission. She giggles.

Olivia drops by the office to see Alan and ask for a favor. She tells him that Nat needs a job and Gus would have wanted him to hire her.

Natalia goes to the minimart to fill out a job application. Frank sees her doing this and walks over. Alan calls her and asks her if she'd be interested in coming to work for him.

At Cedars, the doctor tells Mallet and Marina that Henry is doing well. They talk about vaccinations and Mallet says they can get their hands on his parents' medical records. He tells his wife that he'll go and talk to Shayne.

As Shayne takes out the trash, Mallet approaches and asks if they can get his medical records. Shayne points out that this would mean people would know he was the father. Mallet knows and wants him on record in case the doctors ever need him. Shayne agrees as long as he's sure. Mallet thanks him and leaves.

Olivia goes to Company to order some chocolate cake. She tells Lillian she is celebrating helping a friend. Lillian thinks he must be happy that she has the chance to help her best friend through her pregnancy. "She's going to need you to tell her that everything alright," Lillian says.

When Natalia arrives at the office, Alan is shocked to see she's pregnant. "That sneaky Olivia," he gasps. Since she's practically family, he agrees to hire her anyway.

Phillip and Emma play on the teeter-totter. She runs off to the swings and Rick arrives to take her place. The three of them play basketball until Olivia arrives and they play girls against boys. After Olivia and her daughter beat them, Rick talks to his friend about opening a tropical fish store.

Nat runs into Christina on the bridge and they chat. As she walks along, she runs into Olivia and Emma. She tells them about her job and thanks Olivia. "We are going to have dinner together very soon," she says, touching Olivia's hand as she leaves.

Buzz goes to see his son with the diary. He shows him there is a missing page and asks him to check into it. Frank tells him that Cyrus went to Australia with someone and then tells him that the diary says Jenna went to Australia to bury treasure. Frank is sure that Cyrus has conned him.

Shayne arrives at Cedars and runs into Marina. She introduces him to the doctor and they fill out the medical history. As they go in and play with the kid, Mallet returns and sees them together.

Alan goes to Company and offers to make it worth Daisy's while if she will stay away from James. James comes out from the kitchen and says that the answer is no. It means a lot to James that his grandfather needs him and he wants to be there for him, but he doesn't want to fight him. He likes Daisy, she's his girlfriend, and that has to be okay with Alan. He walks out with Daisy. Alan smirks.

Lillian goes to see Ed. He's exhausted. He explains that a major bone marrow transplant might be able to save Phillip, but it could kill the donor.

Buzz rushes home to pack. Frank tells him he can't run off like this. Buzz refuses to wait around and runs out.

Next on Guiding Light:

Jonathan tells Jeffrey his son needs him.

James rejects his father.

"Either we give Henry to Shayne or I go," Mallet tells Marina.

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