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    How Honest Are We Being?

    Tuesday, May 19 2009
    Natalia talks to Father Ray, Olivia confesses that she saw Reva with Edmund and Remy looks for a diamond buyer.

    Olivia goes over to Natalia's and hurries in. The women hug and talk about how much Emma wants to move back into the house. "Maybe Emma is right," Olivia suggests. Nat says that the time they spent together was the happiest, most stable life she ever had... but things are different now and she's not sure they are ready. It would mean different things. Olivia is sure that they can work out but knows it's a risk. Nat doesn't want to take chances. Olivia reminds her that she takes chances all the time. Nat admits that she took the biggest chance in her life when she told her that she loves her. They nearly kiss but end up hugging. When Olivia reads the paper, she's shocked to see that Edmund is dead. She just saw him yesterday. Nat urges her to talk to the police about seeing him; it's important to be honest. "How honest are we being?" Olivia asks her.

    Clayton is in his office arguing with his credit card company. Remy comes in. His father admits that he hasn't told his wife anything yet. Remy promises to help him figure things out. As they walk down the hall, Clayton insists that he has to make things right and be honest with Felecia. He only hopes that she will be able to forgive him. Christina steps out of the elevator and he jumps on. She asks Remy what's going on. "He's the strongest person I know but I've never seen him like this," he says.

    At the station, Mallet's making jokes to Henry about finding Edmund dead in the water. Frank still isn't sure it's murder but Mallet has little doubt and lists everyone who could have done it. He takes the baby to start the murder investigation.

    Josh and Shayne meet up in the parking lot. Shayne explains that it really was Edmund's body. Now he is making his burial arrangements. Josh offers to help him but his son wants to do this himself. They hug and Shayne leaves for the funeral home.

    Jeffrey walks up on Reva at Cross Creek while she prepares her garden. He's quiet. She becomes defensive about being so cheery when Edmund is dead. After he leaves for the station, she calls Josh and asks him over. When he arrives, she's killing weeds. Josh feels strange being there when Jeffrey didn't want him around. They discuss Edmund's death and how Shayne is handling his remains. He tells Reva to stay out of this. "Shayne is my life. I would do anything for him and I know you would too," she says. As they sit down, she tells him she's sure that she beat cancer a second time for a reason. She's sure that she is still around because her family needs her. Reva can't live what life she has left with fear and regret. Colin begins crying. She thanks Josh for coming by and goes inside.

    Jeffrey shows up at the station and tells Frank that Edmund was a major international figure and people in the government want to know what's happening. Frank points out that his involvement could be something of a conflict of interest. "Since when does that matter in this town?" Jeffrey asks.

    Mallet and the baby sit at Company and go through his notes. When he spots Shayne at the bar, he walks over to ask him some questions. Shayne admits that he and Edmund had a falling out. As Mallet talks about being a father, Shayne becomes uncomfortable. The topic turns to where Shayne was yesterday. Shayne gets up, announcing that he needs to go to the funeral home.

    Jeffrey slips down to the crime scene and begins looking around. He pockets something and jogs off.

    Father Ray goes to Natalia's and reminds her of her promise to help with the annual fundraiser. They sit down and the topic turns to Frank. Nat says he's a wonderful person but things aren't simple. "Is there someone else involved?" the priest asks. She admits she has feelings for someone else and looks at a photo of Olivia. Father Ray sighs. He knows that she cares about her daughter and Olivia has Gus' heart, but the scriptures say that this is an unnatural lust and it's wrong. The church has counselors if she wants help. She isn't confessing and she insists that she is the same person no matter who she loves. She doesn't see why she needs to choose between the church and Olivia.

    Remy is at Company. He sees Buzz drowsing and nervously asks him if he knows someone who wants to buy some diamonds. Of course, Buzz was married to a diamond thief and may have some contacts, but he doubts this is a good idea. Buzz thinks it over and digs up a number, warning Remy that these people will kill him if he messes them around. After Buzz walks off, Christina arrives and they set up their evening.

    Mallet and the baby go to see Josh to interview him about Edmund. He checks out his alibi. Josh admits that he thinks Edmund was a threat to everyone.

    Reva goes over to the funeral home to see her son. She tells him that he doesn't need to mourn Edmund for Lara's sake. He's already heard all of the speeches about how everyone is better off without him. She informs him that she went to the coroner's office and signed all of the paperwork. Now she's in charge of him. She orders him to move on and find some happiness in his life. Suddenly, she remembers that no one told him that she is cancer free. He's thrilled to hear it and hugs her.

    Jeffrey returns to Cross Creek and finds Olivia outside. She tells him that she wants what's best for him... but she saw Reva with Edmund right before he died. They go inside and she says that it's up to him what he wants to do with this information. They're both happy right now and sure that Ava would want to see them like that.

    Olivia goes back to Natalia's. Nat tells her that she told Father Ray about them; it was impossible for her to lie to a priest. Although she likes the idea of living with her, she's not sure she can do that now. When she claims that it would be the same with Gus or anyone else, Olivia seems doubtful. "I take this very seriously and I want to do it right," Nat says.

    Mallet goes back to the station and isn't happy to see a stack of more cases on his desk. Frank welcomes him back. Mallet drowses at his desk.

    Shayne goes home and is startled to find his father sitting in his room. Josh is worried that Mallet has been asking questions and decides that they need to work out a story.

    When Reva gets home, Jeffrey confronts her about being with Edmund.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Mallet wants to question Reva.

    Jeffery tries to control the situation but Reva thinks he's assumed she's guilty.

    Phillip tries to dig his son out of his mess.

    Nat tells Olivia that she can't work for her anymore.

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    Posted by E.K.L at Tuesday, May 19 2009 01:21 PM

    C'mon this show is really ridiculous. but whatever. ya know

    Posted by E.K.L at Tuesday, May 19 2009 01:23 PM


    Posted by grangran at Tuesday, May 19 2009 01:32 PM

    Well one thing for sure they can't drag out who done it too long about Edmund. Almost everyone on the show had a reason to want him dead, but who had the nerve to carry it out.

    Posted by lacollins26 at Tuesday, May 19 2009 01:59 PM

    Natalia is on my last nerve. She knew what people would say when she "came out"(but you actually have to tell people the truth to do that, right?) Can we either let these too attempt to be happy or move on to something else. It should not be this drawn out. They had their 1st kiss months ago(seems like years with the pace this show is going).

    Posted by GLandWT at Tuesday, May 19 2009 02:03 PM

    Josh acts as if he thinks Reva might have killed Edmund. I guess for the next few weeks we'll see flashbacks of Edmund and Reva arguing.

    Considering a possible switch: if the dead "Edmund" was trying to tell Reva that he was indeed "Roc",(and Reva didn't believe him), he reached for Reva and as she pulled away from him, she pushed him and he slipped on the wet grass and ended up in the water... If that was the case, surely Reva would have told Jeffery or Josh. Nevertheless, Reva has too much enegy for someone with cancer, just had a baby, and just getting out of the hospital from a near death experience. Why was she outside in the cold planting a garden?
    Hi 3Puppies, Mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen, Vanillahere, Sunflower23, and all.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Tuesday, May 19 2009 02:03 PM

    O needs to shut her big fat trap! I’m sure she loved making Reva look guilty. Hi everyone

    Posted by gossipqueen75 at Tuesday, May 19 2009 02:37 PM

    Who takes a baby to a possible murder investigation??

    Tired of the up and down with Nat and Olivia once again. Get on with it or get it over, but for the love of God make up your mind.

    Hi: 3Puppies, Julien, GLandWT, Vanillahere and all

    Posted by grangran at Tuesday, May 19 2009 02:44 PM

    Maybe Jeffery will confess to killing Edmund after Reva is arrested because he thinks she did it. Everyone is talking about him leaving maybe this is how he leaves the show.

    Posted by sholsten at Tuesday, May 19 2009 03:14 PM

    What cop takes his infant son on a police investigation? Only on on GL. It was good to have Octalia back on today. I wish they would speed things up, and now they are going round and round again according to tomorrow's preview. Please move this s/l on soon.

    Posted by gatorgrl at Tuesday, May 19 2009 03:39 PM

    Why don't NO ONE say anything & let it go...the WHOLE town wanted him dean anyway!!~ Sounds like a great plan to me!

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