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I Ruin Everything I Touch.

Wednesday, August 05 2009
Dinah confesses to Shayne, Mallet offers to get her out of the country and Jonathan finds Jeffrey.

Dinah tells Shayne that it was their wedding today and they should go away on a honeymoon tonight. He's startled. She suggests they leave the country right away. He'd rather stay in bed but she wants to get out of there. After he agrees to go anywhere she wants, she stops him before he can make any calls. She confesses that she wants to go away because she has to. The cops will be coming after her. After a pause, she tells him what she did. "I never meant to hurt you like this," she says. Room service interrupts with champagne. After the waiter leaves, Dinah explains what happened and says she wouldn't have let Reva go to prison. "My mom is a widow because of my wife," he says in shock. He can't believe that she could marry him today knowing what she did to his family. "I ruin everything that I touch," she says. He gave her chances to come clean and would have done anything to keep her out of jail. She knows that but he couldn't have kept her out of prison. He doesn't know if he can live with this. "I don't think you can and I don't think I can either," she says. He loved her when she didn't deserve it and she will never forget that. She loves him and thanks him for everything, but she has to face up to what she's done.

At the station, Frank gives Mallet the forms that he wants Dinah to fill out. He tells him that they won't press for big charges but they have to follow protocol. Mallet stutters as Frank orders a car to pick Dinah up. Mallet cancels it and says that he needs to check the story because Dinah could be covering for someone. Frank agrees to wait. Marina arrives. Mallet takes her aside and apologizes profusely. "I never should have suspected you," he admits. He's been a fool and wants to make it up to her. She's says she'll see him at home and walks out.

Shayne goes to the bar. As he drinks, Remy comes in, surprised to see him there. He assumes that he must have had a fight with Dinah and encourages him to work it out with her.

Dinah startles Mallet outside the station. She's come to confess. She wants to go somewhere where she can't hurt people anymore. "We can fix this," he offers. She claims that she has told Shayne and he's told everyone else. "I'm a screwup and I need to be somewhere I can't hurt the people I care about," she insists. He tries to talk her out of this but she can't live there anymore. They sit in his car and he tells her that she is going to disappear to another country. He can get her to the border; he'd rather know she was free somewhere than rotting on jail. She agrees but she needs to say some goodbyes first.

Dinah runs into Remy on the street. He tells her to straighten things out with Shayne. "You have always been my best friend," she tells him. She'll always love him for his advice and gives him a hug.

Josh and Reva are at Towers. She claims that she's actually had a good day today and asks for a lift home. When they get to Cross Creek, he's eager to leave but she begs him to stay and keep her company. She admits that she isn't doing as well as she'd hoped. They talk about the wedding and how their son used to want to live with polar bears. "Marriage is one of the great joys of life. That's why I've tried it so many times," she says. He announces he's leaving to play pool. She wants to go with him. Before they leave, Shayne rushes in and hugs his mother, apologizing and telling her that he didn't know. He tells them that Dinah killed the John Doe and was going to let her hang for it.

Jeffrey talks to Reva's picture and remembers how they used to argue. She's one of the toughest people he's ever met so he's going to try and be like her now. When he collapses in a field, a little girl finds him. She gets her father – it's Jonathan.

Dinah drops by the office to see her brother. He tells her what a disaster his house is and congratulates her on her wedding again. She hates all the time that they wasted and wishes they had grown up together more. As she apologizes for everything, he insists that they are passed all of that and they will have a happy future.

Next, Dinah goes to her mother and confesses. Before she leaves town, she wanted to tell her how much she loves her. "What did you say?" Vanessa asks. She's glad that she's running; she couldn't stand her being locked up again. She thinks that her daughter was trying to do something good. They cry and hug.

Dinah goes back to her room and places her wedding ring on the desk before walking out.

Shayne goes down to the water and tries to throw his ring away. He can't do it. When he returns to his room, he reads the letter that Dinah left behind.

Frank runs into his daughter outside of Company. He assures her that the murder case will be over soon.

Alone, Reva tells Jeffrey's portrait that she is going to be sad forever.

Mallet brings Dinah to the heliport and sees her off.

Next on Guiding Light:

Jonathan tries to revive Jeffrey.

Mallet apologizes to Marina.

Phillip begs Ed for more time. The doctor warns that the treatment could kill him.

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