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    Guiding Light - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Guiding Light'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Disaster Written All Over It.

    Monday, August 17 2009
    Billy throws a wedding for Vanessa and Natalia returns.

    Billy chases down Father Ray and asks him if he will marry him. The priest reminds him that he is celibate. Billy guffaws and explains that he's marrying Vanessa that afternoon. Father Ray agrees to be there.

    In bed, Lizzie and Bill are busy trying to make a baby. After, he talks about what he will do if it's a boy or a girl. She just wants a healthy baby. He says they should try having one of each. As they go back at it, Billy barges in and declares that he is marrying Vanessa this afternoon... although she doesn't know it yet.

    Billy brings them over to Towers and asks them to decorate it while he takes care of everything else. Lizzie is surprised that he still hasn't asked Vanessa. Billy is sure this is what she wants and rushes off. Lizzie tells Bill that this has disaster written all over it.

    Vanessa drops by Company for tea. She tells Blake about how chaotic WSPR is and runs off. When she gets to work, Billy calls and she complains about how busy she is. Bill arrives and asks her out for lunch. She tells him it will have to wait until next week. He begins saying that he has bedroom problems with Lizzie. "Don't worry about it," she says. She refuses to leave. After he does, she wonders what that was about.

    Reva discovers that she has locked her keys in the car.

    Josh sits with Olivia at Company. She thanks him for making her feel better and tells him her daughter is coming back today. Reva calls and tells him she's locked herself out of her car and needs his help. Olivia packs up his breakfast for him. "Thank you my friend Olivia," he tells her. After he leaves, Blake comes over and Olivia apologizes to her for being rude before. Blake knows that she had a broken heart.

    Josh arrives in the parking lot and helps Reva break into her car. He soon finds that his remote opens her door.

    Natalia returns to town and goes to see Father Ray at church. He welcomes her home and she thanks him for sending her to the nuns. She figured out what she wants and thinks that's what God would want as well. "I'm going to be happy," she says.

    Natalia calls Blake and asks her to run across the street and talk to her. She updates her on the baby and says she'll be back for good. Nat says that she's figured out what's best for everyone and needs to talk to Olivia before she talks to anyone else.

    Olivia runs into Father Ray at the minimart. When he brings up Nat, she stops him. She may never be over Nat but she couldn't let that take control of her life. "I took a deep breath and I'm moving on," she says. After he leaves, she rolls her eyes and notices Reva.

    When Josh arrives at Towers, he's startled to find that his brother is planning to get married that afternoon. He starts to worry when it becomes clear that Vanessa doesn't know what's coming. As Lizzie helps organize things, she tells Billy that Vanessa strikes her as someone who likes to be in control. That's what he likes about her, but he thinks she likes other people to take control sometimes. Bill returns and explains that his mother isn't coming. Billy declares that they will have to move on to plan B.

    Olivia picks up her daughter. They go back to their place and Olivia wants them to spend the day together. They run off to the park.

    Nat goes to the gym looking for Olivia but has no luck. When she goes to The Beacon, she misses Olivia by a moment. She drives to the park and finds her. When Olivia spots her, she glares for a moment. They talk awkwardly and Nat apologizes for worrying her. She had a lot to figure out. "I'm pregnant," she explains.

    Reva goes home with Colin and begins freaking out when her sink malfunctions again. She tells herself that she won't call Josh again and calls a plumber but he's out. Then she calls Blake and asks for the number of another plumber. When she gets his machine, she begs him to come over. Then she calls Josh and begins crying about how her sink is broken. A plumber arrives and fixes things. As she writes him a check, she realizes that it's nearly her anniversary. Once the plumber is gone, she hugs Jeffrey's picture.

    Father Ray arrives at Towers. Only Lizzie is there. He talks about how happy weddings are. "We can only hope," she mumbles.

    Bill corners his mother at the station. As she complains about her day, Billy and Josh approach. They put a bag over her head. They take her to Towers and unveil the wedding. "I'm not marrying you," she says. He thought they were going to be together. She doesn't mean never, she just doesn't want to get married today. She doesn't want to be swept off her feet; she wants them to do things like normal people. "Mr. Lewis, you have some courting to do," she says. They arrange a dinner date and then she tells everyone else that they are in big trouble. After she leaves, Billy tells his brother that he will be getting the love of his life. "When you gonna get yours?" he asks. Josh tells him he's trying to stop his overwhelming need to help Reva.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Lizzie wonders where her daughter is.

    "You left me," Olivia reminds Nat.

    Jeffrey and Jonathan ambush Edmund.

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    Posted by Julien at Monday, August 17 2009 03:04 PM

    I have always loved Vanessa and Billy together. I hope they get remarried before the last show.

    Posted by sholsten at Monday, August 17 2009 04:04 PM

    Unfortunately, they are supposed to get remarried on the final show. It was good to see Natalia back today. It appears that we will be strung along for awhile with Olivia not trusting her.

    Posted by PattyAnn9 at Tuesday, August 18 2009 04:57 PM

    Shenandoah. I wrote to the programming director at WUSA and she told me that GL will be shown at ten in the morning here the last week of the show. i let them know how long I'd been watching and how sad I was that it was ending. I too have watched since I was a little girl. I am almost 52 years old. GL is one of the highlights of my TV day.


    Posted by fe fe at Wednesday, August 19 2009 07:03 AM

    i just hope that lizzie gets her daughter back and a want vanessa and billy to get married i love them together. and natailia should be with frank so they can raise there baby together. i hope jeffery makes it back to reeva before the show ends. fe fe

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