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Happy Happy Happy Day.

Tuesday, July 28 2009
Ed gives Phillip a choice, Dinah and Shayne spread their news and Mallet and Marina team up.

Phillip and Lillian meet in the park. He knows that he's been a bit 'bratty' about keeping his sickness a secret, but he needs to straighten out a few things with his father first. She hates it when he wants to put faith in Alan. He feels like he has to take advantage of this chance. Lillian doesn't understand why people keep going back to Alan after he breaks their hearts. Phillip thinks he's finally figured his father out and tells her about the draft and the boy who died in his place. He thinks that this is the reason why Alan can't love anyone.

At the mansion, Alan is telling his sister about how important taking control of his empire is. She teases him but promises him her vote. She thinks he should be more worried about the rest of the family. They check for James on Twitter but he's busy with Daisy. Alan wishes he could get him away from her. Alex reminds him that sex is more important to a young man than business.

Marina goes up to her room and asks Mallet if he is going to treat her like a wife or a suspect today. It's his day off so he'll treat her like his wife, but he still thinks she's guilty. When they go downstairs, they play perfect husband and wife for Buzz. "I woke up in the middle of a 50's sitcom," he says. Mallet declares that today is 'happy happy happy day' and they make plans for the day.

Dinah gets home and finds balloons everywhere. She pops one and finds a note inside. It asks her to meet Shayne in the shower. When she opens the bathroom door, she finds him waiting in a towel. After they have sex, she says it was better than aerobics class. She wants to tell everyone what an amazing man she is marrying. He thinks they should actually tell their families.

Buzz wanders around the police station. He doesn't find any cops, just Cyrus in his jail cell. Buzz gives him the leftover pancakes he brought for Frank.

Mallet and Marina meet up at Company to go over their list of errands. Marina gets tired of pretending that they have a perfect relationship. He admits that he still can't stop thinking she is guilty. "Well, that's all I need to know," she says, walking away.

Dinah and Shayne go to the station to see her mom. Dinah asks her if she's noticed anything. It takes Vanessa awhile so her daughter finally announces that they are engaged. "You are such a brave man," she tells Shayne. Vanessa says they have enough time to plan a wedding for next year. They need to get married in two or three days. She thinks they're insane and runs away to see the caterer.

The couple walks out to the construction site to see Josh. They break the news and he congratulates them. They walk by the station to tell Remy but he's not around. He decides to run off and tell Wanda while she sneaks into the mansion to tell Hilda and Jeremy.

At the mansion, Phillip is calling around trying to dig up information. Alex comes in and offers to help him out any way she can. Alan comes in after his sister leaves. He asks his son for his support on the board today. Phillip wonders if he really wants to spend the rest of his life working and suggests that he get to know himself again.

Ed and Lillian are having lunch at Towers. They discuss Phillip and then he asks her about Buzz. Vanessa walks in and gives him a hug. She's too busy with the engagement to stay and bustles away.

Ed stops by Company to say hello to Buzz. He offers his condolences for Coop.

Shayne and Marina run into each other and he tells her his big news. She congratulates him and he drives off.

Dinah corners Mallet and tells him she's getting married. He congratulates her but seems distracted. She agrees to watch Henry while he runs off to get some hangers.

Alan goes to WSPR and offers Vanessa her congratulations then asks if he has her vote. She agrees and tells him to leave before she changes her mind. After he leaves, Josh arrives to give Vanessa a hug. He wants to help her out and suggests that she should marry his brother at the same time. "You should mind your own business," she says.

Ed and Phillip meet at Cedars. Phillip claims he's feeling pretty good and hasn't told anyone about his health yet. Ed explains that a new treatment is being developed for his condition. It's still risky and experimental. If it doesn't work, however, it will probably kill him. Phillip can't do it now. He needs time to fix things first. Ed tells him to take a walk and think about it.

Dinah and Shayne go to the minimart. He's put a tablecloth on one of the tables so they can have a fancy lunch.

When Mallet gets home, Marina tells him she can't do this anymore. She wants them to work together to solve this murder so they can get back to what they had.

Alex goes to see Cyrus in the cells and asks him to use his vote on the board to help her brother. He agrees to do it as long as it helps her.

Next on Guiding Light:

Buzz reads Coop's notes.

Mel is Cyrus' new lawyer.

Matt reminds Dinah of what she has to lose if the truth comes out.

Alan's suspicions of Phillip are piqued.

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