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Friday, July 17 2009
The Spaulding men go camping, the town receives the news of Jeffrey's death and Mallet is disturbed by Marina.

At the mansion, Lillian tells Phillip she's not sure he should be going on a camping trip. He thinks that he and his father and son really need this. "Have fun camping with Alan if you can," she says. As he packs up, he's stunned to see his father show up in his fishing gear. Phillip is excited that they are going to have an adventure. James comes in and they file out to the car.

Alan and Phillip are gassing up while James goes inside the gas station and flirts with the attendant. Phillip admits to his father that he had to buy James a car to get him to come along. Alan laughs. They all climb into the car and Phillip tells his father to stop pretending that he isn't enjoying this. Alan tells him that life is full of disappointments but you accept them and move on. "Maybe you shouldn't," Phillip says. After fixing a tire, Phillip asks his father to drive while he takes a nap. James serves as navigator.

The three men arrive in the woods and begin arguing about where to set up the tent. When the tent is up, Alan complains. James finally tells them to shut up and stop arguing. Everything they do just turns into the same argument. Alan gets a text message from Lillian telling him that Jeffrey is dead. They sit down, build a fire and talk about how hard things will be for Reva. Phillip tells his father how lucky he feels to be there with them.

In North Carolina, Daisy brings Colin to Reva and tells her that she'll be there for her. Reva clings to her baby and cries on Daisy's shoulder. Daisy doesn't know what to say. "There's nothing for anyone to say," Reva says. While they cry, Josh asks the coastguard to do whatever they can to give Reva closure. Reva walks off with her baby and sits alone. She tells Colin how confusing this is and wishes she had made videos of him with his daddy. She was only happy because of Jeffrey and now he's gone.

Olivia is packing up Emma's things. She snaps when the little girl tells her that she needs a lunch. Olivia apologizes but her daughter understands that she misses Natalia. After the little girl leaves for camp, Olivia cradles a picture of Natalia and cries. When her phone rings, she assumes it's Natalia but it's Josh. He informs her that Jeffrey is gone. She cries and agrees to call Ava.

At home, Marina is complaining to Mallet about how hard it is to put a stroller together. Dinah arrives and tells them about Jeffrey. They talk about how awful it is. Marina lays the blame for the death of Edmund's double on Jeffrey. Dinah walks off to go and see Shayne. Mallet is upset. Marina tells him this is all sad but they need to move on. "We're the lucky ones," she says. She informs him that she is taking the baby to visit her friend today. They begin arguing because she never told him. She guesses this is really about something else. They continue arguing and he shouts about how much he wishes the person who started this would come forward. "Fine! We'll stay home!" she shouts.

Josh calls his son to tell him that they've found a body. Shayne agrees to call the rest of the family. He and Dinah go back to their place. She is blaming herself for Jeffrey's death. He insists that this is not her fault. "All of us are in danger," she says.

Daisy makes a cross out of stones on the ground. She and Josh have been calling the family. Reva tells them she's ready to go home. She wants her son to sleep in the home he shared with Jeffrey. Josh kneels and says a prayer.

Olivia runs into Dinah by the water. They talk about Jeffrey. Olivia is still trying to find the courage to talk to Ava. "It's hard to deal with things that are bad when you're alone," Olivia says. Shayne approaches and asks her to come with them to toast to Jeffrey. She's glad he found real love with Reva.

At Company, Mallet massages Lillian while she complains about how unfair everything is. Marina tells her that they will take care of Reva and Colin. When Lillian starts to blame this on whoever killed Edmund's double, Marina is cold and insists that with Jeffrey dead, they will all be fine. Shayne, Dinah and Olivia come in. They get drinks.

Dinah follows Mallet outside. He's trying to keep his mouth shut about Marina but it's really hard to be around her. Dinah makes excuses for her but he's scared of what a good liar his wife is. She tells him that he has to learn to live with this. When she takes him inside, Mallet toasts to Jeffrey and what he has meant to the town.

Dinah and Shayne are waiting at Cross Creek. Reva, Josh and Daisy arrive. No one's sure what to do. Dinah hugs Reva while Shayne brings the luggage in. Reva stops at the doorway and can't go in. She wants to be alone and asks them all to go. The family walks to the car. It's hard but Josh says they should keep their distance but stay close. He'll stick around to lurk and keep an eye on things.

Olivia calls her daughter. "I have some bad news about your dad," she says.

Back at Company, Marina suggests they go to the beach. He's not in the mood since their friend just died. She tells him there is nothing they can do about that.

Next on Guiding Light:

Reva chases Josh away.

The authorities come for Cyrus.

Rafe confronts Olivia about driving his mother away.

Jeffrey's memorial.

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