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Facing Up.

Monday, August 03 2009
Alan has to confront his past, Dinah and Shayne get married and Mallet corners Marina.

Dinah and Shayne are chatting on the phone. It's the morning of their wedding day and they're both eager. He asks her to meet him at the gazebo at noon. When she gets off the phone, Vanessa's relieved that her daughter is getting married and she won't have to worry about her anymore.

At Cross Creek, Reva tells Jeffrey's picture that she thinks she has everyone convinced that she's doing alright. She misses him more and more though. Without Colin, she doesn't know what she would do. Billy drives up to take her to the wedding.

Bill and Lizzie talk about the wedding. He's sure his mother is delirious. They discuss how happy everyone is these days.

On the road, Alan teases his son about plotting a takeover. Phillip drives him off, promising pancakes. When they get to the restaurant, they eat and Alan tells his son that he thinks he's hiding something and demands to know the real reason for this trip. Phillip points to the waitress and explains she is the widow of the boy who went to Vietnam in his place. Phillip says that he wanted to give his father a chance to face what was haunting him. Alan walks out. Phillip follows him and asks him back in. His father refuses. He wishes that he had never told him this story. Phillip tells him that this is his chance to ask for forgiveness. "If you face it, you will be free," he tells him.

Phillip and his father go to the motel. Alan admits that he couldn't go back to the restaurant. He'd like to face his past and make him proud, but he's afraid to.

Alan returns to the restaurant alone. He finds a medal. The woman tells him it was her husband's. She says her son convinced her to keep it there. "It's a great thing when a son is proud of his father," she says. Alan turns to the dead man's son and introduces himself, explaining that he knew his father.

When Alan returns to the motel room, he finds Phillip is gone and he left his phone behind. Ed Bauer calls and Alan picks it up.

At home, Mallet looks at the paperwork for the trust fund which Edmund set up. He hides it, wondering when Marina will stop lying to him. When she comes downstairs, she's relieved that they are going to have a fresh start. He makes some pointed statements about telling each other everything but they go over her head.

Shayne meets Dinah in the gazebo and hands her a bouquet. She's allergic to the flowers he picked. Joining hands, they decide to walk to their wedding. They look at the swans and talk about what their kids could be like. She never thought that she'd be able to plan her future like this.

The guests are gathering at the courthouse. As Marina and Christina talk about Henry, Remy and Mallet talk about Marina. Mallet shows him the trust fund papers and wonders why Marina is keeping this from him. He's scared of what else she could be hiding from him. They walk outside as the bride and groom arrive. Everyone greets and hugs them before they file inside. Lizzie and Bill arrive last.

Inside, Dinah remembers that she didn't ask anyone to give her away. Remy volunteers. Bill and Lizzie come in. Remy takes Marina's arm and walks her into the court room. Doris begins the ceremony. Shayne tells Dinah that she has saved his life and taught him how to live again. The trust and honesty they've shared has meant everything to him. She tells him how much she's always appreciated how he accepts her for who she is. She will do everything she can to be the best she can be and she feels like a lucky woman. They exchange rings and everyone claps and congratulates them.

At Towers, Josh and Reva admire how happy their son is. She hopes that it lasts. Bill toasts to his sister and Shayne. She turns to her husband and tells him about the baked Alaska. He worries about having her around combustibles.

Mallet paces around the party. Remy thinks he should go home. Mallet wants Marina to come clean with him. When he walks over to her, he says they should put some money away for Henry. She agrees. He tells her to come outside with him. When they get there, he sticks the trust fund papers in her face and demands some answers. She admits that she didn't burn them because it could be worth something. "I don't think you're capable of telling the truth," he says. She can't believe that he still doesn't trust her and accuses him of ruining any chance they have to be a family. Crying, she runs off. Remy comes out. Mallet tells him what just happened and admits that he can't trust Marina about anything. He's not even sure he can trust her around his child. "I don't get why she would let so many innocent people suffer," he says. Dinah eavesdrops on this from the nearby roof.

As Mallet walks to the station, Dinah corners him and tells him to stop. She can't let him turn in Marina. "She did not kill that John Doe. I did," she confesses.

Next on Guiding Light:

Ed accidentally tells Alan about Phillip's condition.

Bill and Lizzie assess their new house.

Dinah confesses everything to Mallet.

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