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    My Baby Doesn't Even Know Me.

    Tuesday, May 05 2009
    Natalia and Olivia's getaway doesn't go as planned, Reva goes home and Dinah gets the DNA results.

    Emma is excited as her mother packs for her trip. She wishes that she could go with them and asks if they can move back to the farmhouse later. Olivia says no. Jane picks up Emma and then Nat arrives, worrying about what she should have packed. They calm down and Nat says they'll still be friends no matter what happens, or doesn't happen.

    When they arrive at the spa, Natalia is impressed. They soon discover that they only have one room for the pair of them. When they sit down, they look over the beauty products. After rubbing some moisturizer on Olivia's hand, Natalia suggests they get a cot. Olivia reminds her that they've shared a bed before. Nat says it wasn't the same. Blake shows up at the door. She saw Olivia's name downstairs and wanted to say hello. She tells Natalia that she must feel terrible for screwing up so badly. "It might not be too late," Blake suggests.

    They go down for massages. Blake tells Nat that Frank is the best and asks her if she really won't marry him. Nat says it wouldn't be the right thing to do. Blake accepts that; she's walked down the aisle for the wrong reason before, but she got it right once. She asks Olivia why she hasn't seen her with anyone lately. "I'm not looking right now," Olivia says.

    Olivia and Natalia go up to their room. Nat admits that she wanted to tell Blake that they are together but she's not sure what it means. They begin talking about this but it quickly turns into an argument. Nat accuses her of being glad that Blake interrupted them. Annoyed, Olivia suggests that they should have just gone to a religious retreat instead. They start packing to leave.

    At the Coopers', Mallet and Buzz gasp at Marina's abominable coffee. They realize that Frank didn't come home last night. When a disheveled Frank arrives, he doesn't want to talk. He's sorry he worried them and goes upstairs. Marina picks up his coat and notices a woman's number fall out of the pocket. She wonders if her father had a good night after all. When he comes back downstairs, he admits that he's not okay. They offer their help. He's jumpy and angrily butters his toast before telling them all to get out. He and his father bicker until Buzz seems to leave but only goes to stand at the back of the room. Frank sits with Henry and tells him how great Natalia is. He wants to be her friend but things are different now. "He's a good listener," Buzz comments. Frank agrees.

    At Cedars, Lillian checks Reva's blood pressure. Reva is talking to Jeffrey through the web cam and wishing she was home. He gets excited when his son lifts up his head for the first time.

    In his room, Josh is trying to get in touch with Roc. When Josh goes outside, he calls Jeffrey and worries that Roc has vanished. Jeffrey tells him that no news is good news and thanks him for taking care of Edmund. "I was happy to have the opportunity to take care of my family," Josh says.

    Josh meets his brother at Company. Billy wonders if he is bored with the family business. Josh admits that he misses being an 'action hero'. His brother tells him that he did a good job and has to let Reva and Jeffrey look after their own lives now.

    Lillian arrives at Cross Creek to see Colin and check in on Jeffrey. She's surprised that he doesn't need any help. He asks her why she is acting so strange. She giggles and leaves.

    Dinah goes to Cedars to get the DNA results. Remy runs up to her. They worry. Shayne shows up. He's there to see his mother and wonders why she's there. She hugs him and tells him everything is perfect just the way it is. He wanders down the hall and she continues worrying. Remy has to go. Dinah follows Shayne and they sit with Reva. He tells them he's had another dream about Lara and she told him that Dinah would help him. Dinah leaves to get some coffee and prays that Henry isn't Shayne's kid. After she picks up the test results, she repeats to herself that things are good the way they are.

    Shayne takes his mother back to her room. They talk about how Josh came through for her. He admits that he'll always want his parents back together. She tells him they need to put a touch football team together to beat the Coopers. A nurse chases him out. A few minutes later, Josh arrives for a visit. He tells her how good it felt protecting her and their son. It was good for him to have a purpose for awhile. She thanks him for everything. Lillian comes in and tells her that the doctor is on his way. The doctor tells her that she can go. She's relieved. Josh congratulates her and offers to drive her home. She thanks him. "No problem. Always," he says with a smile.

    Lillian sits with Remy in the hall. He's depressed and admits that he's lost his job due to cutbacks. She promises not to tell anyone and offers to be on the lookout for new work.

    Remy finds Dinah sitting in the park. She still hasn't looked at the results. He walks away and Shayne approaches her, asking if she is okay. She wants a nap and they go off.

    At the station, Marina worries about her father. Mallet says it will take some time for him to get Natalia out of his system.

    In her room, Dinah tells Shayne she doesn't want anything to change. They make out. After sex, she climbs out of bed while he sleeps. She opens the test results and begins to cry. He wakes up and asks what's wrong.

    Mallet and Marina go home and check on Frank. Buzz announces that he needs to become a better example to them and wants to come back to work. Marina's thrilled and hugs him.

    Josh drives Reva home. She's happy and excited but wonders if Jeffrey has room for her anymore. "My baby doesn't even know me yet," she says. "He's about to have the experience of a lifetime," he tells her. She goes inside and tells Jeffrey she's home for good. The baby cries and Reva picks him up and hugs him close.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Dinah explains to Shayne that she didn't want to tell anyone until she knew for sure.

    Jeffrey tells Josh not to worry anymore; Edmund is gone.

    Natalia tells Olivia that they've gone right back to not liking each other. "This was a big mistake!" Olivia shouts.

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    Posted by mom of 6 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 01:20 PM

    Hi GlandWT, Julien, Vanillahere, Sunflower23, and 3pupps
    Sorry I missed the discussion yesterday, here is my list of wants for the show’s end, it’s a LONG one.
    !. For Jonathan to bring Sara back and then they find out that Jeffry is Jonathans father instead of Richard. That is possible since Jeff used to pretend to be Richard. That would give Reva and Jeff two sons together and make Ava Jon’s sister.
    2. I want Reva to get healthy and stay with Jeff. She and Josh can agree to be BFF but their relationship never works out and she is happy with Jeff.
    3. Lizzie gets joint custody of Sara and she and Bill find out they are having a baby.
    4. Billy finds someone to love.
    5. Vanessa and Matt get back together.
    6. Ross comes back; he has been living in the Amazon jungle and couldn’t get to a phone.
    7. Coops brother comes back, falls in love with Ashlee and they get married.
    8. Buss and Lillian get married.
    9. Frank and Elaine get remarried and go live in Greece
    10. Shayne and Marina get married
    11. Mallet and Dinah get remarried
    12. Alan marries a super model and they move to France to be close to Alan Michael
    13. Philip and Beth get back together and start a business of their own
    14. Danny and Michelle to STAY TOGETHER! I hope they don’t bring them back divorced .
    15. Rick and Cassie get together. I was always hoping they would put those two together because he has Richard’s heart and they would have made a good couple. Tammy coming back would be nice.
    16. Alex finds a handsome older man to love and she gets to run Spalding.
    17. Remy and Ava get together and have another baby.
    18. Harley takes Daisy to live with her in Greece.
    19. Nat and O leave town.
    I think I covered everyone except the teens; they are too young to have a final story.

    Posted by lovesthemsoaps at Tuesday, May 05 2009 01:29 PM


    Posted by morisey at Tuesday, May 05 2009 01:38 PM

    Ava's baby turned out to rather obviously be Remy's and not AM's. The poor little dear lived about a day, long enough for everyone to fall in love. Ava was suffering from post-partum and I believe she never even saw her child. Jeffrey packed her away to a sanitarium to work through it She moved to San Francisco but stopped by to see if Remy still wanted something with her. She saw where he was with Christina (married) and bowed out gracefully (Remy didn't ask her to stay). While it was a s/l that was abandoned quickly at least the loose ends were tied up for once!

    Posted by slim1 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 02:01 PM

    Oh I was so disappointed with the Otalia storyline today. I was so hoping that their getaway would bring them closer and that they would finally take it to the next level since they are sharing a room together at the spa. Why did they have to fight? very upseting. I just hope that they will make up before they leave and work things out.

    Posted by Julien at Tuesday, May 05 2009 02:12 PM

    Thats what the writers love to do on this show.Pair 2 people up and make everyone suffer like they did with Lizzie and Bill and they will either get together or just stop the sl all together and never end it.
    I realy like the idea of Jonathan being Jeffery and Revas kid.I think some of us should get together and write a soap.
    But I have always liked Billy and Vanessa together ah the golden age of soaps. I never liked Matt.

    Hello:3Puppies,GlandWT,Vanillahere,Sunflowers23, and everyone

    Posted by lacollins26 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 03:00 PM

    Why can't the writers just let Olivia and Nat be happy already!!!! Now that Frank knows the truth(poor guy) just let them get on with it. The nervousness when they are alone is good stuff until they argue over something small. I am really liking them together and want to see them happy. They are both overdue!!

    Posted by coco50257 at Tuesday, May 05 2009 03:32 PM

    Omg! Just put Nat & Olivia together already! They have drug this out forever. All the drama & wishy washy crap they keep doing. Lay it rest! Be done with it!!!!
    Is Henry Shane's & if so, will Dinah tell him? Being's the show is going to end she should tell him. Writers are back to lame shows & slow story lines. ugh! Think they could figure out that is why the show is being canceled and they do nothing about it.

    Posted by MJ in Tenn at Tuesday, May 05 2009 04:12 PM

    Arrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhh, Otalia is killing me, I'm dyin' every day! That exposed nerve they both have is so typical of fledgling relationships. The back and forth and insecurity are just agonizing! How in the world do CC and JL inhabit these characters so realistically? I loved tantrum they're having of who's going to be the one to leave -- I've so been there! I can't wait to watch the rest of the episode -- that's my treat for getting the yard work done.

    Posted by GLandWT at Tuesday, May 05 2009 06:36 PM

    Mom6, I like your list. I still don't care for Jonathan, but the concept of Jeffrey being his dad is very interesting; although Jeffrey denied it strongly stating "he isn't mine". I am glad Reva got to go home to be with her baby and glad Josh was there to take her. Baby colin sure is a big baby to have been born on April 3. As rapidly as GL aged James, I guess baby Colin is almost a year old now. I guess when they show Peyton, she will be in first grade. WOW! How time flies.

    I am glad Dinah will tell Shayne the truth on tomorrow.

    Did Frank spend the night with the girl he met at the bar? It was good seeing a clean shaven Buzz. Just how many bedrooms does Harley's house have?

    I enjoyed today's episode with the exception of "N O". Good actors they are, but a waste of talent.(JMO)

    Hi Mom6, 3Puppies, Julien, Gossipqueen, Vanillahere, Sunflower23 and all.

    Posted by gossipqueen75 at Wednesday, May 06 2009 06:59 AM

    To be honest I haven't been watching or reading since I found out they are ending GL. So I am caught up now.

    Glad to see Reva home, wish she was with Josh but who knows maybe that is how they end it???

    I am sure this will be HUGE with Shayne and his baby. So we will see where that leads.

    Hi: 3Puppies, Julien, GLandWT, Vanillahere and all

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