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Breaking The Curse.

Wednesday, July 29 2009
Buzz finds out more about his son's book, Alan is suspicious of Phillip and Marina gets an idea.

At the mansion, the Spaulding men join in the office. Alan is trying to convince James to join in the company. Phillip says that they have to change the way they do things together or they'll regret it. The father and son bicker until Phillip gets a call. Alan walks off but sticks around out of sight to listen in as Phillip tells someone that his father can't know anything about what they are working.

Phillip sits with James and asks him if he will be with the family at the board meeting. He admits that, at his age, he would have spit on Alan, but he advises his son not to be as stupid as he was. "You want me to break the curse?" James asks. Phillip vows to put an end to the father and son nightmare that has been going on for generations.

At Company, Buzz is wishing that Cyrus hadn't been arrested. Coop's school calls to tell him that his son's locker is still waiting to be cleared out.

Buzz and Frank go to the school and reluctantly open the locker. Buzz is overwhelmed when he sees photos of the family inside. Frank suggests that he wait outside while he unpacks everything. As Buzz slowly walks away, Frank sadly empties the locker.

Returning home alone, Buzz goes through the box of Coop's things. He discovers old photos and articles about Jenna. After crying into Coop's coat, he plays an audio tape of Jenna speaking about going to see the crown jewels.

Mel arrives in the cells and tells Cyrus that her brother talked her into taking his case. She warns him that she's not the kind of woman who can be seduced out of her diamonds. "You have lived a charmed life up until now but your charm ain't going to get you out of trouble this time," she says. She tells him he's lucky that he's not being shipped off to San Cristobal. He's going to need more than Buzz's support to get out. Cyrus claims he has a reason to be in town and help Buzz.

Buzz comes to the cells with the stuff Coop collected about Jenna. Cyrus tells him that he'd been working on things for awhile. He used to come to him for information and insight into stealing. Coop grew to love his mother by researching this stuff. Buzz becomes upset and runs off.

He returns to Coop's old classroom. "I guess you knew her better than I did in some ways," he says, hoping his son realized how much she loved him. He wishes they could have known her together and shared more memories of her.

Mel and Cyrus go to his arraignment. They compare their records. He's had fourteen arraignments and only one conviction. "I'm pretty good at my job too," he says. After the arraignment, they're shocked to find that he's been bailed out. Buzz comes in and explains that he posted it.

Marina shows up at the station to get to work on the murder case. She and Mallet bicker. They go out to the dumpster to look at the stroller, but there's not much left. They go to look over the old crime scenes and she taunts him to find some evidence against her.

Shayne and Dinah are in the minimart when Matt comes in. He congratulates them on their news. As he sits down with her and Shayne leaves them alone, Matt wonders if he will ever get another chance at love. "Try not to kill anyone before the wedding," he tells her.

Ed is at Rick's. His son is scrounging around for food without luck. Ed says that he'll be around more for the next couple of months. Rick wished he'd be around permanently.

Ed eats at Company when Alan runs into him. He tells him that Phillip is plotting something with Rick.

Shayne goes to see Matt at work while he's looking for Billy. Matt congratulates him again and tells him Dinah deserves to be happy.

Alan bumps into Dinah at Towers. She's toasting to her upcoming marriage and sarcastically tells him how happy she is that they will nearly be relatives now.

Phillip is at Cedars talking to Ed. He tells him that he needs the next two months to work things out with his father and can't risk losing them. He gives him the Alan story and tells him how he wants them to learn to change and forgive each other. That might be impossible in two months, but he has to try.

At the mansion, Alan tells James that Phillip is trying to take over the company. James says that his father was talking about changing the balance of power. He doesn't see why Alan cares. They watch as Phillip comes in talking on the phone. He tells his father and son that he needs to leave town for a few days. "If he runs wild, you'll all pay," Alan tells his grandson. He turns to Phillip and offers to go along with him.

Dinah arrives at Mallet and Marina's. They explain that they are working on the John Doe case. She abruptly announces that she has to go.

When Dinah gets home, she and Shayne tell each other how wonderful they are and make out.

Mallet and Marina go grocery shopping. She suddenly remembers running errands the day the man was killed. She still has the receipts and the time stamps will prove that she is innocent.

Next on Guiding Light:

Marina proves to Mallet that she is innocent.

Buzz wants to know everything that Cyrus told Coop.

Reva packs up all of Jeffrey's things.

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