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    I'm Crying For Our Baby Too.

    Thursday, May 21 2009
    James' new plan goes bust, Dinah goes to see Mallet and Lizzie and Bill go to Chicago.

    Shayne finds Lara sitting in the park. She cries. He's sorry about Edmund. "I'm crying for our baby too," she says. He wakes up. Dinah tells him to go back to sleep but he decides to go back to the gym, claiming that his knee is bothering him again.

    Dinah goes to the gym to see Shayne while he works out. She thinks it's strange that the police haven't talked to her about Edmund yet. He admits that Mallet talked to him. She asks him about his limp. He's evasive and leaves.

    Marina goes downstairs and finds Mallet looking at pictures on the table. She worries that he didn't sleep last night. He has Edmund on the brain. Edmund had nothing but enemies and they all seem to be closing ranks. They flirt and she lures him into having a quickie before work.

    Phillip calls his son to attempt to reassure him. James and Daisy are busy at The Beacon dressed as business people to fool an investor. When the investor, Mr. Newton, arrives, he's impatient while he waits and threatens to walk away. James explains that he is not just some college kid, he's James Spaulding. He spins a story but Newton still wants to talk to Bill. James tries to talk him into an investment but it falls apart and Newton storms out. "This is not good," James concludes. Daisy rants at him for using Bill's name. She threatens to tell Bill. James promises to fix things.

    At the mansion, Bill finds Lizzie sitting at Alan's desk. She's worrying that they only have six weeks until their wedding. Everyone wants to help but she's getting confused. He's scared of the families taking over the plans so he thinks they should make them themselves. He offers to get them a red velvet armadillo cake. She's terrified at the thought. He pulls her up to bed.

    Alan goes to see Phillip and tells him that one of his cars has gone missing. He's sure that Daisy and James must have stolen it. He orders his son to stop humoring his children's ridiculous plans and threatens to call the cops about his car. After Alan steps off, Bill and Lizzie arrive to invite him to the wedding. He offers to send them on a wedding planning trip to Chicago. They like that idea and head off. Phillip tries calling James but he hangs up on him.

    Phillip rushes over to The Beacon. He runs into a distraught Daisy and she points him to his son. When he catches up with James, he guesses that he has already been scamming for money. He yells at him and tells him to stop doing this so that he can actually help him. Phillip laughs about James selling the car and accuses his son of being exactly what he doesn't want to be – a Spaulding. James doesn't want his fake concern; he knows that Lizzie was the first and has always received all of the attention while he's been invisible. Phillip promises that he will think of a way to help.

    Marina bumps into Shayne in the park. They tease each other and talk about baseball. The topic turns to Mallet's investigation. He finds the whole thing odd. Everyone is happy that Edmund's dead, but he loved Lara and Lara loved him. He feels like he needs to honor that. She suggests he do something privately, unlike the mess that happened at Coop's funeral.

    Dinah corners Mallet and asks him why he isn't questioning her. He offers to take her in for a formal statement. She gives him her alibi. He admits that no one has a good alibi, but whoever did it, it was probably justified. Marina and Shayne walk over and the couples split up. As Shayne and Dinah walk away, she tells him that he doesn't have to explain anything to her.

    Lizzie and Bill meet with Ashlee at Towers to go over wedding plans. She thinks they should get married on the fourth of July and they should make it a theme wedding. After giving her pitch, she almost cries and imagines they want to fire her. "Why don't we just think of it like we never hired you?" Lizzie suggests. After she leaves, Daisy bumps into them. She's awkward and then walks away. They leave for Chicago.

    Daisy and Ashlee are at Company. Daisy complains about how spoiled and oblivious James is. Ashlee is sure that she still likes him. Daisy shows her the picture he drew of her. She goes outside and sits on the stairs. James arrives and thanks her for not telling Bill anything. He offers to try and control his scheming.

    Phillip returns to the mansion. He tells his father that his car is back in the garage. Alan points out that James is starting to sound more like Phillip and Phillip is starting to sound more like him.

    Mallet and Marina go home. He talks about the case and then they make out.

    Dinah and Shayne go back to her place. He admits being around Henry is hard. He wonders why she went looking for trouble with Mallet. She tells him not to worry about her and explains that his mother is the chief suspect.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Shayne tells Dinah that there's something else he has to do for Edmund.

    Shayne goes to see Marina.

    Christina recognizes Edmund's voice on the tape.

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    Posted by 3Puppies at Thursday, May 21 2009 01:27 PM

    Was anyone else bored today? There was nothing of substance. Just a lot of fill ins. Some s/l's are just overdone and it is time to end them. Bill and Lizzie - get married already. This prolonged s/l is driving me nuts. James is just another spoiled Spaulding brat. Looks like Daisy should have been a Spaulding also. I want Shayne to tell Marina about the baby, and then if he decides not to want him then let it be. But this cat and mouse game is going on too long also. Please GL make Friday a good day for the fans.

    Hey: GLandWT, mom6, Julien, Gossispqueen75, and all.

    Posted by grangran at Thursday, May 21 2009 03:59 PM

    I guess since the show is getting canceled they are just dragging the s/l out rather than starting new ones.

    Posted by Julien at Thursday, May 21 2009 04:08 PM

    I agree 3Puppies the only thing I thought was funny was James selling Alan's car.
    Hello: 3Puppies,GLandWT, mom6, Gossispqueen75, and everyone

    Posted by GLandWT at Thursday, May 21 2009 05:43 PM

    I agree with you 3Puppies - boring episode.

    Why is GL making Ashlee act like a moron? That's how she was behaving when she had a crush on Jonathan. When she was with Coop, she was smart and intelligent. I don't like the reversal Ashlee.

    I will be glad when this "Whodunit" is over.

    Reva told Shayne that she would handle getting a casket for Edmund... Today was another day (2 days since Edmund's body was found); What is Reva planning... I know the old Shayne was a very nice person, but did Shayne really care for Edmund? Another day with questions.

    Hi 3Puppies, Julien, Mom6, Gossipqueen, Vanillahere, Sunflower23, and all.

    Posted by E.K.L at Thursday, May 21 2009 07:32 PM

    This show is sooo weak. They have not one interesting thing going on. On this show. (oh maybe) Bill&Lizzie.
    But big deal. thank-god the show is ending soon.

    Posted by E.K.L at Thursday, May 21 2009 07:35 PM

    Oh and by the way the show was extremly boring today. That's why i turned it. As quick as i could and put channel 8 on like i always seem to. Much better soap.

    Posted by E.K.L at Thursday, May 21 2009 07:37 PM

    And, once really sad is they have been ranked in my soaps
    magazine as the lowest ranked soap. For so long. That should say enough. (ya know)

    Posted by E.K.L at Thursday, May 21 2009 07:39 PM

    I agree so boring . that's why i turned it to ABC SOAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by kiala-jaray at Thursday, May 21 2009 11:50 PM

    I think that the main problem with Guiding Light now is that there is just way to much conversation. And the conversation isn't even going any where. Episode after episode that's all there is. I was reading up and character bios last night and it made me so sad to think about how good this show USED to be.

    They need to bring back characters that added serious drama and villainy. When was the last time that we had an Annie Dutton, or a Ben Warren? Ben makes Edmund look like a puppy. Instead of having interesting plot lines with the younger characters like Danny/Michelle/Jesse/Drew love square, or even the Jizzie/Jammy love triangle, they have VERY boring story lines like Remmy and Chris's dragged out relationship.

    If they're trying so hard to get Blake into the storyline, then why don't they have Tory (Ross's stalker) come back and get her revenge on Blake and somehow blame her for the death of Ross. Have Carmen come back from the dead once again since Danny and Michelle are coming back into town. Bring Ben back from the dead and Jesse and Drew come back when Drew hears about it. And Jonathan is coming back. Why not make Sara sick again and have a slight repeat of what happened with James and Lizzie. The best possible match would be a full blood sibling so Jon and Lizzie would need to get together. I could go on for DAYS about possible story lines.

    I could do a better job writing this script than who ever is writing it now and I'm just 19! The best episode in a long while was when Reva stabbed Edmund with a needle. It was the best because it actually had drama and action in it, not drawn out boring conversation. And possibly the most important is to go back to filming on set and not that crappy camera version they use now that looks like a B movie.

    This show is 100% savable, they just need to bring back the old writers and can who ever is writing it now. I know this is really long but after reading the interesting story lines from the past I really needed to vent my frustrations.

    Posted by jacobs nana at Friday, May 22 2009 09:56 AM

    I think I missed something. What tape does Christina have that she recognizes Edwards voice on and where did it come from?

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