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    She Has The Hots For Olivia.

    Thursday, April 30 2009
    Bill proposes to Lizzie, Alan wanders around the park and Doris tells Frank about Natalia and Olivia.

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    Posted by 3Puppies at Thursday, April 30 2009 03:34 PM

    Talk to you all tomorrow - dinner time.

    Posted by GLandWT at Thursday, April 30 2009 04:08 PM

    When did Doris get body guards and why? Did she think Frank was going to knock her out when she told him about "Noliver"? Did Doris' boby guards think Frank was going to attack her? Questions, questions, and more questions.

    Posted by GLandWT at Thursday, April 30 2009 04:24 PM

    I don't get the theme park thing - that everyone in Springfield has to go at the same time. Lame s/l. I hope it doesn't drag out the whole month of May. GL has less than five months before cancellation... Bring Bill and Lizzie s/l to an end - married or not - just end it.

    Things I would like to see happen before GL is cancelled:
    1) Lizzie needs to reunite with her daughter. 2) The true DNA test result. Alan need go on an extended vacation. There are more, but time won't permit me to list them all.

    Hi 3Puppies, Mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen, Vanillahere, Sunflower23, and all.

    Posted by LBOOGIE at Thursday, April 30 2009 05:40 PM

    Today's show in my opinion was great. I am so glad that Bill and Lizzie are so happy. It's not boring to me at all. Especially with everything they have been through. Frank got what he deserved today. I lmao!!!! Still am!! Alan does seem like such a normal person in Florida. And when he gave the little girl the stuffed animal, he almost seemed genuine and sincere. I say that because once they get back to SF he will be back up to his ol' tricks again! I am enjoying everyone being away in Florida. It looks like they all really had a blast!!! Can't wait till tomorrow when Dinah and Sexy Shayne join them!!!

    Posted by namesake at Thursday, April 30 2009 07:49 PM

    I feel sorry for Frank but I'm glad that he's going to finally know what's going on.

    There was lots of cute on today's show with the Universal stuff and how cute was Natalia practicing calling Olivia?

    Posted by ahhiker at Thursday, April 30 2009 07:50 PM

    I think today's episode was great! I am loving seeing half of Springfield at Universal! I think it is fun and cute! I watched Guiding Light as a kid when it was only on for 15 minutes, but just started watching it again about two months ago because of the Otalia storyline. While catching up with that storyline on YouTube, I fell in love with the whole show. I think the writers are doing an outstanding job as are the producer, cast, and crew! I have been particularly impressed with Crystal Chappell. She has always been an incredible actress, but the last few weeks she has been phenomenal! Her graveside confession was the performance of a lifetime! I think Guiding Light still has a lot of life left!

    Posted by D28IF at Thursday, April 30 2009 09:38 PM

    I've been enjoying the Universal Studios escapades of Bizzie. After more than a year of drama, a couple days of cutting loose isn't too much to ask. It may be a bit much to suspend reality of how half of the rest of the cast ended up down there, but it's a soap. Sometimes you just gotta to with it. ;-)

    I thought Otalia were adorable with the sandwich lessons. Rafe's super-secret sandwich is banana & peanut butter? Who is he, Elvis? I was concerned from the spoilers that Doris just blurted the truth to Frank but it wasn't quite like that. He provoked her just a little. She was honestly saying sorry about the wedding and he was picking a fight. With a woman, no less. Sure, it's Doris who can more than hold her own, but still. A pretty wimpy thing even for Frank. And the look on her face really said that she thought he knew at least *something* of the truth. Still, no excuse for physical violence. Major overkill from the Secret Service wannabes. Anyway, Frankie still probably needs more. He probably thought the hug he witnessed was the ladies getting their bracelets stuck in each others hair while fighting over nursing him back to health.

    Posted by OpusOne at Thursday, April 30 2009 10:00 PM

    LOVED today's episode! Couples everywhere. I'm always thrilled to see scenes with Philip and Beth. Loved all the Bizzie romance! Happy that someone FINALLY told Frank the truth. Olivia and Natalia were cute as they navigated the beginning stages of their relationship! I know there will be trouble for everyone right around the corner but it was nice to have an angst free day!

    Posted by Laurel67 at Thursday, April 30 2009 10:49 PM

    By way of Doris, unlike how the preview clip made it seem, I don't think it was intentionally malicious. I think Doris was actually sincere in saying sorry to Frank about the wedding, but she was just taken aback that he was still so clueless. The way I saw it, I think she felt like he just needed to move on, for his own sake, so she ripped off the bandage. since no one else if SF seems to want to clue the poor guy in, including his own father...and before we get too poor Frank (yeah I know, no one wants to be in his shoes), he did initiate that fight- first he really went after Doris (don't assault a woman frank, particularly from her blindside, that's scary) and then he started pummeling on the "body guards" aka the Matrix guys. So yeah there were two but he has some anger he needed to displace.

    I know that Frank was collateral damage, and he's not done dealing with his anger, so it will be interesting to see this play out.

    Back to the girls, in their defense, I really don't think either of them ever set out to intentionally hurt Frank; they just didn't think a relationship with each other was possible. So while it was unfortunate they realized it so late, at the same time, would have been worse if they had let it get any further, and the marriage had actually occurred. Sometimes it takes the stark reality of loss settling in, to raise the stakes high enough, and that's what happened. They couldn't deny it anymore. Great drama GL, I'm completely hooked on seeing what happens next!

    Posted by pibby at Thursday, April 30 2009 11:18 PM

    Loved that line from Doris. And her Men in Black. Frank never should have touched her. He provoked her, she opened her mouth and revealed a big secret. I hope that hug at the end gave him some sort of clue. Bill and Lizzie were cute. I loved his multiple proposals! I really like Daisy and James! I'm so surprised, cuz I usually don't give a twit about Daisy, but there's something about her and James that is drawing me in. Phillip and Beth need to get back together. I really hope that happens pretty soon.

    Loved Natalia practicing her phone call, Jessica was so adorable in that scene. Their scenes making sandwiches were so domestically normal and flirty, I just adore seeing them together! I hope they will really take that weekend away. They could use a day without Frank barging in the darn house!

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