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He Never Made It.

Wednesday, July 08 2009
Dinah returns, Reva refuses to believe that Jeffrey is dead and Bill and Lizzie finish their wedding preparations.

Phillip is on the terrace with Lillian, telling her all about the barroom fight. She reminds him that he has to talk to his children about his disease. He wants Lizzie to have a stress free wedding. "James is going to hurt the most. You have so much to make up for with him before you die," she says.

Bill goes to see Phillip to talk about Lizzie. He needs her to be happy on her wedding day but her family is stressing her out. Bill asks him to keep his family under control but let them be around Lizzie on the wedding day.

Lizzie hunts down her brother and demands an apology. He doesn't see the point because she wouldn't believe it anyway. Everyone thinks he's a screw up so he might as well enjoy it, he argues. She un-invites him to the wedding and tells him to grow up. After Lizzie and Bill leave, Lillian arrives to check in on him and suggests they have a family basketball game. After she leaves, Phillip arrives and tells his son that he is going to the wedding even if he doesn't want to. He orders him to go and see his sister, apologize and then act like the perfect brother. James thinks he must not have been given the Spaulding rule book and he doesn't know how to follow them. "I want us to be able to love each other!" Phillip shouts, James doesn't need it. His father does. James can't see how it would ever work, just as it's never worked between Alan and Phillip.

Lizzie goes into the minimart and sits down with Christina to talk about the wedding. Christina tells her how lucky she is. After Lizzie leaves, Bill comes in and chats with Christina about the wedding. He wants to get it over with before something terrible happens.

In the park, Marina and Henry watch as they burn the package that Edmund sent them. She calls Mallet and then bumps into Remy while he lounges on the job. He tells her that she's a good mom. She says Mallet is the best dad.

Frank tells Josh and Shayne that Jeffrey and Dinah are probably dead. Reva gets angry when she's walking by and hears this. She refuses to accept it. Mallet says the Feds are still searching for evidence of what happened.

Mallet drives Shayne home. When they get out of the car, Mallet blames Shayne for whatever has happened to Dinah. Shayne throws it back at him and blames him, reminding the cop of when she got shot for him and risked everything to give him his son. "Dinah's not yours anymore Mallet. Why don't you go home and protect your own family?" Shayne taunts. Mallet lunges at him but Shayne pushes him off, refusing to fight.

Shayne is stunned when Dinah walks through his door. He throws his arms around her. She tells him that Edmund is alive and Jeffrey went after him alone. "Jeffrey's plane went down. He never made it," Shayne tells her.

Mallet goes to Company and tells Marina what happened with Jeffrey and Dinah. "Oh God!" she gasps. He wonders if Edmund caused the crash and vows not to let him hurt her or Henry. Dinah and Shayne walk in. They embrace her and Mallet asks her what happened with Jeffrey. She thinks he's somewhere in the Caribbean right now.

Josh drives over to Cross Creek to meet Reva. She's distraught that Jeffrey's gone missing and everyone seems to have given up. "Do you want to hold Colin in your arms and tell him his daddy's dead?" she asks. She points out the lantern and tells him she will keep it lit until Jeffrey comes home.

Bill tracks down Josh outside of the police station and shows him his wedding vows. Josh tells him what happened to Jeffrey and what a mess Reva is. Bill offers to postpone the wedding but Josh tells him not to do that.

Lizzie goes to the station and gets Frank to sign off on a permit for the ceremony. She begs him not to arrest anyone for the bar fight. As she walks out, she bumps into Remy and begins to ramble about the wedding. Once she's gone, Bill comes by looking for her. Remy tells him not to break Lizzie's heart like he did to Ava. Bill claims this is completely different.

Lillian walks into Cross Creek. "Josh called me," she explains. Reva wishes he would keep his mouth shut. Lillian agrees to believe that Jeffrey is still alive. They drink bourbon and sit outside to talk about Lizzie and Bill.

Josh wanders into the station while Frank argues on the phone. When he gets off, he complains about the reckless choices that Jeffrey made. Josh thinks they need to talk to Dinah's family. Frank doesn't think they should upset anyone else until they know more.

Josh returns to Cross Creek and Lillian tries to get him to leave. Reva orders them both to go away. Before they can leave, Mallet, Shayne and Dinah arrive. They call Reva out. She runs to Dinah who hugs her and tells her everything she knows. Frank soon arrives to say that the FAA should know something soon. "He's coming home!" Reva insists, but no one else seems convinced.

Lizzie runs into her father in the park. He admits that he just re-invited her brother to the wedding. He wants them all to make it a beautiful day for her. He offers to see what he can do to get Alan to attend as well. As she walks through the park, Bill finds her and they go over everything they've done that day. "We're getting married tomorrow," she declares enthusiastically.

Phillip meets Lillian at Cross Creek. She tells him about Jeffrey. He's shocked.

Next on Guiding Light:

Lizzie wants to postpone the wedding.

Doris and Olivia go in search of Natalia.

Reva tells Josh she is leaving to search for Jeffrey.

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