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The Last Bauer Barbecue.

Thursday, July 02 2009
Everyone starts to turn up for the last Bauer barbecue.

Rafe and Daisy watch as Frank hoists the flag at the station. They go over to the Bauers' where Blake is mocking Rick as he cleans his grill. Bill and Lizzie arrive and warn that no one will beat them at the three legged race. Rick tries making out with Blake but she bats him away. Rafe tells Frank how weird it will be for him to see his mom with Olivia today.

At home, Emma is eager to get to the barbecue. Olivia tells her that this will be a very special day for their family. She calls Natalia, who is sadly sitting in her kitchen looking at a pregnancy brochure. Olivia tells her that they will be together soon. Nat is distracted and offers to meet her at the Bauers'. Olivia thought they were going to talk to Emma first. Nat says it will have to be after. "We won't have to wait anymore," Olivia adds, thinking of tonight.

Phillip is at Cedars getting a shot from Lillian. He's just looking forward to the holiday without Alan. Lillian says Alan always says that he won't show up but ends up coming. She repeats that someone should know what is wrong with him. Not today, he insists. She suggests that he keep his whole family around him today, even Alan. "I can't believe this is happening," she cries. Phillip tells her that he will enjoy the last Bauer barbecue. As soon as he leaves, she calls Beth and tells her to stop James and Alan from leaving; everyone needs to be with Phillip today. They get James on the phone and she asks him to stay. "Maybe next year," he says, hanging up. Lillian calls the airport, pretending to be Alan's secretary, to cancel the flight.

At the mansion, James is eager to pack as his father talks to him. Alan comes in complaining that the pilot took the day off. James still turns his father's invitation to the barbecue down. "I won't be going either," Alan claims.

Frank sends Rafe and Daisy to Company to pick up the beer. As she sneaks one, Phillip comes in and asks her for a favor: He needs her to get James to attend the festivities. She offers to try. He takes her beer.

Mindy arrives at the barbecue with Billy. They try playing badminton until Danny and Michelle arrive. Rick begins ordering everyone around. He finally admits that he didn't actually get any food. Phillip arrives and has to hand Blake money so she can make a grocery run. He spots Lillian weeping by the pool. "It's the Fourth of July, let's have some fun," he tells her. He walks over to Danny and Michelle. Danny tells him how he has learned to connect with the people he loves.

Michelle talks to Bill about his wedding and talks about the joys of children.

Emma and Olivia arrive at the Bauers'. Phillip sneaks a rice krispie snack. As the little girl slips away, she tells him that she and Nat will be talking to Emma today. She goes out and Emma starts throwing water balloons at Bill. Phillip smiles and tells Rick how much he loves the barbecue. Beth arrives and they join Mindy to pose for a picture.

Bill watches Lizzie and tells Phillip how beautiful she is. Phillip is happy she has someone who loves her so much. She comes over to declare herself the 'Queen of Croquet'.

Blake runs into Natalia outside the minimart and asks her if she's told anyone yet. She stumbles into the minimart to get some ginger ale when Frank finds her and asks what's wrong. He offers to give her a ride to the barbecue and tells her that Rafe would be glad to see her. "Thank you for being such a good man," she says.

Alan walks into Company and orders a cup of coffee from Blake as she gets the hotdogs. She tells him it's 'to go' and boots him out.

Daisy goes to the mansion to see James. She teases him about his DUI and invites him to the barbecue. He wants to be alone. She tells him she likes him and walks off. He chases after her for a minute but lets her go. Alan arrives.

Rafe avoids Olivia as she stands by the pool. Frank walks over and tells her that Nat is on her way. While she is telling him how happy she is to celebrate Independence Day, Daisy sits down with Rafe. They play catch and Phillip walks by to ask her about James.

Natalia is at church praying when Father Ray spots her. She asks him if it's a bigger sin to love a woman or sleep with a man outside of marriage. She admits she's pregnant and can't decide which sin God is punishing her for. He sits with her as her phone rings. She doesn't answer. He tells her that God isn't punishing her, but he doesn't know what this means. That's a journey she'll have to take for herself. He advises her to go away for awhile and figure things out. When she finds peace, she'll know what to do.

Mindy chats with her father and teases him about Vanessa. He tells her that she will always be his favorite girl because the day she was born, he knew he would never be alone again.

Rick calls everyone to start eating hotdogs or play the egg toss. James arrives and teams up with Daisy. Phillip stands with Olivia and they happily watch everyone. She tells him how happy Nat has made her. Emma comes over and then drags them off to play.

Next on Guiding Light:

Marina tries to reassure Mallet.

Father Ray and Nat talk.

The barbecue games begin.

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