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    Everything's Going To Be Okay.

    Tuesday, June 30 2009
    Lizzie bakes a cake, Lillian finds out about Phillip and Natalia takes a pregnancy test.

    Ed calls Lillian at Cedars to give her the details for a new case. Phillip arrives and she tells him that Ed is sending her a terminal case. "It's me," he informs her. They go over the details of his case and she goes into denial, but promises to help him talk to the family. He won't tell them. She hugs him. "It's not right. We just got you back," she cries.

    Lizzie shows up at Company and tells Buzz that she will be doing all of the cooking for the wedding. He's sure that she doesn't know how. She made a casserole once and thinks she just needs some practice. Christina and Ashlee come in and offer to help her out. As the three women begin mixing batter, Phillip arrives. Lizzie gives him an apron and tells him to start stirring. When he protests, she smears flour on his cheeks. A flour fight breaks out. Phillip laughs and thanks his daughter. "I can't tell you how much I needed this," he says. She tells him that she's finally excited about the future. Lillian arrives and Buzz gets everyone to work cleaning. Phillip tells Lillian he wants to spend the time he has left with the people he loves.

    Lizzie gets the cakes out of the oven and starts frosting them. The women gab about Bill's proposal and then Christina talks about Remy's proposal. Lillian listens until Buzz interrupts her with cupcakes. They talk about how nothing lasts. She gets upset and he calms her down. Lizzie sits with her grandmother and talks about how wonderful things are with Bill. Lillian tells her to hold onto that.

    At the mansion, Alan interrupts James' video games to give him some new shoes and tell him they will be meeting with some shareholders. James tells him he has other things to do but Alan says he has no choice. "I thought you would jump at the opportunity to show up your father," he says.

    James shows up at Towers to meet with some shareholders. It turns out that Daisy is his waitress. He corners her and starts flirting before one of the waiters comes over and chats with her. James gets jealous as she leaves for the beach with the boy. James turns back to his meeting, messes it up, grabs a bottle and walks out. Alan arrives and is dismayed to discover that James has run off.

    The police chase James down as he drinks and drives. After they pull him over, James continues to drink right in front of the cop.

    Olivia walks up on Frank as he sits in the park. She thinks it's great that he's looking after Rafe. Frank tells her that he's been trying to convince Rafe not to be bitter about the past. "I just hope he can't be bitter about the future," Olivia says. He becomes defensive and she tells him she knows how he feels. She's broken his heart before, he reminds her. He also thinks that getting Rafe back on track with his mother is the most important thing. While Frank admits that he still loves Nat, he's still not sure that Olivia is the right person for her; not because she's a woman, but just because of who she is.

    Natalia shows up at Blake's and tells her that she's been throwing up. Blake wonders if there is a possibility that she's pregnant. Nat coughs. Blake begins awkwardly babbling about whether or not Nat could have had sex with Frank or not. Natalia doesn't say anything. Blake soon realizes that Nat hasn't slept with Olivia and wonders how she can know if it's right for her. Nat doesn't answer. When they start work, Olivia arrives and asks Natalia to help her bake for the barbecue. Blake tells her to go ahead and leave. When they get in the hall, Olivia tells Nat that she left Phillip a message saying they need to talk. Nat's scared but Olivia's happy and optimistic.

    They go to the minimart and Nat stares at the pregnancy tests while Olivia gets marshmallows. As they leave, Nat slips back inside to pick up a test. When they get back to the farmhouse, Phillip is waiting outside. Natalia goes inside and Olivia tells him that they need to work some things out. They sit down and she tells him that she and Nat are going to explain things to Emma and then go to the barbecue together. He wants to be around when Rick figures out so he can see his head explode. Phillip has no issues with her plan and tells her to go for it. "I think everything's going to be okay," she says.

    Inside, Natalia slips into the bathroom to take a pregnancy test.

    Phillip returns to the graveyard to visit his tombstone. "It can't be over. I'm not ready. I haven't found whatever it is I'm supposed to find," he says. Three months isn't a lot but he'll take it; he needs all of it so he can finish what he is there to do.

    When Blake arrives at the mansion with some wedding location ideas for Bill, Alan advises her to throw them in the trash. She tells him he should let his family live their own lives. After she puts the brochures down, he dumps them in the garbage.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Reva misses Jeffrey.

    Frank calls Phillip about James.

    Natalia gets the results of her pregnancy test.

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    Posted by rosyree_06 at Tuesday, June 30 2009 01:14 PM

    I wish those girls would leave poor Frank alone. Wasn't it humiliating enough to have Olivia leave him for his dad? They should give the poor guy a break.

    Posted by soaplover75 at Tuesday, June 30 2009 02:21 PM

    How much more stupid can this story line get. There is Natalia, big as a barrell and looking at the pregnancy test kits. Come on writers. GET REAL!!!!

    Posted by 3Puppies at Tuesday, June 30 2009 02:49 PM

    Lizzie's "I'm going to bake the wedding cake" was probably the dumbest thing said today. What does she know about cooking? What a waste of show time. Lizzie, Ashlee, and Christina - YUK. Glad Lillian knows about Phillip's illness. Wish Beth and Lizzie knew as well. James is still an arrogant snot and will never change. Boy is "O" in for a big shock. I am assuming Nat is pregnant. Guess it will be a big shock for Frank also. Wasn't there rumors early this year about Frank finding true love this summer? Wonder if it is Nat or will it be Blake? Time will tell. Daisy's input today was unnecessary. Again, a lot of fill-ins. Time is running out, hope all the s/l's will be finalized before GL goes off the air.

    Hi: GLandWT, mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, and Sunflower23.

    Posted by Shenandoahgal at Tuesday, June 30 2009 04:02 PM

    I sure feel sorry for the actress playing Nat. Not only did she get a big as a house in real life but looks like she will have to relive the whole scenerio again. Everyone of us that have been there sure wouldn't want to look like that again just months after the real thing. Writers must not care for her. Unless they write her out for her maternity leave and she comes back with a baby. Better hurry this one along as the END is fast approaching.

    Posted by allison6071 at Tuesday, June 30 2009 05:24 PM

    I agree with 3Puppies such a waste of fillers today. Lizzie planning a "do it yourself wedding" I understand GL tries to show a bit of realism here or there but rich people don't bake their own wedding cakes. I can see the Coopers doing that but not a Spaulding, sorry u missed the boat on this one. Also how cruel can the GL writers to be poor JL she already looks so tired and miserable now they are making her pregnant on the show? COME ON EW & JLH what are yall doing? Don't do that I'm sure the Otalia s/l can handle it but think of the poor actress if no one else! I loved seeing a happy Olivia and I like her scenes w/Frank and Phillip today. I also loved seeing Lillian today and Blake for the last few weeks, she's always in someone's business might as well arm her w/the biggest secret or not secret in Springfield I suppose. I hope you guys give Olivia, Nat, Frank and Blake the happy endings they deserve and the fans want.

    Now last but certainly not least. My most important comment. WTF are you all doing? Bring Grant Alexander back only to have Phillip die in 3 months. I don't care if the show is going off forever in Sept I don't want Phillip dying at the end. If Phillip dies I will be rejoicing in the cancellation of GL. I'm just so upset by this. I mean Bradley Cole is leaving so kill him off and make it emotional put Reva back with Josh and keep it moving but DO NOT kill off Phillip. Hell kill Alan for goodness sakes but not Phillip. Grant Alexander, Crystal Chappell and Justin Deas have been the only reasons to watch GL for the last few years (b/c you all killed all the other good characters). When Phillip left so did I, when u gave CC a good s/l I came back upon hearing that GA would be back as well. PLEASE don't kill Phillip. A lot of reference has been made to blood test. I really hope there's a mix up somewhere down the line regarding Phillip!!

    Posted by shela2much at Tuesday, June 30 2009 07:18 PM

    I stopped watching after 20 yrs when Gus and Harley left. I repeatedly asked why they didn't change the banner pictures. They didn't. That shows they don't acknowledge their viewers. I disliked th outdoor filming, I guess it was due to budget cuts. They would have had more positive viewer comments with better storylines. Oh well.

    Posted by shela2much at Tuesday, June 30 2009 07:23 PM

    Writers went on strike, for a bigger cut from the sponsors. Look what happened. Some were let go, and the rest will be seeking other employment.

    Posted by bigmama2x at Wednesday, July 01 2009 06:27 AM

    the show was good i like it with lizzie and phillp that was good for them. way are you killing phillp that bad news for the show, dont kill him he to good, kill some one like edmand.or alan not phillp.jame what are you doing. bad move, stop it and fix things with you family like your dad, jame i love you your hot love he eyes, needmore of him,jame needs to be good not bad,

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