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Take Your Cookies And Go Home.

Friday, August 21 2009
Olivia rejects Nat, Mel makes a move on Cyrus and Jonathan and Shayne meet.

After bursting into Cross Creek, Shayne starts pounding on the man he saw through the window. He notices it's Jonathan and keeps punching until Reva stops them. They're formally introduced and she gives them icepacks. The boys bicker about the mess with Edmund. Shayne brings up how Jonathan was raised by his uncle Edmund and they begin shouting at each other. Reva out screams them and insists that Jonathan and Edmund would never work together. She orders her sons to hug. They sit down and talk about Sarah before Reva tells Shayne no one can know his brother is there. He leaves. Jonathan drinks from the carton and they talk about how he is like his mom and Shayne is like his dad. Jonathan asks her what Josh thinks of the 'Jeffrey museum'.

Billy calls Vanessa to tell her he can't wait until seven for dinner. They agree to meet at six.

At Company, Buzz and Cyrus are sorting though their box of stuff when Mel arrives with some legal paperwork for Cyrus to sign. He's now a free man. After she leaves, Buzz repeats to his son that he's not going to dump the Jenna stuff. Frank has other things to worry about... like Natalia. Buzz doesn't think it's much of a problem. She arrives and Buzz makes himself scarce. Frank admits to her that he's still not sure he wants her raising the baby with Olivia.

Ashlee tells Blake that she is done editing the manuscript. Blake wants her to go and interview Buzz without him knowing it. She calls Cyrus and tells him to get out of Company while Ashlee comes over to catch Buzz alone.

Buzz rambles to Cyrus about how he has no idea what he is looking for anymore. Cyrus leaves as Buzz gets on the computer. He finds Frank's online dating profile and begins teasing him. Frank insists that it's not for him.

Mel runs into Nat in the minimart and notices she's pregnant. They talk about baking and decide to make cookies together. They go to Nat's and start baking for their 'friends'. Mel admits that there is a man she wants to be 'friendly' with.

Mel brings the cookies to Cyrus and wishes him a happy birthday. He thanks her and doesn't know how he can thank her for everything else she's done. She grabs him and kisses him, then apologizes. She's wanted to do that for a long time. He thanks her. "This is the best birthday I've had for a very long time," he says. When they get on the bed, it breaks. She thinks they should just have cookies. He tells her she's cute and she asks him about his dogtags. He tells her about his mom and then asks to taste her cookies. She nervously runs for the door. He calls and arranges a flight to Australia.

Olivia finds flowers from Natalia have been delivered to her. Vanessa sees them as Olivia takes them into the hallway. Vanessa shows off her latest shopping and tells her she has a date with Billy. After Vanessa walks off, Olivia looks for a place to dump the flowers. Blake approaches. When questioned, she says that she can't tell Olivia anything about Nat's pregnancy. She tries assuring her that they will work it all out.

Blake runs into Frank at the minimart looking at gifts. He doesn't know what to do. Blake is sure he's afraid of being the outsider in the relationship. She tells him that's the same worry divorced couples feel and he can figure out how to be a father.

Natalia arrives at Olivia's office and hands her some cookies. Olivia tells her she shouldn't have sent flowers. Nat doesn't want a minute to go by without her knowing how much she loves her. Olivia wishes she could believe her but she can't. "Take your cookies and go home," she says.

Vanessa and Billy have dinner at Towers and talk about their old business trips and fights. She reminds him that she won most on their battles. He walks her back to her room after dinner. She thanks him for a beautiful evening. When he leans in for a kiss, she tells him it's their first date and she's not easy.

Blake goes to Company. She and Buzz talk about true love. She doesn't think she'll find it again, he advises her to live in the moment.

Natalia sits in the park. Frank walks up to her and says he would like to go to her doctor's appointment with her. He tells her that, whatever happens, he's glad that they can work things out. He thinks they should draw up some legal papers for custody and everything. She agrees. "Together we'll make our baby happy," she says.

Olivia brings the flowers to Reva, who comes out of the house to meet her. After she hands the flowers to her and drives off, Reva goes back inside, Jonathan has slipped into the bathroom when Jeffrey calls to tell him he'll be in touch. When he gets off the phone, Shayne comes out of hiding. "So how is Edmund?" he asks. Jonathan accuses him of trying to make trouble. Shayne doesn't like him or trust him and promises to watch him. "Knock yourself out. I'm a fascinating guy," he says.

Frank goes to Company and taunts his father about Cyrus. A message comes in for Frank on his dating site. He begins chatting with the woman online. It's Blake. They chat.

When Olivia returns to her office, Nat is waiting. "Chocolate chip cookies won't make me trust you again," Olivia tells her. Nat says she'll have to figure out what will and things will work out for them.

Next on Guiding Light:

Lillian doesn't want Phillip to waste any more time.

Mallet tells Marina that he can't be part of the family anymore.

Jonathan won't stop running as long as his little girl is in danger.

Remy and Cyrus enter a dangerous situation.

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