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Alive and Hissing.

Monday, May 04 2009
Frank confronts Olivia, the Spaulding men argue and Bill and Lizzie prepare for a wedding.

Olivia and Natalia sit by Frank's hospital bed. Natalia walks out for a minute. Doris arrives to checkup on Frank... and avoid unnecessary lawsuits, she explains. She says that he was drunk and belligerent and her guards took him down. Nat asks what this was all about. "You," Doris says.

Meanwhile, Frank leaps up from bed. Olivia offer to call his doctor. "Haven't you done enough already?" he asks. As he walks out, she chases after him. He suggests that she get out of Nat's life before she ruins it. He's not angry at Natalia, he's sure that this is all Olivia's fault and accuses her of going after her once Gus died. Natalia interrupts them and tells him to stop. "Blame me," she insists. They go into his examining room. He explains that he knows the real reason she backed out of the wedding. She tells him that Olivia didn't manipulate her and she couldn't live a lie with him; that would have been wrong. "It just happened and it's real. Now you have to let go," she says. He asks her what she is. She doesn't know, but she says it's not harmful or sinful. Natalia never meant to hurt him. "It's a little late for that," he says, walking out. Nat cries. Olivia comforts her.

They go to the park. Olivia thinks that they deserve to be happy. Natalia worries what the price for other people will be. Olivia knows that there are consequences. If Nat can't handle that, she wants to know now. "I've had my personal talk with God and I've made peace with this," Nat says. When they go away together, they can figure out what they are to each other. When they get back to the house, Olivia calls to arrange their getaway. They get separate rooms. Olivia repeats that they have to be ready for everyone now knowing about them. Natalia wonders how they should behave in public. Olivia suggests they just do what feels right.

Rafe runs into Frank at the minimart. Seeing his beat up face, he asks him what happened. "I walked into a door," Frank claims. Rafe doesn't believe it. Frank explains that he and Natalia just weren't meant to be. It's his loss and he hopes they can all stay friends. Frank tells him never to let anyone convince him that his mother is anything but caring.

Frank goes to Farley's for a drink. He takes out the wedding ring and stares at it. A woman walks up to him. "I hope the other guy had it coming," she comments. "Actually, I had it coming," Frank says. She walks away and Frank drops the ring in his beer before walking over to the woman, apologizing and introducing himself to her. She likes cops.

In the Bauer cabin, Bill discovers some wedding magazines in Lizzie's bag. Outside, Billy calls Lizzie as she walks on the lawn. He asks her what's going on. She blurts out that she and Bill are engaged. "It's about time," he laughs. She tells him that they will be eloping. When she goes inside, Bill is sitting at the table. He starts worrying about what she can wear to the wedding. She's sure that they have everything they need to make it work. He gets a call from the justice of the peace who tells them that they'll have to wait until later that night. Bill asks Lizzie what she wants to do while they wait. He suggests they 'rehearse' and he's not talking about the wedding. After they have sex, they come out and are shocked to see that Matt, Josh and Billy are there with their fishing rods. They say that Josh can perform the wedding. Billy and Lizzie slip outside to talk. He asks her if this is the wedding she wants. Finally, she says they should wait.

In Orlando, Dinah runs into Remy by the pool. He tells her that Christina dumped him. Dinah's distracted; she's too nervous about the DNA tests. If Shayne is the father of baby Henry, it could change everything. Shayne returns to them and Remy leaves to get a drink. He bumps into Christina. She announces that she is leaving. "So you can spend some time with someone fun," she snipes. He grabs her bag and throws it in the pool. She pushes him in. He fishes out her bag and tells her not to leave before he makes things up to her. Although he knows she can take care of herself, he needed to be there because he likes taking care of her. Their relationship has nothing but surprises. She kisses him. They fall in the water together.

Dinah and Shayne have been watching. She wonders why it always ends in splashes. He says the splashes don't matter. Remy and Christina join them for drinks. When Christina and Shayne leave to get a menu, Dinah and Remy try not to worry about the DNA test.

"He's just crazy enough to do it if I don't stop him," James worries to Daisy as they run up the mountain to Phillip and Alan. On the mountain, Phillip tells Alan that he just wants them all to be happy. He's not sure that's possible unless they erase the unhappiness in the past. "So you've come back to fix the family?" Alan asks, taunting him. As Phillip gets angrier, James runs up and stops them. Alan tells him to call security. Phillip asks everyone to calm down. As they go down the mountain, James announces that he and Daisy are leaving. Phillip asks Daisy to take his father on Dueling Dragons. She shrugs and they walk off. "I see Alan's alive and hissing," James says. Phillip promises that things will change and get better. James wanders away.

They sit down. "When Lizzie beat Leukemia, you didn't have much use for me," James reminds his father. Phillip rationalizes this and claims he distanced himself from him because he cared and didn't want to watch someone else raise him. He's sorry that he missed his childhood and promises to be there for him. "There's something I've been having trouble with..." James starts to say before getting a text from Daisy and running off.

As Alan and Daisy walk along, he asks her not to become another Cooper woman involved with the Spauldings. He orders her to stay away from James. "I will if you will," she says. They part ways. James meets up with her at the pier. She tells him that all Cooper romances are doomed. He says they're lucky they are so different from their families.

Next on Guiding Light:

Reva wants to come home.

Remy suggests that Dinah tell Shayne. "Tell Shayne what?" Shayne asks.

Natalia and Olivia run into Blake in an awkward moment.

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