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Thursday, July 30 2009
Bill and Lizzie get their wedding gift, Mallet and Marina retrace her steps and Buzz fights with his family over Cyrus.

Reva has boxes delivered to Cross Creek so she can pack up Jeffrey's things. As she sorts through stuff, she finds the 'what the hell' heart that they made together and cries. Blake arrives and Reva tells her that she's just spring cleaning. Blake doesn't think she'll get rid of her pain by boxing up Jeffrey's things. Reva doesn't want to sit around and be sad. Blake thinks that's inevitable. She tells her that her life will go on and she will find happy moments with her son.

Dinah arrives at the gym and tries to chase Matt out before the kickboxing class starts. He makes some jokes and asks her to be his sensei. She just wants to be a bride and look good in her wedding dress. Shayne arrives and tells her to get changed so they can go out and spread cheer. She doubts his mom is ready for the news, but he thinks she needs something happy.

Shayne and Dinah go to the minimart to get ice cream for his mother. They spot Daisy and Christina and ask them for advice about what to pick before revealing that they are engaged.

Marina gets frustrated when she tries calling the credit card company for receipts. Mallet doesn't think she should be ranting about their personal lives to strangers. She thought she had the original receipts but she doesn't. They go to the places she shopped at. After they learn that someone has taken a mortgage out on the restaurant, she rushes off.

Bill and Lizzie sneak into their room at The Beacon. They make out. She asks for ice. When he opens the door, Beth is there. He tries calling her 'Mom' but that's too weird. She bustles in to see her daughter and tells her that she has a wedding present to show her.

Bill goes to the office after Beth snatches Lizzie away. He catches up with Matt and tells him he's been planning on buying a house for Lizzie. He discovers that one he wanted was sold. When he leaves, Reva shows up and asks him for a job. Matt would love to have her back.

Beth takes her daughter to the house. Lizzie's amazed. She wants to call her father but he's off with Alan.

Lizzie and Bill meet up in the gazebo. Dinah and Shayne come by and break their news.

Frank interrupts Christina and Remy while they make out at the station. When he walks into the cells, he freaks out when he discovers that Cyrus has been bailed out. "What idiot would ever do that?" he asks.

Buzz asks Cyrus for every word that passed between him and Coop. They begin going through the box of Coop's things. "Tell me everything," Buzz begs. As they go over the past, Marina comes in and demands to know why Cyrus is out of jail. She tells her grandfather that her credit card company thinks she's re-mortgaged the restaurant. Frank arrives as Buzz explains that he re-mortgaged the restaurant to get Cyrus out of jail. This shocks his family. Marina is sure that Cyrus is scamming them but Buzz insists that he needs his help. Frank tells his father that he will undo everything he did. The family storms away and Buzz is eager to get back to work. They find the hair from Coop's first haircut. Cyrus worries that this is too much for him but Buzz needs to do this.

Mallet runs into Reva as she brings her boxes to charity. He offers to help her and tells her how much he respected Jeffrey. "He's dead just the same and I'm alone," she says.

When Reva gets home, Shayne and Dinah arrive and hand her ice cream. She notices Dinah's ring and they tell her their news. She's thrilled for them and hugs them. After they leave, they're relieved that she seems so happy. Back inside, Reva hangs up the heart she made with Jeffrey.

Marina tells Mallet that her grandfather has gone crazy. A few weeks ago, everything was fine. Now, everything is falling apart. He got a copy of her receipts from the drugstore. They go into the minimart and get her other receipts. She suddenly realizes that there is a 47 minute time gap in her record. He doesn't think that's enough time to commit the crime. She says they will test it tomorrow.

Frank and Blake are in the park. He tells her that his father is throwing everything away. Blake tells him that his father needs to do what he is doing. Frank is afraid his father will be hurt again and can't survive it.

Frank returns to Company and tells his father that he won't try to stop him. Buzz says he couldn't.

Lizzie takes Bill to the house. He recognizes it as the one he wanted and tells her he loves this house but it has been sold. "We're the new owners," she explains. They go inside, noticing that the door doesn't work and the place smells. She thinks they should move in tomorrow.

Next on Guiding Light:

Dinah and Shayne have a day to put the wedding together.

Rick asks Olivia how much she's been drinking.

Josh tells Reva that it's okay to miss Jeffrey.

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