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Jeffrey's Memorial.

Friday, July 24 2009
The town gathers to say goodbye to Jeffrey.

Josh and the family set up the chairs in the park for Jeffrey's memorial. Reva arrives. Her son and father hug her. She walks off alone as the other guests come. Josh greets Olivia and Ava. Shayne and his stepsister meet for the first time and then she walks over to hug Reva and tell her how happy she made Jeffrey. Ava is introduced to her little brother.

As Remy and Mel head to the memorial, he tells her that he feels weird knowing that Ava is going to be there. It's been a year since Max died and they've avoided talking about it but today they are going to be at a funeral. She tells him not to feel guilty that he has a happy life now.

At home, Mallet and Marina prepare to go to the funeral. They're awkward. She tells him to stop watching her and treating her like a murderer. He says he's being normal. He's a cop and he watches people. "I am not people, I'm your wife," she says. After he does the dishes, he asks her if she's sure she wants to go. They continue to argue and she refuses to go with him while he thinks she's guilty.

Dinah gets up from a restless night and stares at the ring Shayne gave her. She knows he loves her but he doesn't know she's a murderer.

Matt runs into Dinah in Company. She tells him that she's not going to the funeral. He tells her that this is not her fault and she needs to be at the service with Shayne. Taking her by the hand, he drags her out.

Olivia takes Reva's hand and pays her respects. Reva asks her to take care of Ava. Phillip comes next. "Seems like we all need more time than what we get," he says.

Remy and Mel arrive. He hugs Ava and they catch up. She admits that she misses some people but Springfield never really felt like home to her. They talk about his marriage and she says she's happy for him. Remy wanders over to Mallet who is standing alone. He explains what's going on with Marina as she arrives and sits with Ashlee.

Doris begins the service by talking about Jeffrey's love of music. She plays a recording of one of Jeffrey's favorite songs and then offers a personal anecdote. "I will miss him glaring at me from across the courtroom," she says, placing a gavel in a special box. Reva comes up and puts a chicken recipe in the box. Frank talks about how Jeffery liked the terrible coffee at the station. Mel talks about working cases with him and places the first case they worked on in the box. Rafe talks about how helpful he was and places the letters he wrote to the parole board in the box. Marina talks about how wonderful he was. Hawk speaks of how happy he became that Jeffrey married his daughter and puts a shot glass in the box. Olivia places photos of his children in the box. When Dinah goes up, she talks about how she first met Jeffrey and the adventures they had together. After saying how sorry she is, she places a tiara in the box. Reva tells her to be proud that he trusted her.

Mallet watches his wife as she cries. She walks away to get some water and Mallet plods after her. He claims that he just wants to make sure that she is alright. She rushes back to the service as Doris continues. Doris says that the governor has awarded Jeffrey with the Medal of Valor for his service and hands it to Reva. As she weeps, Ava goes up. She talks about how she learned to understand her father by looking in his eyes. "I take great comfort in knowing that he was loved," she says. She places the earrings he bought her in the box.

Billy goes up and explains that the family is taking a plot of land to make a kid's park in Jeffrey's memory. Josh is next. He talks about watching Jeffrey's growing devotion to Reva and how committed and loving he was to his wife and son. "He was the kind of man who needed to say goodbye. He was a good man," he concludes. Reva stands up, stares at Jeffrey's portrait and says that she never got to say goodbye. "How could you do that to me? How could you bring me to this park... All the time you knew you were going to walk away from me... You got to see me one last time! I didn't get to see you!" she screams, smashing the picture and running.

Dinah begins telling Shayne that this is all her fault. Matt tells her to relax and suggests she and Shayne take a walk.

Mallet complains to Remy about Marina not being honest to him. They glare over as Frank sits with his daughter.

Phillip and Olivia stand by the water. She tells him how unfair it is when the person you love leaves you and you can't say goodbye.

Billy follows Reva into the church. She tries to chase him off. "I didn't want anyone. I want Jeffrey!" she shouts.

Next on Guiding Light:

Dinah tells Shayne that she let this happen.

Reva looks through her memories of Jeffrey.

Phillip gets some news about his medical situation.

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