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Jeffrey's Gone.

Thursday, July 16 2009
Reva gets sad news, Phillip wants to go camping and Mallet gives in.

Marina and Mallet go home and debate about the Edmund case. She hopes that someone will find him and finish him off this time.

Alan bumps into Dinah and they talk about the wedding. They trade barbs and she tells him that they'll be spending holidays together now that they're family. She suggests that he buy her brunch.

Beth returns to the mansion and chats with Alex. They talk about the house Phillip is planning to buy. Beth awkwardly asks her to tell Phillip that she only came by to drop off the paperwork for the house, not to see him.

When Beth goes to Towers, Alan spots her and asks her to join him. They talk about Lizzie and he worries she's slipping far away from them. She tells him to go away and 'do something Spaulding'.

Phillip shows up at Cedars to see Lillian. She tells him that Beth is upset and he explains what he said to her daughter. He still refuses to tell her the truth but he wants Lillian to keep an eye on her daughter for him.

James arrives at Company and Buzz tells him that Daisy isn't there. Frank is looking after Henry. When he and Buzz leave the child alone for a second, Marina comes in and finds him. As her father returns, she begins berating him for leaving the child alone and tells him how much danger there is out there.

James goes up to the attic and bumps into his father. Phillip shows him his old high school year book and they laugh about his hair. He tells his son how he wanted to become a famous writer or tennis player to escape from Alan.

Mallet runs into Dinah at the minimart. He soon begins rambling about Marina being responsible for the murder and how knowing that is eating away at him.

Alex arrives at Cedars and bumps into Lillian. She tells her that Beth seems a bit off these days. They talk about Jeffrey and how short life is.

As Alan returns home, he finds Phillip piling up camping gear. He reminds his father that he promised him a camping trip when he was eleven. "If you say so," Alan says. Phillip tells him how excited he was about the whole thing and shows his father the fishing poll he picked out. Alan says that if a business trip made him cancel, their camping trip couldn't have been important. "Don't believe him for a minute," Alex says as she pops up. She explains that Alan's father stopped him from going when he found out how important it was to him. "That's like something Alan would do," Phillip says. Turning to his father, he tells him that they are going camping and fishing. Alan thinks he's lost his mind but Phillip wants to do it now. He wants to put an end to the tension between them while they still can. "Count me in," Alan agrees. As he walks off, James walks in and his father asks him camping. James wants a convertible and cash in exchange. Phillip agrees.

Alan goes up to the attic and smiles as he tries on an old fishing cap. His sister watches and smiles.

James calls Daisy and she tells him about how hard it is to take the baby down there knowing that he may never see his father again. "Yeah, that's tough," James says. He goes into Company and orders some raw hamburgers on ice. He tells Buzz that he's going camping.

Mallet gets a call from the coastguard telling him that they've found a body. He tells Frank, Marina and Buzz. Marina is glad that this might all be over. Mallet is angry and asks her how the person who started all of this can live with themselves.

Marina and Mallet go home and he continues ranting. She shouts back, saying that this is making Edmund win and getting in the way of them protecting their son. Although she orders him to drop it, he wants to figure things out. When he takes his son in his arms, Henry calls him 'Dada'. They calm down and she tells him that this should let him know that they've made all the right choices. "This is the most important thing in the world to me," he says. They cuddle with their son.

Beth stops by Cedars to see her mother. She tells her about her rough time with Phillip and her mother encourages her to go easy on him. When Beth wanders off, Phillip comes in and asks Lillian to give him another shot because he's going away. She warns him that this will cut down on the drug's effectiveness but agrees.

Josh and Reva rush out to see the coastguard at the search site. He tells them that they have found some wreckage in the water. There are divers in the water right now. "Jeffrey's not in that plane!" she insists. She gets a call. Daisy has flown in with Henry. Reva wanted the baby here so Jeffrey could see him right away. A cop brings a witness over. He tells them that he saw a man come out of the water. Reva's sure that means Jeffrey is still alive. A call comes in explaining that the plane matches Jeffrey's and they've found a body inside. "It's not him!" she repeats. Josh and the leader of the shoot calm her and tell her that they've only seen a leg so far. She demands that the plane be brought up. Leaping into her van, she says that she has to listen to her heart and search for her husband. Josh grabs her keys away. "Jeffrey's gone," he says. She's still in denial. "He knew. That's why he called to say goodbye," he tells her. She's crushed. Daisy arrives with Colin. Reva hugs them, and cries.

Dinah goes to the station to ask Frank for an update on Jeffrey. He doesn't know any more than she does, but he doesn't think Jeffrey's chances are good. When she returns to her office, she gets a news bulletin that a body has been found.

Next on Guiding Light:

Marina says the case is closed and the blame falls on Jeffrey.

The Spaulding men prepare for their trip.

Reva starts to grieve.

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