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    The Josh And Reva Thing.

    Friday, May 08 2009
    Jeffrey gets worried, Josh is still paranoid, Shayne makes a choice and James discovers Daisy's secret.

    Christine and Ashlee are lying around at the Cooper's boring Daisy. She wants to go drinking. They don't drink during the day and suggest she call James. Remy comes in. He tells Daisy that James is a 'tool'. She doesn't think that James is really one of the Spauldings. She calls him up. He offers to meet her later. She declares that they have to go out... and she doesn't mean to Company to hang out with her family. James shows up at the door. She asks him to the bar. He doesn't have an ID. They laugh. She tells him all about her fake ID business. James asks her to make him one. Remy wonders if this is a good thing to do in a cop's house. Daisy says that's what's fun about it.

    At Cross Creek, Jeffrey tells Reva that he thinks Josh got addicted to the adrenaline rush and is searching for danger. He insists that Edmund is gone. The baby starts crying. After he gets Colin to sleep, Reva puts on her coat and explains that she is going to the hospital to get her testing done. When she leaves, she pulls out the note that came with the mysterious gift.

    Dinah goes to see Josh at the office. She's worrying about where Shayne has gone. He tells her that he's been worrying too much and relates his embarrassment about his outburst at Reva's. He asks her to get Shayne to call him whenever she finds him. When she leaves, Billy comes in and makes a joke about his brother's reaction at the party. Josh admits that he's still freaked out. His brother suggests that he is having trouble letting go of Reva. "This has nothing to do with me and Reva," Josh insists.

    Reva drops by the office and hands Josh some papers she had to sign. They joke around and he claims that he hasn't been getting enough sleep. He apologizes. She claims that she is fine and he needs to start taking care of himself. After she walks out, Blake walks in. "Hi handsome. You're coming with me," she says. He can't say no.

    Blake and Josh go to Company for lunch. She tells him that he hasn't been himself lately. He explains that a lot of things have changed this year and he's not in a position he thought he would be in. Josh feels a bit disconnected. Blake suggests that he find something new to focus on. Reva comes in and Blake calls her over. She joins them and begins talking about how Josh has always played by the rules and looked after everyone. As they gab, Blake excuses herself and slips out. Reva continues telling Josh to chill out and have some fun. She's determined to enjoy the rest of her life and doesn't want him standing guard. He realizes that she doesn't need him to fight her battles. She wants to enjoy the quiet life, she claims. They burst out laughing.

    Dinah calls around before finding Shayne sitting in his car watching Mallet and Marina. He insists that he's fine. She offers to go with him so they can tell the couple the truth together. Watching how happy the couple is only makes it more difficult to do this. Dinah says that taking away the child breaks her heart, but seeing Shayne incapable of being a father to his own child, breaks her heart too. He decides that leaving the child with his new parents is the right thing to do. She suggests that he is just feeling overwhelmed and tells him not to be a hero. Shayne admits that he's scared he will end up where he was a few months ago. What happened to Lara was a tragedy but he can choose what is best for Henry. Dinah is sure he will want to raise that child someday. He's sure Lara would want him to be raised by a happy family. He tells her to back off.

    Mallet and Marina take Henry to Company. They talk with Buzz about how important the child is to them and then ask him out to the library. When they get there, they show him the corner of the library that has a quote from Coop's favorite author on it. Marina tells him he can bring Henry there and tell him all about his namesake. Buzz tells Mallet how great Marina is and tells Henry that he is lucky.

    Daisy and Christina go to Cross Creek to get Reva's camera. Jeffrey tells them that Reva is back from the hospital. They're impressed. He hands Daisy the camera and suggests they come back later. After they leave, Blake drops by to pick up her phone. She tells Jeffrey that Reva is with Josh in Company and having a lot of fun. He grits his teeth. She worries when she sees them like that; she doesn't want Jeffrey to become another victim of 'the Josh and Reva thing'. He leaves her to look after the baby. Once he's gone, Reva arrives. She tells Blake that Josh needs a distraction.

    Daisy returns home and starts making James' ID. He's impressed by her secret life. She asks for his secret, sure that it must be something 'really sick'.

    Mallet and Marina take Henry to Cedars for a checkup. They talk about their high expectations for the baby. She begins crying. The doctor comes out and tells them that he's gone over the baby's blood work and there's something they need to discuss.

    Shayne and Dinah are in her bed. He tells her that he already has everything he needs and wants. They kiss. He's sure that everyone can move on now. She seems skeptical.

    Jeffrey tracks Josh down to talk about him and his wife.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Edmund is in the hospital wrapped in bandages.

    Jeffrey wants to free Josh of his obsession with Reva.

    Marina and Mallet need to find someone with their baby's blood type.

    A body washes up on the shore.

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    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, May 08 2009 01:25 PM

    Today's episode left me with questions and more questions: What is Blake trying to do? Why would she go to Jeffrey and tell him Reva and Josh were at Company - if not to stir up trouble? Blake slept with Jeffrey while she and Cassie were friends. Is she jealous that Reva has two men who loves her? Would she like to become the woman in Josh's life? Does she not want to see anyone happy since she lost the love of her life (Ross)?

    I am not sure how I feel about Shayne and his choice concerning Baby Henry, but I do understand what Dinah is telling him. It appears Shayne will not have a choice (according to next week's previews) but to tell that he is the father of Baby Henry unless GL makes him an anonymous blood donor.
    Hi: 3Puppies, Mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, Sunflower23, and all. Happy Mother's Day and have a great weekend.

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, May 08 2009 01:40 PM

    P.S. Another question: Why is GL pairing Remy with 18 year old Daisy and James...? Remy grew up with Shayne and Marina. Also, he is an ex-Police Officer - why would GL allow him to be in the presence of Daisy making fake IDs? ...underage drinking? Hasn't Daisy been busted for for fake IDs twice or more? GL needs to refresh its memory. Has GL forgotten that Dinah slept with Shayne's brother, Jonathan (trying to get pregnant to replace the failed insemination); and Shayne's step-dad, Jeffrey (while portraying Princess Cassie and afterward)? Now GL has Dinah and Shayne in the same age bracket.

    Posted by dafyduc at Friday, May 08 2009 02:43 PM

    The decision shayne made is crap!! Reva and Josh have a right to know they have a grandson.
    Daisy was a teenager when James was born, now they are the same age???

    Posted by 3Puppies at Friday, May 08 2009 03:12 PM

    I haven't posted for a couple of days and didn't see the shows either. I caught up today, and I guess I really didn't miss anything that was important.

    1. Reva coming home - glad that s/l is over.
    2. James - can't figure him out. Good or bad????
    3. Jeffery - don't like him anymore. He is different now.
    4. Phillip - can't do anything wrong as far as I can tell.
    5. Rick - How long did that poor guy hide in bed for Phil?
    6. Lizzie - showing her pregnancy. LOL.
    7. Bill - what kind of ring did he give Lizzie??????
    8. Josh - what a hunk - love him to pieces.
    9. Daisy - I.D.'s again??? In front of Remy???
    10. M&M - Not on too much - thank you.
    11. Shayne - smack that boy. That is his child.
    12. Dinah - tell Mallet - please.....
    13. Edmund - Wherre is he?
    I could go on but I don't want to bore anyone.

    Happy Mother's Day to all.
    Hi: GLandWT, mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Sunflower23, Vanillahere and all.

    Posted by LovetheSoap at Friday, May 08 2009 03:40 PM

    Funny how all these gay lovers came out at the same time on this board, could it be the same people posting with differenbt login's? Follow me, there is NOTHING dearing about two women falling in love, its a very sick, nasty storyline, nothing nice and sweet about carpet munchers! God meant it to be man and woman! Not Olivia and Natalia. GL is being cancelled because of this. I read where millions of people wrote in opposing this storyline and the ratings went to hell. My organization played a huge part! As the world turns is next. Come on Lucinda' s husband wants to screw her grandson and vice versa, NASTY! It will be cancelled next! Read it and weep!

    Posted by coco50257 at Friday, May 08 2009 03:49 PM

    Hope that isn't Josh laying face down in the lake or what ever.ugh!!
    Hope this reveals that shane is the baby's father. But it probably won't. *sigh*
    Oh please about the gay & lesbian thing. I don't care if they pair them together. I just think them dragging this out for a year is stupid. Do it & let them be happy. There are lots of shows out there with gay couples!! Lots! To each there own. I am not gay but I have friends & relatives that are. I accept that! I figure that God will make that judgement one day it's not mine to make!!!

    Dumb that they are having Daisy still making fake id's. She needs a job!!!! One that is not illegal. If she gets caught it just might get Mallot in trouble and that could be another thing that could make them loose Henry!!!

    Posted by GLwatchr at Friday, May 08 2009 04:31 PM

    Uh, Lovethesoap - your nastiness probably prompts the so called "gay" lovers to post more than anything else. I find it hilarious you feel the need to complain on a day when the S/L isn't even on. Seems you don't really lovethesoap at all.

    Posted by grangran at Friday, May 08 2009 05:13 PM

    I think Blake and Josh will get together. I thought they had said earlier that Daisey, Remmy and Ashely were going to leave the show around the time Coop left. Guess since the show is being Canceled they are going to keep them on.

    Posted by gracie5 at Saturday, May 09 2009 10:13 AM

    Lovethesoap I am one of the Gay lovers I guess that is what you can call me. I would never login w\ a different login name. No I am not gay but I do LOVE the OTALIA s\l. We live in a world that is full of prejudice and hate after just reading what you you wrote their is a lot of hate. Doesn't the Bible also say treat others the way you want to be treated. As for Gay people they have rights to they have the right to be treated w\ kindness and Love. I do know that GL was canceled b\c of low ratings it has nothing to do w\ a Gay s\l. If anything OTALIA probably brought in new veiwers. I hope GL gets a new home and OTALIA is all over the t.v. screen. So Thank you Lovethesoap I will be posting everyday now.

    Posted by Kimberly ann at Monday, May 11 2009 10:02 AM

    Who is the body that washes up on shore?

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