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    My Only Crime Today Is Faulty Logic.

    Thursday, June 11 2009
    Jeffrey has a theory, Mallet stops Dinah and Olivia realizes what she wants.

    Natalia tries to hang out with her son and Frank at Farley's. They laugh when she offers to 'knock a few back' with them. Frank offers to look out for her son but she wants to stick around. She begins ordering shots to prove that she can drink with them. After taking a drink, she starts coughing and then threatens to beat them at pool.

    Natalia goes to church and tells God that she's been having the best day with her son that she's had in a long time.

    Olivia runs into Blake at the lingerie etc. store. Blake tells her that she used to be embarrassed about coming to places like this too. Olivia's uncomfortable and claims that she never worries about these things. Blake gives her some recommendations on which toy she should buy and hands her a heavy silver one.

    After buying lingerie and toys, Blake and Olivia go back to her room for a drink. Blake tells her that these things have saved her from making a lot of bad choices. They begin talking about Josh. Although they both find him sexy, he's not what Olivia is looking for. As they drink, they talk about how much they miss sex and Blake realizes that Olivia hasn't had sex since before Gus died. Blake admits that she would give up sex altogether just to have another hour with Ross.

    At Company, Shayne mopes over to Marina. She tells him to stop using his head and use his gut instead. Taking him by the hand, she drags him off to see his mom. When they get to Cross Creek, he finds the graffiti outside. He goes inside and calls for Reva but she's not there. "When is it going to stop? When is she going to stop paying for my mistakes?" He asks her.

    At the station, Mallet sends a cruiser over to Cross Creek to look for the vandals. Reva begins ranting at him. She wants a normal life back. He says that won't happen until the case is solved. "What would happen if I confessed?" she asks. He explains and offers to start his tape recorder. She leaves to change Colin instead.

    Dinah is at the evidence barn making a Molotov cocktail. Mallet walks up on her and confronts her. She claims that she is trying to prove herself to Shayne. "My only crime today is faulty logic," she claims. He tells her to be glad that he's the one who found her.

    Reva returns home and finds Shayne and Marina cleaning up the house. She tells him that she's so fed up she almost confessed. She didn't do it though, but she plans to find out who really killed Edmund. When she goes inside, she makes a video message asking whoever did it to come forth and confess.

    At Cedars, Josh and Jeffrey wonder what's going on. Rick arrives to give them some answers. He claims he has no idea who ordered the cremation and takes them back into the morgue to look for the missing body. "This is not good," Jeffrey says. They go inside and Rick checks around before explaining that it's a clerical error and the ashes have already been scattered. Josh and Jeffrey find it hard to believe that this could all be due to a clerical error.

    Jeffrey and Josh wander around and talk about the case. Jeffrey says that if they had the ashes, they could have run a DNA test. "What if that body wasn't his?" Jeffrey wonders. He suggests that Edmund could have found a lookalike to kill and be framing Reva. That sounds reasonable to Josh.

    Mallet brings Dinah to Shayne's. He tells them to stay out of his investigation and leaves. Dinah admits that she was caught trying to destroy evidence. Shayne takes her hands and tells her that he is trying to keep the people he loves out of jail right now. He couldn't stand to lose her right now. Shayne wonders if he hasn't been paying enough attention to her. "I did this because you're my family and I saw that you were hurting," she explains. She promises not to burn down any buildings.

    When Marina gets to Company, she tells her father about the vandalism. Blake returns and tells them she was out shopping. She serves coffee to Josh and tells him that she would be more than happy to get him anything he wants. He notices Frank and talks to him instead.

    At home, Olivia picks up her purchase and then drops it in the trash and runs out the door.

    Rafe is sweeping the porch at the farm house. He tells his mother that he had a good time with her today. He admits that he can see why she liked Frank and then tells her that he got a job. She hugs him and tells him that things are working out because God loves them. While he goes for a run, Olivia arrives and Nat tells her her son's news. Soon, he'll be more adjusted and they won't have to wait. Olivia says that she enjoys all of their time together and doesn't see it as waiting. They both want more, but Olivia doesn't mind giving up 'other things' to be with her. Sitting on the lawn, they talk about how much they miss each other and want to be together all the time. Rafe watches from a distance as they stroke each other's hair and hold hands.

    Jeffrey gets home and Reva tells him about the vandalism and the rest of her day. He tells her about Edmund's body and suggests that he's alive and has been setting her up. "If he is out there, I promise you, I'll get him," he says.

    Marina brings Mallet coffee at work. Josh arrives and fills him in about Edmund. Mallet is shocked and he's not happy that 'the Hardy Boys' have been investigating. When he relates his theory, Mallet laughs. Josh still thinks he needs to look into it.

    Mallet calls Frank and tells him the latest. Frank tells it to Blake and Marina. They tease him about being drunk at noon.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Beth learns that James could go to jail for 850 years.

    "Ma! What the hell are you doing?" Rafe ask Natalia.

    Frank moves out on his own.

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    Posted by mom of 6 at Thursday, June 11 2009 01:25 PM

    I knew the Josh Olivia thing wasn’t going aanywhere What a let-down. I’m already tired of the who killed Eddie SL.

    Hi 3pupps, GLandWT, sunflower, sunflower and Julien

    Posted by 3Puppies at Thursday, June 11 2009 01:38 PM

    Josh and Olivia????? I don't really think that will happen at this time. Blake sure would like it to happen to her. I don't see Josh liking Blake. The O/N thing: I think (JMO) Rafe will be the downfall of their relationship. Nat loves her son way too much to let an affair with "O" jeopardize her relationship with Rafe. I think Nat will run away (that baby has to be coming soon) and say she needs time. Looks more and more like Eddie is ALIVE. Thank goodness, I was hoping they didn't bring him back for just a few episodes. Come back Eddie!! Dinah is losing it again. Mallet is covering for her. Shame on Mallet. What kind of detective is he? And, why does he babysit at the station? Think I would like to run that pass a few detectives I know. HaHa. But then again, this is soapland. Did anyone read the previews for tomorrow? James could get "850 years". Yea, right!

    Hey: GLandWT, mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, and Sunflower23.

    Posted by lorree at Thursday, June 11 2009 01:39 PM

    mom of 6,
    The Olivia/Nat thing might not be going anywhere either once Rafe gets thru with them.........he did not look too happy today! I really do like Shayne, did not care for him when he first started, but he has turned into an alright guy and I love him with Dinah....Blake is sure offering herself to Josh.....think he will take her up on it?? I so hope not!!

    Posted by lacollins26 at Thursday, June 11 2009 01:42 PM

    Wow can't believe there was actually affection goin on with Otalia's about damn time. Too bad Rafe is going to ruin it, with his convict butt.

    How funny was it seeing Blake recommend toys to Olivia. I almost died!!!!! I was actually entertained for a while, can skip the Reva and more video messages.

    So glad no James and Daisy today.

    Love how Mallet completely dismisses the only good lead he has. Very funny him calling Jeffrey and Josh "The Hardy Boys" lol

    Posted by allison6071 at Thursday, June 11 2009 01:43 PM

    Hello Everyone:

    Ok when did Josh & Jeffrey become buddies and Mallet to call them the Hardy boys? Does that make him & Frank, scobby doo and shaggy or dum and dummer?! OMG they are useless!! I hope Marina killed Edmund (IF he's really dead, I think the body was Roc's) maybe it'll make her a bit more interesting. She could've found out about Henry being Lara's son and that could be her motive. Wow Blake really is trying to strike while the iron's hot. She knows Josh (such a cutie) is horny so she'll take Olivia's leftovers...funny..haha. I like Olivia & Nat about to talk about sex it's about time it would be unrealistic not too. Everyone deserves love!! Now can I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get some Phillip tomorrow?!

    Oh and congrats to Jessica Leccia & her hubby Brian Malloy on the birth of their daughter Ivy!! Thank God she had her baby that poor lady worked longer than I ever could!!

    Posted by Julien at Thursday, June 11 2009 01:47 PM

    Blake has always been desperate. I wish they would hurry up and end the N&O sl and the stupid diamond sl.
    Hello: 3Puppies,mom6,GLandWT,sunflower,gossipqueen and everyone

    Posted by lacollins26 at Thursday, June 11 2009 01:51 PM

    I am sure if James gets sentenced and has to go to prison(rightfully so) it'll somehow be (scapegoat)Phillip's fault. I'd like to see Beth actually discipline her kids or at the very least be a mother and make them be responsible for their actions.

    Posted by lorree at Thursday, June 11 2009 01:56 PM

    Good comeback from Josh about the Hardy boys, he called Reva, Nancy Drew!! Maybe Mallet could learn from the Hardy boys and Nancy, he sure does not know how to do his job..loved that we did not have James today but please, please give us more Phillip. So happy that Jessica has a nice healthy baby girl, she was really getting to be a big ole gal!!!

    Posted by suncat at Thursday, June 11 2009 03:31 PM

    I neither like nor find believable the N/O relationship. It implies that women cannot be friends, be supportive and care about one another unless they are involved in a lesbian relationship. Also, Olivia's previous personality (before this s/l) was as a femme fatale. She loved men and was never one to get close with the other women. If you recall, Cassie eventually became her friend and everyone ragged on her for befriending O. WHY?? Because O was a known man-stealer who cared less what other women thought of her. Did she have an overnight personality transplant? Did she ever present as having suppressed desires toward other women. Absolutely not. And Natalia. Also hard to buy. I agree with those who say she would be deeply conflicted due to her faith. I would not be bothered with a lesbian relationship if it was Doris and someone else or two new characters but I find this absolutely ridiculous and totally not believable. I am a long time viewer and a female who has close female friends. Somehow I have not converted my sexuality. Why didn't the writers make it 2 of the long running males like Josh and Frank? I'll tell you why--because it would be unfathomable and completely disparate to who they have been on the show. The writing on this soap is not true to the character outlines has become unimaginative and sadly, very boring at times. How many times has O had the same chat with N about wanting to be together, blah, blah. Come on writers. Step up your game. And finally, I do love the Shane character. He is sizzling in my book. I love him with Dinah. They are both flawed and have no problems admitting it. Like others, I am not emotionally invested in the Daisy/James line or interested in the Marina character at this point. I do think there is hope if Shane claims his child and rocks the picture perfect M/M marriage. Anyway, JMO.

    Posted by Grammy43 at Thursday, June 11 2009 03:58 PM

    EXCELLENT post. They have taken a strong, full of life person in Olivia and turned her into a needy, weak person and that makes a lot of us long time viewers very are right on that the writers would not dare do the same thing to Josh and Frank....good job

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