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Wednesday, May 06 2009
Josh is sure that Edmund is lurking, Dinah shows Shayne the DNA test and Olivia and Natalia's spa getaway is interrupted again.

Josh drives Reva home to Cross Creek. She worries that her baby doesn't even know her yet. When she walks in, Jeffrey is shocked to see her. They kiss and she holds her crying baby. She cradles Colin and assures him that she knows how to be a mother. Reva cries because her son doesn't know her. "We're together now," Jeffery says, offering her the bottle to feed Colin. After the baby goes to sleep, she begins cleaning. He finds that sexy. She offers to make lunch. Jeffrey thinks she needs to relax.

Josh sits outside in his car. His brother calls and asks where he is. Josh is on his way to the office; he just has to take care of something first. He tries calling Roc again but still has no luck. When he returns to his room at The Beacon, he finds that the door is unlocked. On the bar, he discovers an envelope which contains a fax from Roc telling him not to worry. He calls Jeffrey and asks him if faxes are Roc's style. There's a strange noise on the line. Jeffrey hangs up and Josh heads out.

At the spa, Natalia and Olivia are furiously packing. Olivia accuses Nat of being too sensitive. Natalia accuses her of attacking her religion. Natalia thinks they are already back to hating each other. Olivia says that this was all a big mistake. Nat admits that she's not sure about anything. Olivia thinks they are fighting because it's easier than asking what's next.

They go outside to hike. Natalia is scared of nature but Olivia pulls her along. As Olivia jogs, Nat has trouble keeping up. When they get back to the spa, they clean up and start planning their evening. Natalia insists that she can actually be fun. Suddenly, Emma walks in. She missed them so she had Jane bring her there. "Please don't send me home. I'll be fun," she offers. Nat tells her that she came just in time. Her mother agrees to let her stay. Natalia is glad that they aren't moving too fast and promises that they will figure things out. "We can't live in limbo. I don't want to play games or keep the other person from living their life," Olivia tells her.

Buzz returns to Company to applause from everyone there. Marina welcomes him back. "So now I have most of my men exactly where I want them," she says. She takes the baby outside and tells him how lucky she is to have him. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," she says.

"Last time I saw you, you were addicted to computers but now it seems like you've moved in on my granddaughter," Buzz says to James as he gets him a coffee. Remy and James are awkward. James wanders over to Christina and she tells him about her daycare idea. He's a big supporter of small businesses and tells her to let him know if she needs an investor. As they sit down, she tells him her plans. He seems interested. Remy stares daggers at him and worries to Buzz about how naïve Christina is about the Spauldings. Buzz assures him that she'll be alright.

Marina and Christina run into Josh outside. He says hello to the kid and then goes inside. He shakes hands with Buzz and orders a pie for his brother. Josh asks him for some advice about what to do if he suspects his family is in trouble. Buzz suggests that he go with his gut.

At Dinah's, Shayne wakes up and asks her what's wrong. She hands him the results of the DNA test and explains what the nun told her about Henry being Lara's child. As he gets dressed, she tells him she had to make sure it was true before she said anything. Shayne is in denial. "Mallet and Marina's baby is your son," she says. He understands why she waited to tell him and he's not angry. She wants him to tell the couple the truth. He won't; he wants things to stay as they are.

When they go out, she asks him to stop pretending that this isn't happening. He doesn't think he's in any position to have a child. She tells him that he's a natural father and urges him to think about his son. If he was Henry, he wouldn't want to be taken from the only parents he'd ever known. Shayne asks her to forget it. When they turn around, they bump into Marina, Christina and the baby. Shayne is quiet while Marina talks about what a blessing Henry has been. She invites everyone back to Company for lunch and lets him carry the baby.

Billy finds his brother hanging around outside of Cross Creek. He worries about Reva's health. His brother asks him what's going on. Josh shows him the fax and thinks it's too cryptic. He has a gut feeling that something is wrong. "I think you need to get a life," Billy says. Josh is sure that Edmund isn't out of the picture, but he hopes he's wrong. Billy wonders if he just wants to ride in and save Reva again. As Billy eats his pie, Josh continues to worry. Once more, Billy advises him to get a life. They leave for work. When they get to the office, Josh opens an envelope. Inside is a letter that says, "So happy Reva's come home. Tell her I'm thinking of her and will do my best to see her very soon. Guess who?"

At Company, Dinah holds Henry and tells Shayne that the baby has his eyes. He's uncomfortable when Marina asks him to pose with the baby. He quickly hands Henry back. When he and Dinah leave, he tells her that he needs some alone time. Going off on his own, he sits in his car and looks at a picture of him and Henry on his phone.

Next on Guiding Light:

Natalia and Olivia wonder if they should rehearse what they are going to tell people.

Dinah offers to go with Shayne when he tells Mallet and Marina the truth.

Josh is sure that Reva and Shayne are in danger.

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