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Not the Easiest People To Love.

Monday, August 10 2009
Phillip drags the family to work, Mel finds a way to free Cyrus and Blake finds a way to make money for the family.

Phillip wakes up James and tells him they have to help Lizzie fix up her house. He heads over and begins hammering loudly on the lawn to wake up the newlyweds. When Bill looks out the window, Phillip yells at him to get up. When they realize he won't leave, they go down. As Bill goes outside, Lizzie calls her mother to ask her why Phillip is hammering on their lawn at 5:45 in the morning. She takes coffee out to her father and Bill.

Olivia tosses and turns in bed. She throws away her sleeping pills and gets up.

At Company, Blake is arguing with Frank about what to do with napkins when Matt arrives. Olivia comes in next and orders some decaf. When Blake tries talking to her, Olivia coldly tells her that they aren't friends since she helped Natalia leave.

Phillip sees Matt and Beth arrive at the house and asks his daughter if they are together yet. The work crew arrives and Phillip begins issuing orders. He walks over to Bill and questions him about Matt. Phillip sends Matt to work with Beth. He sees his son arrive. James tries to leave. As Phillip stops him Beth comes over and asks him why he is pushing Matt on her. "I don't need a man in my life, but if I want one, I'll find him on my own," she says. He turns around and begins yelling at James to stay and work. As Phillip screams, Matt approaches and suggests that James go up the hill and dig up a stump. Phillip laughs nervously and tries to calm down. Instead, he runs up the hill, grabs the shovel away from his son, knocks him down and begins yelling at him. James runs.

Beth and Phillip begin arguing. She tells him he can't keep treating people like this. He realizes that he is making things worse by trying to make them better. After he storms off, she goes in the house. She and her daughter wonder what's wrong with Phillip. Matt and Beth leave to get coffee.

Cyrus is shocked to wake up and find that Buzz has broken into his room and is in bed beside him. "For a cat burglar you're a pretty heavy sleeper," Buzz says. He tells him to get dressed so they can go back to work. They head over to Company and go over Coop's notes. Olivia wanders over and tells them how much she wishes someone would love her the way Buzz loves Jenna.

Mel wakes up Christina and Remy. She tells them that they need to work on a plan to save Cyrus. Mel wants Cyrus back inside because she needs him to get information from a snitch in jail. He thinks she's being devious. Christina thinks that Mel's just looking for a way to get to Cyrus.

Remy storms into Company and arrests Cyrus. Buzz demands that he arrest him too but Remy refuses and takes Cyrus away. Buzz wants to bail him out again but his son angrily tells him he can't. Frank doesn't like that they are getting so close. Olivia speaks up for Buzz and says that she understands how much he wants to get close to Jenna again. Blake begins going through the notes and wonders if this was to be Coop's next book. She decides to get in touch with Ashlee to talk about it. When she approaches Buzz about it, he tells her that he's not interested in publishing the book. After he leaves, Blake keeps thinking about it and tells Christina she could make money out of this to help the family.

Frank goes outside and finds Olivia sitting alone. She wonders why Nat left her. "If she's gone, does it really matter?" he asks. She's sure there is some reason why she left. He's sure there are all sorts of reasons, but... "Did you ever think it was you? Just you?" he asks.

As Cyrus sits in his cell, Mel arrives and tells him that she might be able to get his sentence lessened if he had some information to barter with. She implies what she wants him to do and leaves him alone with the snitch in the cell across from him. After they've talked, Mel gets Cyrus out. He tells her that he doesn't have any money. "Don't worry. You'll pay," she says to him.

Mel and Cyrus return to Company and announce that all of the charges against him have been dropped. Buzz is happy, Frank less so. As Mel and Cyrus flirt, Blake takes him aside and asks him to get her a copy of the book so she can publish it. He agrees. As he returns to Buzz, Frank tells Blake this will be a disaster. He wonders when he will get someone to love. She assures him he will.

Remy and Christina go home and have sex.

Bill does a strip routine for Lizzie and they have sex.

James calls Daisy and asks her to meet him by the creek.

Beth and Matt have coffee and she worries about her son.

Phillip runs into Olivia in the park. He's sick of having bad days. She's getting used to it. Olivia wonders why no one loves her for her. "We're not the easiest people to love," Phillip says, wondering if they even deserved to be loved.

Next on Guiding Light:

James wants to go camping with Daisy.

Cyrus and Buzz go to New York.

Phillip looks for a miracle cure.

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