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    Bill And Lizzie Get Married.

    Monday, July 13 2009
    Bill and Lizzie get married in a surprise ceremony with their family and friends.

    Phillip arrives in the field to walk Lizzie down the aisle. He brought Alan with him too. Doris arrives as Dinah calls everyone together to get things going. She tells Bill and Lizzie how much everyone loves them and how everything is possible in Springfield. The bride and groom split up with their families. Billy tells his son and Shayne that he and Josh are now passing the 'trouble' label onto them. Dinah comes over to rush them along. Shayne chases her around with kisses and compliments. He wonders how she can be so giving. She's just trying to balance out her old mistakes.

    Michelle wishes her husband could be there but he's home with the sick kids. Blake talks about how wonderful wedding are... and then apologizes to Frank. He tells her it's all good. Rick and Matt drift over to Mindy to pay her some compliments as she sits with Billy. Her father begins teasing her.

    Alex tells her brother that she's glad he showed up. He claims he's taking 'the path of least regret'.

    Lillian and Buzz watch from the side of the barn. They start making out. Their grandchildren stand in the distance and cringe as they watch. Mallet and Marina begin teasing Daisy about James as he wanders over.

    "You already had the groom, maybe this time you can get the bride," Rafe snipes at Olivia as he walks past her.

    Remy and Christina are teasing each other about how they would only ever get married if they were drunk. Remy and Cyrus walk over to Rick's car with Buzz and Matt so they can get beer cans to tie to the bride and groom's car. Rick's trunk is full of rotting food.

    Beth tells Lizzie how proud she is of her while Vanessa does the same with Bill. Phillip walks to his daughter and tells her that there was time she never thought she would make it to this moment. She says there is no one she would rather have walking her down the aisle.

    Michelle and Bill lewdly tease other while Vanessa tells her daughter how proud she is of her for doing this. Dinah rushes over to the groom and leads him to the altar. Lizzie suddenly realizes that she has no maid of honor so she grabs Dinah. Alan walks Alex and Lillian to the front. Then the flower girls walk up followed by Dinah. Phillip tells his daughter he loves her and walks her down the aisle.

    Doris begins the ceremony and the couple exchanges their vows. Lizzie talks about how hard her relationships were and how she never thought that love was in the cards for her until she met Bill and learned to understand real love. Loving him is greater than any fantasy and she thanks him for choosing her. He tells her that when he came back to town, he thought he knew it all but she turned his life upside down. She makes him crazier, and happier, than he's ever been. She makes him want to be a better man. He thanks her for choosing him. Lizzie giggles uncontrollably as Doris brings the ceremony to an end.

    Phillip feels lucky to have seen this. Rick and Mindy congratulate him.

    Billy sits with Vanessa and tells her that this wedding stuff is contagious. He gives her a kiss.

    Olivia is eager to go but Emma convinces her to stay a little longer. Phillip sits down with her and she asks him to bring Emma home.

    Bill and Lizzie share the first dance. Lillian tells Buzz that they look happy. He thinks that's because Bill is thinking about the hotel room. "The young don't have a monopoly on hotel rooms," he adds. Phillip is called up to dance with his daughter and everyone else follows.

    Remy saunters over to Christina with some champagne. They drink and begin dancing, leaving Cyrus and Mel alone. He tells her she needs some lessons in trouble and asks her to dance.

    Blake sits down with Frank and promises him things will get better. She pulls him up by the tie to dance. James pulls Daisy out to dance and Alex berates Alan for being a grouch. She orders him to dance with her.

    Bill begins the toasting. He toasts to the guests and thanks them all for everything they've done.

    Phillip takes Beth's hand and they go for a walk. He tells her how much he loves being there. She loves it too. "You're so beautiful," he says. They kiss. Ashlee shouts that it's time for the cake cutting. They return as the bride and groom are feeding the cake to each other. Before they can run off, Lizzie throws her bouquet. It breaks apart and most of the women catch a flower.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    It looks like Remy and Christina got married again.

    Reva has no luck as she and Josh search for Jeffrey.

    Dinah looks for a gun.

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    Posted by CBSoapKing at Monday, July 13 2009 01:44 PM

    Today was a VERY good day for Guiding Light. The highlight of course was Bill and Lizzie's wedding. It was very well done and gave kind of a preview of what we might be seeing in the final episode. In spite of SO many veterans leaving the cast over the past few years, there was a sense of "FAMILY" in today's episode. Bill & Lizzie's wedding....the highlight of CBS Soaps today.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Monday, July 13 2009 01:57 PM

    Rafe- LOL good one!
    Glad they were able to have a nice wedding but couldn't they pick someone other then doris? How about Josh?
    If I were Lizzie I couldn't make Dinah my made of honor after she kidnapped me. Even if I had forgiven her.
    Hi 3pupps, GLandWT, Julien, sunflower

    Posted by shorty1943 at Monday, July 13 2009 02:15 PM

    Josh was suppose to have done it, but he went to take care of Reva. Doris just keeps popping up everywhere, on the search for Nat, doing the wedding today. Which by the way, was very cute and laid back, not two of my favorite people but they did make everyone happy for a short time, well Frank, not so much!!

    Go Rafe Go!!! I so loved what he said to Olivia...Phillip made me cry several times.............if they let him die, I am going to be one angry woman!! Like that matters to the writers..

    Posted by Julien at Monday, July 13 2009 02:25 PM

    Finaly I am glad that they did not drag it out for 2 weeks.I had hoped that there would be a figure in the distance that was Jonathan and Sarah. You know the soaps are hurting when they have a low budget wedding.It was good Iam glad they are finaly married now wheres the baby. And is Remy and Christina married again? This time it better be for good.

    Hello: 3Puppies, GLandWT, mom6,Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, and Sunflower23.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Monday, July 13 2009 02:40 PM

    Well thank heaven the wedding has happened. And, I don't care who married them - they ARE married. Sure thought it was going to be a while before it happened. Rafe, a 21-gun salute to you. What a classic comment. Fan or not - it was funny. Loved Alex making Alan dance. Too bad they are brother and sister, they would make a great couple. Good to see Michelle again. Sorry Danny wasn't there. Mindy would be great for Rick. Now, can we get back to "where is Edmund" and "where is Jeffery"? Finally the show is getting back to being interesting.

    Hi: GLandWT, mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, and Sunflower23.

    Posted by GLandWT at Monday, July 13 2009 04:38 PM

    Today's episode was good. There were quite a few hilarious moments; one in particular, Alex and Alan.

    I didn't get Rick's telling Mindy she looks great in her orange dress. I did not see an orange dress today.

    Hi 3Puppies, Mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, Sunflower23...

    Posted by Beth05 at Tuesday, July 14 2009 06:36 AM

    Great Show today for a change. Did not like the way Rafe talked to Olivia. I might be the only one who felt that way.I hope Beth and Philip get together before he dies. I have watched me a lot of years and they make a great couple.

    Posted by doubled at Tuesday, July 14 2009 05:48 PM

    So, I guess they are not going to write Lizzie's pregnancy into it. I figured they could have made one final announcement - Lizzie could have told Bill she was 6 months pregnant - haha.

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