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    Escape From The Yammering Yahoos.

    Monday, July 06 2009
    Bill and Lizzie get pre-wedding parties, Olivia searches for Natalia and Reva gets a call.

    Olivia is sitting at home miserable when Emma wakes up. She wonders why Nat didn't come to the party. Jane comes to babysit and Olivia hurries off. When she gets outside, she tries calling Nat and leaves a message, offering to work out whatever had gone wrong. "It's not fair for you not to talk to me," she says. When she heads to Nat's, there's no answer. She calls her again.

    Olivia goes to the police station to report Natalia as missing. Frank asks her what's going on. She explains that Natalia didn't show up at the barbecue after they had agreed to go as a couple. He suggests that she might have gotten cold feet. She insists that Nat would have let her know. Frank thought Natalia was always open and honest too but it turned out he was wrong. She repeatedly insists that this isn't the same thing and walks away.

    She goes to the church and runs into Father Ray. He admits that Nat was there yesterday but he can't say anymore – Natalia asked him not to. He suggested that she go to a retreat and asked him only to tell Olivia that she is gone. Outside visitors aren't allowed and she'll be gone until she sorts things out.

    Ashlee goes over to Cross Creek to see Reva and asks her if she can get in touch with Dinah. Reva can't and shows her the door. She stands in the window and takes her ring off of the lantern. When she walks outside, she runs into Shayne. He's eager to hear news from Dinah and Jeffrey. It's starting to feel like they won't make it back at all. She tells him not to think like that and urges him to find something important enough to keep his mind off his emotions.

    At the mansion, Alex asks Beth how the shower plans are going. She thinks they should have games. James wanders in half asleep. Beth putters around.

    Billy and Josh are planning Bill's bachelor party. Shayne walks in. Billy doesn't want the Spauldings to come but Josh doesn't think they have a choice. "What could possibly happen?" Josh asks with a laugh.

    At Cedars, Phillip tells Lillian he's still looking for the right way and time to tell the family his news. Billy calls and invites him, and the rest of the family, to the party. When he gets off the phone, Lillian urges him not to look for excuses to avoid coming clean. He doubts there will ever be a good time.

    When Phillip gets home, he invites Alan and James to Bill's party. Alan says he'd rather sling hash with Buzz than go to a Lewis hoedown. Phillip tells his son he shouldn't go since he nearly sent Bill to jail. "Getting someone thrown in jail is kind of hard to forgive," James pointedly says.

    In their room, Bill and Lizzie kiss and tell each other how amazing they are for getting nearly all of their wedding plans taken care of. He wonders why she looks worried. "I'm afraid my family will screw this up," she admits. Beth shows up and Billy follows. They split up the couple to take them out for the day.

    Billy brings his son to Farley's for pool. Shayne and Josh are waiting for them. Alan and Phillip arrive and Josh grabs drinks while they stand around awkwardly. As they get beer, Bill remembers Blake jumping out of a cake at Ross' bachelor party. Josh decides to get them cigars, but this is just a pretext to escape. Shayne begs him not to leave. While the men play pool, Olivia calls Phillip and tells him she needs his help.

    Beth brings her daughter over to Company for a little party with Vanessa, Lillian and Alex. They start drinking and toasting to Lizzie and true love. They put a tiara on Lizzie as Reva and Ashlee arrive. Alex begins playing 'pin the banana' on a poster of Bill's face pasted on a muscleman's body. After the games, Lizzie asks Vanessa what she should get Bill. Vanessa says that she makes him happy and that's enough. Bill calls to tell her that he's partied out and arranges to meet her at the beach.

    Josh runs into James in the minimart and asks him to come to the party. When James heads over, Alan tells him to get a cue so they can show the Lewis' how to play. Billy offers to get rid of James for his son. Bill says that he's trying to be nice for Lizzie's sake. James hears this and punches Bill out. After they're split up, Alan lays into Billy and he promptly punches Alan in the face.

    Phillip meets Olivia outside the church, she tells him that Nat left her and she doesn't know what to do. "I can't drive. Will you take me home?" she asks in tears. As he puts her in his car, he gets a call from Josh telling him that James was in a fight.

    Olivia goes back to Nat's and tries writing a note. She becomes too upset and throws it at the house before collapsing in tears.

    "You're right, I shouldn't have come," James says as he walks out of the bar and into his father. He's flippant and walks off. Phillip goes in as Alan ices his jaw and everyone shouts. Frank walks in as Phillip sends his father out. Bill walks out and fills Lizzie in on what happened. Alan approaches her and tells her it's not too late to 'escape the yammering yahoos'. She refuses. He announces that he's done with her and won't be going to her wedding.

    As Reva walks down the street, Jeffrey calls. "I don't have much time," he says.

    Next on Guiding light:

    Daisy is shocked to find that she has 30,000 dollars.

    Marina and Mallet discover that Edmund has opened an account for Henry.

    Jeffrey calls Reva to hear her voice for a final time.

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    Posted by slim1 at Monday, July 06 2009 02:08 PM

    Oh my God, I felt so sorry for Olivia today. I cried with her. I hate the way this s/l is right now but I'm confindent the writers will bring them back together. This is the best s/l going on right now. I love Otalia. I am glad that Philliip is sticking by Olivia right now. She's needs a shoulder to cry on right now. I wish I could help her out A true Crystal Chappell fan. She's great and she definitely deserves an award for todays performance. Excellent.

    Posted by nesitari20092000 at Monday, July 06 2009 03:13 PM

    i do not feel soory for olivia at all she always want something from somebody. and natilia should tell frank about the baby,she's such a dingbat. good she's gone for awhile, i hope that olivia go ahead and find a man and let dingbat get her selfish self together. hate their whole storyline it rotts like garbage!

    Posted by 3Puppies at Monday, July 06 2009 03:30 PM

    Did I miss something today, or was it just a boring day on GL? About the only good thing was Billy decking Alan, loved that. Didn't understand why James punched Bill, was it because Bill referred to James as a kid? How stupid. I don't know if we will have GL tomorrow or not (The Michael Jackson memorial). If not, I really hope we don't miss the episode of Jeffery's plan going down.

    Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July. It was a great day for me (it was my birthday).

    Hi: GLandWT, mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, and Sunflower23.

    Posted by Beth05 at Monday, July 06 2009 05:08 PM

    I agree with slim1. I felt sorry for Olivia today but i think the bar fights were great. Billy is not afraid to stick up for his family.

    Posted by 12312 at Monday, July 06 2009 05:57 PM

    what a cute show today... the pre wedding stuff was fun, I laughed out loud! Cried with Olivia, wow what acting is that... she is out doing herself. Hats off to her.

    3 pupppies, another negative post by you... perhaps you should take a break... get some rest and change channels. One less viewer like it is better then having a negative one.

    Posted by BeHappy at Monday, July 06 2009 06:57 PM

    Olivia did a great job today--.Friday and todays show broke my heart for her. I felt so sorry for her. Nat owes her an explanation. I think she has been very patient w/Nat by taking it slow and trying to do things right. Come on writers, lets get them back together. Loved Billy hitting Alan.

    Posted by sholsten at Monday, July 06 2009 10:34 PM

    Yes, Ms. Chappell played Olivia to the hilt today. It is so sad that Nat won't woman up. It looks like we may have seen the last of Jeffry & Dinah. It was good to see Billy wallop Allen; and the way Billy was talking to his right fist was hilarious and then hit with his left.

    Posted by GLandWT at Tuesday, July 07 2009 07:26 AM

    Happy belated birthday 3Puppies. Glad you had a great "4Th/B'day".

    I too thought GL was a little boring on yesterday. The best part to me was Alan's taunting Billy and Billy's little person talking (hand gesture) and Billy socking Alan. One thing for sure, lately, GL makes me laugh...

    I think if Natalia loved Olivia as she claimed, she should have had the decency to let her know what was going on instead of just running away....

    Will GL allow Natalia to give birth to the baby? Will Frank/Olivia ever know Natalia was pregnant? OR Will Blake spill the news to Frank and Olivia?
    Hi 3Puppies, Mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, Sunflower23, and all.

    Posted by shorty1943 at Tuesday, July 07 2009 11:32 AM

    i don't see where 3Puppies post was at all negative!! She has been posting on here for years and everyone loves to read what she writes. Please say what was so negative about her post..............certainly many post are very negative but after reading hers several times, just cannot see it...................if it was because of the MJ thing, she simply said it would not be on because of the MJ far as that goes it makes me very angry for them to show that instead of the soaps, the man died from too many drugs in his system for gosh sakes!!! Now there is something negative, the impact it will have on innocent kids is way negative.............thanks

    Posted by Old Chow Lady at Tuesday, July 07 2009 11:50 AM

    Well, I'm glad they finally decided to fess up that Nat was PG. I was beginning to think they were going to have her wearing a coat and long scarf all summer hoping no one would notice she had gained 50 pounds even tho we could still see her pretty pink (FAT) cheeks. I guess Dinah and Jeff being gone for good will leave time for Josh and Reva to be together for the ending of the show. I hope so. I love the way they have written Olivia and Nat into a love story and not a sexual affair. Too bad that just when the show is being canceled the writers have started to come up with some decent story lines. Oh well, I am the forever optimist and I am still hoping something will happen to cause them to change their minds and keep it on. Kinda looks bad tho since the best of the best are leaving already.

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