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    I Can't Do This Without You.

    Wednesday, August 12 2009
    Billy proposes, Olivia and Doris chat and Shayne wonders what happened.

    James and Daisy wake up in the woods together and listen to the birds. They talk about what they want for breakfast. After they get dressed, they make plans for the evening. "I'm glad we came camping," she says. They kiss and drive back to town.

    Billy goes to see Vanessa at the station. She's swamped with work Dinah left behind. She's not even sure she can take care of it all. He can tell that she's really missing her daughter and tries to reassure her. "You're not okay if your kids aren't okay," she says. He hugs her.

    Shayne drives up to Bill as he's trying to put together a door frame. He asks him if he knows where Dinah is. Bill has no idea. They talk over the night she left. Shayne doesn't know what to do with the wedding ring she left behind. Bill tells him that he still thinks they belong together. Billy stops by and Shayne leaves.

    Reva calls Josh and wakes him up as he sleeps beside Olivia. She needs him to come over and fix her plumbing. He apologizes to Olivia. She kisses him and thanks him.

    Josh arrives at Cross Creek and fixes the sink. He asks Reva if she needs help with anything else or some company. She insists that everything is fine so he leaves to check on his son. As soon as he's gone, she begins talking to Jeffrey's picture, telling him that she needs someone to help... just not Josh.

    Olivia is getting coffee at the minimart when she spots Rafe. She asks after Nat but he ignores her. She says it's stupid for them to act like this. He's glad to see that she's in pain and walks away.

    Rafe runs into Marina at the courthouse. They talk about how much he misses his mom. Doris enters but stays out of sight and listens. Marina tells him that parents sometimes make choices without thinking about what it will do to their kids. He loves his mom more than anybody, but things are different now. She tells him never to doubt his love for his mom and advises him to take a look around... like at Ashlee and Doris. Compared to them, they are doing well.

    Daisy goes into Company and Billy begins quizzing her about what she's been up to. She finally admits that she went camping with James. "Were you careful?" he asks. She assures him they were. Rafe comes in and she invites him swimming at the Spauldings later. Marina sits down and thinks it must be weird for her to be hanging out with Rafe and James at the same time.

    Josh goes to see Vanessa to ask her where Dinah is. He wants her to sign some annulment papers and stay away from his son. She defends her daughter but Josh says that Dinah has manipulated his son just like she manipulates everyone. Shayne walks in and stops them. "If she came home today, I would take her back," he says. He cuts his father off and asks to talk to Vanessa alone. Shayne asks her where Dinah is. She admits she wouldn't tell him if she knew. Dinah waited a long time to become a good person and her last mistake was too much for her. He admits that he doesn't know what to do now. "You'll figure it out," she says. He wanted the marriage to be forever. She explains that Dinah left the rings with him because they belong to him. He gives them to her and tells her he wants Dinah to have them.

    Doris finds Olivia pouting and eating vanilla ice cream. She tells her friend that she just isn't lovable. Doris sits with her and Olivia lists all of her problems and how she wants to be loved. The mayor tells her she already has that. Olivia's daughters love her for who she is, just like her daughter does, and neither of them have been particularly lovable mothers. Olivia thanks her, gives her a peck on the cheek and walks out.

    Bill runs into Reva and tells her that his sister didn't mean to hurt her or Shayne. She doesn't want to talk about it. When he walks away, she remembers that she left her son in the car and runs back to get him. She cries and repeats, "You're okay." After she takes the baby inside, she mumbles, "I can't do this without you." She puts photos of Jeffrey all over the walls and begins talking to them.

    Rafe walks into the minimart and sits with James. He tells him that he is cool with him dating Daisy. Rafe still cares about her and just wants to make sure that she doesn't get hurt.

    The Lewis men are working on Bill's house when Billy announces that he is going to marry Vanessa again. Josh tells him he should have done this a long time ago.

    Doris calls her mom and asks her out for dessert so they can spend some time together.

    Billy goes to WSPR to see Vanessa and offer her a distraction, "I was thinking of marrying you," he says. "Were you thinking of asking me?" she asks. He hasn't worked that out yet. They laugh and kiss.

    Shayne and Bill work on his house.

    Josh returns to Olivia's to check in on her. She tells him he's a good friend. He's glad he could help. After he leaves, she goes inside and calls Ava and Emma. "I was hoping you were ready to come home," she tells her little girl.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Jenna visits Buzz.

    Mallet asks Marina away on vacation.

    Ed asks Alan for help bringing Phillip back. "You've come to the wrong place," Alan tells him.

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    Posted by 12312 at Wednesday, August 12 2009 02:52 PM

    I dread Sept. 18th... sniff, sniff....

    Posted by my 8 cats at Wednesday, August 12 2009 05:41 PM

    i want to see guiding light to stay on i am loving it i want to see what is going to happen about jonathen jeffrey, sarah, especially is phillip going to live i hope so he is so good. dinah should come back and talk to shayne.natalie needs to tell frank about the baby boy would that make him happy and hopefully they could get together. i know olivia is going on to days but put a new olivia on and have her with doris. boy that would be something. huh. lizzie needs to be with her daughter. dinah only did what she thought was right trying to protect everyone that she cares for please keep guiding light on. i love my soaps

    Posted by sholsten at Wednesday, August 12 2009 11:41 PM

    I can't believe that we 3 are the only ones who are posting here. I dread the shows end as well. I am still so ready for Natalia to come back to Olivia.

    Posted by april may june at Thursday, August 13 2009 02:35 AM

    I cant belive it is coming up so quickily you three are not the only ones who will miss GL.

    Posted by HRDEE300 at Thursday, August 13 2009 06:38 AM

    You guys are not alone in not wanting to see the Guiding Light disappear. I have been watching the show since I was in high school and that was 21 years ago. The characters have been like a second part of the family that you gossip about with other members of your family. My mom, aunts and sister watch the show as well.

    The best part of the show now is that it seems as though they are closing most of the loose ends. At some point I thought they were getting out of hand with some of the story lines, but then things started to pick up again. I'm still hoping that maybe some other network will pick up the show again, maybe call it "Guiding Light Revisited", but that hope narrows now that most of the younger characters have gone on to other shows or working on something else.

    Anyway, its been a good run. And, I'll miss watching it at the end of day.

    Posted by Babe_law at Thursday, August 13 2009 07:28 AM

    I read the comments everyday but have never posted before.
    Since time is running out so quickly, I too wanted to say that I Love watching Guiding Light. I don't understand how they come up with the "low ratings", etc. because it just doesn't make sense to me how you have all these great actors winning awards and then the show is getting cancelled? I usually watch all the soaps on CBS- Bold & The Beautiful, As The Wold Turns, Guiding Light and then Y&R. I guess now I will have to try to "get-into" a soap on another network. If I want to watch gameshows - I will watch the Game Show Network.

    Posted by teesers1 at Thursday, August 13 2009 09:50 AM

    I am very sickened by the ending of Guiding Light I have watched this show for 28 years, and I love it.I feel as thou the springfield people are my second family.I have been angry, cried and laughed over the years with these people.I dont want to see it end.Please keep the light on.

    Posted by luvphil at Thursday, August 13 2009 10:03 AM

    I am very sad by the ending of GL. I am 48 years old and have been faithfully watching since the 7th grade, when I would get off the bus and watch it with my mother. I am still hoping that somehow, someway, it will get picked up later on. It is so sad

    Posted by BJ-ATL at Thursday, August 13 2009 11:17 AM

    I grew up watching Guiding Light with my mother and after 40 years, it will be hard to let it go. You would think that SOAPNET would try to keep it going, but it seems like everyone wants this show to die but the actors and the fans.

    Posted by tammy holliday at Thursday, August 13 2009 01:10 PM

    i to will miss this show. some of my best memories are of me and my mother sitting and watching the show together and her telling me of the shows history during the commercials. my mother told me she has been a guiding light fan since it was aired only on the radio. i would like to make a deal with whoever is responsible for cancelling the show if they keep the show on the air i will keep watching.

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