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    I'll Hold You To That.

    Thursday, May 07 2009
    Reva has a welcome home party, Josh continues to worry and Phillip gets out of Ravenwood.

    Jeffrey catches Reva trying to run off with the baby. She explains that they are going for a drive so she and her son can get re-acquainted. He urges her to ease into things. She promises that she will take it easy and walks out. As she goes to her car, Josh surprises her. Reva's startled to see him and wonders if he has been there all night. He claims he's on his way to a job site. "We don't need a security detail," she says.

    Phillip sneaks back into Ravenwood and wakes Rick up. He thanks him for helping out and gives him a t-shirt. After Rick leaves, Phillip gets a call from his son. He tells him that he can't do much for him while he's still locked up. "Right. Only one escape per patient and you used yours for Lizzie," James snipes before hanging up.

    At the cabin, Bill wonders if Lizzie is disappointed that they aren't married. She's not but thinks she should tell the family that they are engaged. She calls Beth and tells her the news. Beth is excited for her... but then informs her that her father is back in Ravenwood.

    James shows up at Ravenwood and tells Phillip's doctor, Dr. Silver, that his father escaped to Florida on the weekend. He explains that his father is the sanest person he knows and ran all the way to Florida to help the family. The truth is that they need him. "I need my dad," he emphasizes. The doctor thanks him and tells him his dad is lucky to have such a good son.

    Bill and Lizzie are at the mansion. Alan welcomes her home. She wishes they could act normal. "Like the Coopers and the Lewis'?" he asks. She wants her father to be free and thinks he deserves a second chance. Alan insists that he is only trying to protect her and her mother. He tells her to stop idolizing her father and stop dreaming. Bill takes her by the hand and leads her out. Outside, she tells him that she just wants everyone to be as happy as they are. "That's not going to happen," he says with a laugh.

    At Ravenwood, Dr. Silver goes to see Phillip and makes it clear that she knows what happened. He takes full responsibility. They discuss his past and his relationship with his family. He's sure that Lizzie suffered the most from his absence. She informs him that she will have to do what is in his best interest and leaves.

    Lizzie goes to Ravenwood to see Dr. Silver and tells her how much she needs her dad.

    Josh joins Buzz and Billy at Company. He's still worrying about Edmund.

    When Reva gets home, she finds a present waiting on the doorstep. She goes in with the baby and starts watching soaps. Jeffrey holds the baby and she talks about how she got hooked on Daytime. Lillian arrives with a present for the baby. They gab about Buzz and he comes in. Reva tells him he can only kiss her if he's not sick. "Mental disorders okay?" he asks, giving her a kiss. Jeffery offers them coffee. Lillian tells him to wait until everyone gets there. He's confused. They explain that Josh invited a bunch of people over. He walks off muttering profanities. More people arrive, including Josh. Reva unwraps her gifts. She picks up the one she found outside. The card reads, "Guess who?" Josh panics, grabs it and it falls on the floor. He explains that he thinks Edmund sent it. Reva says it was probably just her father.

    In the kitchen, Frank wonders if they should be looking for Edmund. Jeffrey says Josh is just too edgy. Josh tells them to forget about it and walks off. As everyone eats, Frank worries that Josh is whacked out. Meanwhile, Jeffrey wonders how to get rid of their guests. Billy does them a favor and begins ushering everyone out the door. After they leave, Josh apologizes to the couple. His brother takes him away. "I think it was a big mistake to send Josh after Edmund," Jeffrey says. Reva says she will call Hawk and thank him for the gift.

    James goes to The Beacon and sees his mother. She asks him when he is going back to school. He's finishing online so he can stick around town. Lizzie calls looking for her brother. She tells her mother to head back to the house because there could be trouble.

    At the mansion, Alan is shocked to find his son sitting in his office. Phillip declares that he is as sane as anyone else. They bicker until Beth and James arrive. Phillip thanks his son for speaking on his behalf and says he owes him again. "I'll hold you to that," James says. Phillip babbles about getting out. His son wants to talk to him. Lizzie runs in and interrupts. She announces that she and Bill are engaged. Everyone begins congratulating her, except for Alan and James. They toast and James rolls his eyes. Lizzie and Beth look at bridal magazines. Bill offers Alan a drink. He needs aspirin.

    Phillip follows his son out into the garden. James isn't interested in talking to him anymore and tells him to go back to playing father of the bride. Phillip walks away. James calls after him but his father doesn't turn around.

    Billy and Josh go back to the office. Josh continues to worry but promises not to do anything stupid. When his brother leaves, Josh reads the letter again and thinks.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Jeffery worries that Josh can't let go.

    Josh claims that this had nothing to do with him and Reva.

    Alan advises Phillip to take take charge of his children before they slip into the abyss.

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    Posted by mom of 6 at Thursday, May 07 2009 02:59 PM

    Um….. how long was Rick asleep? Or did Philip teleport himself to Florida and back?

    I’m a little bit worried about Josh with this whole Edmund thing. I hope he doesn’t get killed, for some reason I have a bad feeling about it.

    Posted by slim1 at Thursday, May 07 2009 03:16 PM

    ok I thought that they were suppose to show something about Olivia and Natalia today. what happened? I was looking forward to that.:-(

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Thursday, May 07 2009 04:36 PM

    mom of 6, OMG, I was thinking the samething, I've been thinking, that before the end of the show, he might get killed off. I hope not.

    Posted by sholsten at Thursday, May 07 2009 07:35 PM

    Yes, today's show was too weird. They didn't follow yesterday's highlights at all about today's show.

    You gotta wonder what James is up to. He seems to have ulterior motives of some kind. He seems to be a good one who could take Alan's place on down the road.

    I hope this s/l with Reva being in danger doesn't turn into a long drawn out deal.

    Posted by GLandWT at Thursday, May 07 2009 08:22 PM

    Mom6, Sunflower23, I'm thinking something bad will happen to Jeffrey...therefore bringing Josh and Reva back together. I really don't wont anything to happen to either.

    It's so amazing how fast a party is given on GL.

    Hi: Mom6, Sunflower23, 3Puppies, Julien, Vanillahere, Gossipqueen75, and all.

    Posted by Guidinglight_fan at Thursday, May 07 2009 09:00 PM

    i hope josh doesn't get killed off!!!

    Posted by foreverYnR at Friday, May 08 2009 11:40 AM

    This thing wit Olivia and Nat is going too slow for me. I know this subject is something the writers want to approach in a delicate mature manner but c'mon.... now we wait... how long. Get on with it already. wheeeew.

    Posted by foreverYnR at Friday, May 08 2009 11:46 AM

    If Josh gets killed off, I'm going to STOP watching. I know the show is closing, that's not a spoiler, LMAO, but it will force me to me to stop watching this madness NOW!

    I used to listen to GL on the radio...back in the '50's. Then they took it to TV, 15 minute shows. Wow. luved it. Now it's going bye-bye. hmmm. sad!

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