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    I've Almost Got Him.

    Friday, July 31 2009
    Mallet and Marina retrace her steps, Shayne and Dinah prepare for their wedding and Alan and Phillip take a road trip.

    In the woods, Jeffrey ties up his wounds and looks at the picture of Reva in his wallet. "I've almost got him," he promises her.

    Reva and Josh are at Cross Creek talking about the wedding. He teases her about 'being girly' and picking flowers with Vanessa. She suggests that they give the newlyweds Cross Creek. Reva doesn't know if she wants to be there anymore and it's always been the Lewis cabin. She's sure that Dinah and Shayne can make it a happy home again.

    Dinah knocks Shayne out of bed and tells him they only have 24 hours to get their wedding together. He leads her outside to her mother and a horse drawn carriage which he arranged. They're getting married so fast that he just wanted her to have some memorable moments.

    Mallet and Marina prepare to spend the day going over her movements. She's just about had it and jokingly tells her to go ahead and arrest her. As they start, they run into Reva for a second. After she leaves, Marina tells her husband how awful she felt for Reva when she was a suspect.

    Dinah picks a baked Alaska as her wedding cake. Vanessa isn't entirely convinced. Matt approaches and Vanessa runs off to talk to the baker. Dinah tells him that she wishes people weren't making such a big deal about this. He tells her again that she deserves to be happy. After he leaves, Mallet and Marina walk by and compliment them on the carriage. Dinah and her mother ride down the street and meet Reva at the flower shop. When Dinah runs in to get lilacs, Reva tells Vanessa she's glad she has something happy to focus on.

    Shayne and his father play catch and talk about the marriage. "I have been married and divorced nine times so if you wanna know something, let me know," Josh offers. Shayne tells him that he doesn't want to live his life without Dinah. Josh thinks he should marry her then.

    Olivia is getting her checkup from Rick at Cedars. She claims she hasn't been drinking and is perfectly fine mentally. He leaves to get her blood work and she walks out, bumping into Ed in the hall. They catch up. She returns to the examining room. Rick comes back and tells her he knows how much she has been drinking lately. She tries to joke about it and insists that she isn't an alcoholic.

    As Phillip gasses up the car, Alan slips off to call his sister and tell her he's convinced his son is up to something. When he returns, Phillip walks off to take a call from Ed. He assures him that they will take it easy but Ed worries that the emotional toll could be too much.

    Alan isn't happy when Phillip checks them into a motel. They drive over to the ballpark and eat crackerjacks. When the game is over, Alan wants to go home but Phillip says they still have plenty to do. As they head to the motel, Alan accuses him of trying to take over the company. Phillip is sarcastic but avoids explaining what he's really up to.

    Mallet and Marina go down to the water. She continues getting more frustrated and doesn't know how she can prove she's innocent. All she ever wanted was a happy family but that's gone. He insists that they still can be. She promises that he can trust her. He offers to start over.

    Rick, Matt and Ed head to the bar. Rick looks around for women. Reva comes in, ready for some bourbon. Shayne and Josh arrive and the drinking begins. Remy toasts to the bride and groom. Reva toasts to true love. As the guests begin playing pool, Josh tells Reva that she doesn't have to put on an act. She refuses to let anything get in the way of her celebrating her son getting married. As she leaves, Shayne gives her a worried look.

    Dinah is trying on wedding dresses at home. Vanessa convinces her to try on a hat and nearly cries at how beautiful she is. She just wishes her father was around.

    Dinah and Shayne meet up in the park. He tells her that his mom crashed his bachelor party and it was a little weird. She thanks him for arranging everything for her.

    Vanessa runs into Matt. He tells her how happy he is that she and Dinah have worked things out.

    Olivia is at Towers drinking. Once she's drunk, she stumbles upstairs. Josh catches her in the hallway and they flirt a bit.

    When Reva gets back to Cross Creek, she finds Shayne eating in her kitchen. He knows how hard all of this is on her. She tells him to 'shush'. Being the mother of the groom is a beautiful thing.

    Dinah goes into Company to get a salad. She and Marina chat.

    When Mallet gets home, he accidentally finds the paperwork for the trust which Edmund set up for Henry.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Dinah can't keep her secret.

    Bill and Matt team up to work on the house.

    Jeffrey struggles to survive.

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    Posted by soaplover75 at Saturday, August 01 2009 08:51 AM

    I really have to complain about the Marina killing someone thingy. Her husband has been a complete idiot. How many women would put up with what she has from him accusing her of murder. Give it up Mallet. You are about to lose your wife!

    Posted by soaplover75 at Saturday, August 01 2009 08:55 AM

    I have to say I like Phillip. I hope the writers make this story end with Phillip being responsible for securing some happiness for his family and let him die happily, or better still keep him alive by any means they can.

    Posted by Janb at Sunday, August 02 2009 11:14 AM

    Is Marina really not worth lossing?

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