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It Sucks, But It's Beautiful.

Monday, July 27 2009
Shayne gets an answer, Olivia tells Ava about Natalia and Mallet and Marina fight.

In the gazebo, Dinah tells Shayne that she ruins everything. Matt interrupts them before she can tell Shayne about the killing. Shayne walks off to get them some coffee. Dinah tells Matt that she could have stopped all of this from happening. "You couldn't have stopped Jeffrey," he insists, urging her to forget about it and find some happiness. "You did the right thing," he insists.

Mallet and Remy sit at the memorial. Mallet asks his friend if Marina even seems concerned that she killed someone. Remy says she shouldn't feel guilty for killing someone to protect the baby.

Lillian and Buzz arrive late. Frank tells them that the memorial is almost over and Reva ran away. Lillian walks over to Phillip and points out that he's not giving anyone a chance to say goodbye to him either. He needs some things to happen before he can come clean.

Remy stands with Marina and they talk about kids. She tells them how much they change your life. There's nothing she wouldn't do for Henry.

Ashlee and Mallet are talking about the piece Dinah is doing on Jeffrey for WSPR. She brings up the John Doe case and he claims they are going to drop it.

Buzz talks to Phillip about getting a package from Coop and how he always thought that the father was supposed to go first. "Yeah, we are, aren't we..." Phillip says.

Olivia sits with Ava. She thought there would be more time for her to get to know her father. "You still have me," Olivia tells her daughter.

In the chapel, Billy assures Reva that he can help her through the sadness and anger. She doesn't want to get over it. Her anger is all she has left and she wants to feel it. She fought to live for Jeffrey and he deserted her. "I don't want your help. I don't want you to fix this because nobody can fix this," she says. He asks her to go to the ball field to see everyone with him. She doesn't want anyone's sympathy, she just wants to go home.

Ava and Remy sit in the swings. She admits that the town feels completely different now. They talk about Max. She wishes they could have talked about him before but she couldn't do it. He asks her to visit his memorial with him before she leaves. She takes his hand.

Olivia tells Phillip she feels alone. She joins her daughter and sits in the dugout of the ball field. Olivia says that Natalia saved her and stood by her. "She taught me how to love," she says, explaining that they fell in love. Ava says that's wonderful and she's happy for her. Olivia cries and tells her that Nat ran away.

When Reva is alone at Cross Creek, she imagines hearing Jeffrey's voice and collapses in the driveway. Phillip rushes up. She tells him she's okay and begins talking about the last time she saw Jeffrey. "I don't even know what he was wearing," she admits. She wonders how many things she missed in the year they had together and wishes she could do it all over again. He tells her that you can't see it all because then you wouldn't be having the moment. It sucks, but it's beautiful.

Josh and Billy talk about how mad Reva is. Josh remembers when she drove off a bridge and he burned down a closet of her clothes. He's sure the baby will help her through this. Billy thinks it's funny that Josh and Jeffrey wound up being friends. The brothers leave to get pie.

Shayne asks Dinah to help him give his mother something to be happy about. He takes her to their favorite place - the hospital roof. He asks her for the ring. Laughing, she pulls it out of her purse. He tells her that he knows they belong together and are good together. Dinah still has issues to work out. Shayne wants to spend the rest of his life saving her. "You're a brave man," she says. He wants a crazy life with her and asks her to marry him. "Yes, I'll marry you!" she shouts, hugging him.

Mallet approaches Marina as she sits in the park. She runs off and stops in tears. He catches up and tries to calm her. She screams at him and tells him she's not crying because she's guilty, but because she's sad. "We're losing everything Mallet... you were my best friend... and now it looks like it may not work out," she cries. He asks her to go home with him.

Lillian and Buzz talk about how much he misses Coop.

In Company, Buzz tells Frank about the book Coop was planning. Frank thinks it's beautiful that Coop wanted to do that. Buzz wishes he could keep the project alive but doesn't know where to start.

Mallet and Marina go home and continue arguing. She wonders what she has to do to make him trust her again. They begin shouting at each other. She never thought he would stop trusting her so easily. "I will always love you," he says. They go out to the lawn and she tells him how much she is willing to fight to get her family back on track.

Lillian and Phillip are in the graveyard. He makes jokes about what he has to do before he dies. She reminds him that he has an appointment tomorrow.

Olivia is at Gus' grave asking him to try and convince Nat to come back. Rafe arrives and she walks away.

Reva goes inside Cross Creek and picks up Jeffery's guitar. She stops herself from smashing it.

A bloody Jeffrey stumbles through the woods. He collapses against tree.

Next on Guiding Light:

Phillip tells Lillian that he wants to sort things out with Alan.

Dinah and Shayne get ready to tell their families the news.

Marina wonders when Mallet will start treating her like a wife again.

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