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    New Mother Syndrome.

    Friday, May 15 2009
    Reva gets a cancer update, Shayne and Dinah fight and Remy fishes a body out of the water.

    Dinah is at Company chatting with Marina about their business problems. Dinah just wants to keep people happy but things keep getting in the way. Marina talks about having 'new mother syndrome' and how she can't leave Henry alone for two minutes. Remy comes in and tells Dinah she left her car door open. When she goes out to check, she looks around, disturbed.

    Remy slips out and calls his father for an update on his financial situation. Clayton's still having no luck. When Remy gets off the phone, one of his old gambling friends approaches and asks him if he's interested in an easy score. Remy is reluctant, though he certainly needs the cash. He agrees to do it. After they shake hands, Christina walks over and announces she has something to show him.

    Christina brings Remy down to the park for a picnic. She shows him her high school yearbook. He's impressed by how active she was and asks her how she ended up with him. She had all sorts of plans, but none of them turned out the way they were supposed to. But she has found a man she wants to be with. "I was always smart in the classroom, but now I'm smart out of it," she says. They kiss. She makes a blueprint of her daycare center with sticks. He teases her. She asks him about the guy he was talking to before. He speaks about his gambling past and admits that he said yes to playing a game, but he changed his mind when he saw her face. She makes him want to be better. They kiss and she tells him she needs to meet an investor and will see him later.

    Josh and Shayne return to town. Shayne worries about Dinah. His father urges him to find her while he goes to talk to the police about Edmund. "You're not going to go tell the police. You're going to check on mom," Shayne says. Josh says his instincts for knowing when people need help are kicking in. Shayne offers to help him with Reva and thanks him. They hug.

    Dinah goes back into Company. Marina is flipping out, unable to cope with running the restaurant alone. Dinah suggests that she get a babysitter and offers to look after Henry while she works. She takes Henry outside. Shayne rushes over to her and asks her what she is doing with the baby. "Why can't you stay out of this?" he demands. She suggests that he's feeling guilty. He stands by his decision and she's making his life more difficult. When he looks at the child, he feels things, but doesn't need a child in his life now. He accuses her of using the baby to stay connected to Mallet. She slaps him. He tries apologizing but she's outraged. "This about you. But you're self-destructive and that's making everything difficult," she says. Marina comes out and hopes they're being good examples for the baby. After she takes Henry inside, Shayne tells Dinah that Edmund is missing. He wants them to go back to her place until they know where he is. She claims she can take care of herself and stomps away. "Dinah... I love you," he mumbles.

    Jeffrey takes the baby back to Cross Creek and tells him that he'll look out for him. Reva comes out and tells him he seems wired. She's nervous about her test results too. Reva wants to play some miniature golf before her appointment.

    When they get to the golf course, he tries to knock her off her game. She laughs as they putter around. Hearing a noise, he jumps. She wonders why he's being so weird. Her phone rings. It's the hospital - her results are in. She's reluctant to answer but they leave a message. Jeffrey assures her that they can beat this. Reva walks off to listen to it as a young couple comes over and compliments him on the baby. When he sees Reva tearing up, he runs over to her. "I'm cancer free!" she cries. He picks her up and spins her around.

    Josh goes to Cross Creek but no one is home. He goes inside, grabbing the fire tongs, and begins searching. Staring at a photo of Jeffrey and Reva, he shakes his head. "This isn't your job Joshua," he tells himself before walking out.

    Reva and Jeffrey go home and uncork the champagne. He wants to start planning the rest of their lives. She promises him that they have all the time in the world and thanks him for coaching and bullying her into getting better. He hears someone outside and hurries out. It's Josh. He tells Jeffrey that he's worried about Edmund. Jeffrey explains that Reva just got her latest results. Josh says he will look after Edmund and will go to Frank for help. Jeffrey thanks him for everything he's done. Josh is just glad that Reva will still be around to drive them all crazy. When Jeffrey goes back inside, he finds a note from Reva saying she's gone for a walk.

    Marina runs into Reva in the park. They look at their kids and Reva remarks about how much Henry looks like Shayne. The women talk about being mothers and set up a play date for the children. As Marina leaves, someone seems to lurk in the bushes.

    When Reva goes home, she finds the house empty. She tells Colin that she'll never leave him. Jeffrey comes in and she breaks down, crying about how she just stared death in the face. He promises her that all of their worries are over.

    Marina goes home with Henry. Shayne watches in the distance as she takes the baby inside.

    Dinah goes home and has a shower.

    Josh goes to church.

    As Remy walks by the water, he finds a body floating. After leaping in and fishing it out, we see that it's Edmund.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Remy tries to revive Edmund.

    James and Daisy run another scam.

    Shayne has something to talk to Marina about.

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    Posted by Julien at Friday, May 15 2009 01:18 PM

    I guess today was meet at the ole Gazebo day.At 1st I thought that was Grady.This a good cliffhanger is Eddie dead?This is what I would like to see happen:

    Edmund finds out Henry is Lara son and kidnaps him and in the process Marrina is taken too.Shayne tells Josh that Henry is his son and they w/Jeffery attempt to save them.Edmond dies and Marina learns the truth. Marina and Shayne bond and eventualy end up together to raise the baby.But the kidnapping would not be as long as Lizzies saga.

    Hello:GLandWT, mom6, 3Puppies, Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, Sunflower23,AND EVERYONE

    Posted by grangran at Friday, May 15 2009 01:39 PM

    I guess now we have a who done it with who killed Edmund.

    I read Reva becomes a suspect in Edmond's death. Also that Shane tells Marino about the baby but leaves it up to her to tell Mallet or not. She decides not to for the time being.

    Posted by grangran at Friday, May 15 2009 01:42 PM

    When I heard that Jeffery would die I thought it would be Edmund that did it. Now I have no idea how he will die. Anyone have any ideas or information?

    Posted by lacollins26 at Friday, May 15 2009 01:46 PM

    I hope Shayne tells the truth, it'll be hard but Marina and Mallet will do the right thing.
    I know many don't agree but I love Edmund. This show is so dull lately so I welcome him everytime he pops up. We all know that in the end he will be stopped so just enjoy him while he is here. We need somthing to make this show good again, and the years of Edmund tormenting everyone were some of the very best.

    Posted by krob33 at Friday, May 15 2009 01:58 PM

    JEFFREY DIES?? where'd you get that? I knew that they'd throw Reva back with "Bud" before it was all over..Don't get me wrong, Joshua and Reva are (were) my favorite couple, but Reva and Jeffrey were great for one another. I personally loved the way they started out as just friends and ended up in love. Great couple too. Dang "grangran" you just hurt me to the heart!

    Posted by krob33 at Friday, May 15 2009 02:00 PM

    lacollins26 ITA!

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Friday, May 15 2009 02:15 PM

    WOW, is Jeffrey really leaving or is it just rumors. I cant believe that they would kill Edmund off, before him finding out that He had a grandchild, and him trying to take it away with him. I wonder if GL is going to try and pull a FACE OFF, with Edmund and Roc..

    Hi 3 Puppies, MOM of 6, GlandWT and Vanillahere, and everyone....

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, May 15 2009 02:19 PM

    Today's episode was somewhat very good. Will Edmund die? If so, who did it? Jeffrey was acting a little strange when he came back to the cabin and told Reva all of their worries are over. Someone was watching Reva when she and the baby were at the gazebo. Did I hear her say baby Henry looks like Shayne when he was a baby?

    I hope GL lets us know who put Roc in the hospital and who shot/killed Edmund. I thought I saw blood on his forehead (right side).

    What was the purpose of Dinah getting into her car and coming back to Company? The way Shayne blew up at her, I think he is becoming paranoid concerning baby Henry and he might not be able to keep his secret much longer.

    Hi 3Puppies, Mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, Sunflower23, and all. Have a great weekend.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Friday, May 15 2009 03:09 PM

    Wow I never thought it would be Edmund in the water! I guess he used up all his nine lives.
    Maybe Dinah went home to take a shower after killing Edmund?
    I hope Jeffery doesn’t die I love him and Reva together.
    Great day today.
    Hi GlandWT, Julien, Vanillahere, Sunflower23, 3pupps and everyone

    Posted by grangran at Friday, May 15 2009 04:33 PM

    I read about Jeffery on another board and it went into detail about him wanting to pursue his music, It said that was why he left when Prince Richard died. It also said it got leaked out before it was supposed to.

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