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I Know What You Did.

Wednesday, July 22 2009
Reva grieves, Mallet builds up the courage to confront Marina and Olivia gets arrested.

Dinah is at the minimart picking up food for Reva when Mallet runs into her. He talks about how hard it is to live with someone who he thinks could be a murderer. She tells him to stop worrying and reminds him he promised to leave things alone.

When Mallet goes to Company, he runs into Ashlee as she works on an item about Jeffrey for WSPR. She talks about how whoever was responsible for everything that's happened should be brought to justice.

Mallet goes to the station and orders the cops to get rid of the stroller. He goes outside and sits alone, listening to the voicemails that his wife has left for him.

Dinah and Ashlee are at the station working on a report about Jeffrey. Dinah begins crying as she records voiceover.

Olivia is packing up her stuff. Emma doesn't want to miss camp but her mother says this is important. Emma is reluctant to go but her mom says they have to find Natalia. When they pack up the car, she begins ordering her daughter to sing. Emma admits that she is scaring her.

After Olivia drops her daughter off with Jane, she heads to Chicago and the bar where Nat used to work. She tells the bartender that Nat's husband is dead and demands to know where she is. He hasn't seen her in years. She doesn't believe him and handcuffs herself to the wall, refusing to leave until Natalia comes.

Olivia calls Josh after she gets arrested. "I have my car, I just need some bail money," she tells him. Josh drives to Chicago and bails her out.

Marina is at home feeding Henry when Reva comes by. She complains about how hard things are so Marina offers her some tea and cookies. They play with the children and talk about the toys they like to play with. Reva needs to keep busy and offers to watch Henry while his mother folds laundry.

Shayne goes to see his mother at Cross Creek. She tells him that he's lucky to have Dinah. After they eat, he tells her that Dinah is working on a story about Jeffrey.

Ashlee goes to Company and tells Marina about the piece Dinah has been working on about Jeffrey. Marina tells her she wishes everyone would just move on with their lives and then leaves with Henry.

Mallet and Dinah are at the ballpark. She can see how tense he is and tells him again that he needs to move on. He's trying.

Dinah goes to Cross Creek to see Reva and asks her for permission to do the piece on Jeffrey. Reva cries and tells her that she is her last link to him and she makes her feel close to him. After Dinah leaves, Reva sits alone, then paces, then holds Jeffrey's guitar.

Shayne goes to WSPR to look for Dinah. Only Ashlee is there. She shows him the Jeffrey piece as he eats her sandwich and then, abruptly, runs off.

Mallet goes home. Marina tells him she wishes she could help Reva move forward. He notices that she threw away one of Henry's toys. She says it's from Jeffrey and she wants it gone; she doesn't want any more reminders in the house. "You can tell me anything," he says. She asks him to tell her what he's really feeling. "I know what you did... I know you killed that man," he says.

Shayne meets with Dinah in a gazebo he's filled with balloons. When she reaches for the only red balloon, she finds a ring attached. He proposes.

At the mansion, Alan goes up to the attic and reads an old article about the man who died in his place.

Downstairs, Phillip tells Alex about camping with Alan. When he brings up Vietnam, Alex clams up. She didn't think her brother would ever tell him about that. "That was probably the defining moment in my brother's life," she says. Alex tells him that Alan has been anonymously sending money to the dead man's widow ever since. "I don't think I have ever known who my father was," Phillip says. Alex isn't sure anyone should ever know who their parents really are. Alan comes in and Phillip confronts him with what he's just learned. Alan tries fobbing it off and claims that he hasn't thought about this in years.

Phillip tries to hunt down the widow when his father interrupts. Phillip begins to ramble and tells him that he's been planning a trip to tour minor league ballparks. He thought of taking James but he doubts he would want to come. Alan offers to go with him. His son looks for excuses to stop him but Alan won't back down. When Phillip leaves, Alan wonders what he was really planning.

Next on Guiding Light:

Shayne continues proposing to Dinah.

Mallet confronts Marina for killing the man she thought was Edmund.

Rafe lashes out at Olivia.

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