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I'm Going To Be Sick.

Tuesday, April 28 2009
Bill and Lizzie spend the day at Universal Studios, Alan packs up the family for Florida and Dinah takes the DNA to the lab.

Bill and Lizzie are in Orlando wandering around Universal Studios. He wants to take her on some of the 'big-kid rides'. She doesn't think she can stomach them but he promises to hold her hand. They go inside a dinosaur exhibit and then they go to the Sinbad show and then take The Mummy ride, the Disaster ride, the Jaws ride and go to see the Blue Man Group. As the day winds down, she tells him how carefree she feels. He's happy because he thinks she deserves to feel that way. Now they can put everything else behind them. "Lizzie Spaulding, you are all grown up," he says. "And I'm all yours," she answers. They kiss.

Back at the mansion in Springfield, Alan is on the phone setting up the family's trip to Florida. Beth rolls her eyes. Alan tells her that they can't let this happen and asks her to pack. He calls Hilda to pack his bags. As she looks at the travel plans, she wonders why there is no room reserved for Phillip. He explains that his son will be having some quiet time at Ravenwood. Beth refuses to go along with this.

James calls Daisy and invites her to Universal Studios. She turns him down. Ashlee and Christina are shocked. James walks downstairs and tells his mother that he just invited a girl along with him. She tells him Alan had his father committed. James is just happy to hear there is an extra ticket.

At Ravenwood, Phillip is transferred to a new room. He wonders who he has to thank for that. When he turns, he sees Rick. The doctor shows his friend that the window doesn't lock properly. He suggests that he only try escaping for a few hours at a time and then walks off. Phillip smiles.

Remy and Dinah come downstairs with the baby. She bags the baby's pacifier before they hand Henry to Mallet. Meanwhile, Christina and Ashlee are still trying to convince Daisy to take James up on his offer. They want to go to Florida too. Daisy isn't interested and is sure that James is just trying to annoy her.

Outside, Shayne is shocked when Marina confesses to planting drugs on the CPS agent to get the adoption investigation dropped. She's nonchalant and explains that Henry is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Although she's not proud of herself, there is nothing she wouldn't do for the kid. Dinah comes out and says she has to go. He kisses her goodbye. They go inside and he snaps pictures of the new family.

Dinah takes the DNA samples to a lab. She hopes the nun was lying.

When Dinah goes to Shayne's later, he hands her the toothbrush he got for her. They went half way around the world together and he still likes her. She likes him too and wants him to be happy. After they go to bed, he has a dream of Lara. "Dinah will help you. She will help us," she tells him.

Marina and Mallet put the baby to sleep. They never thought their lives could be this perfect.

James goes to Company and asks Lyn to give something to Daisy for him. When Daisy and her friends arrive, Ashlee and Christina are thrilled to discover that James left tickets for the three of them. Daisy tells them they can go without her. Christina and Ashlee begin gabbing about shopping. As they make a list of what to bring, Remy walks in and asks what's going on. They eagerly explain that James is bringing them all down because he wants to sleep with Daisy. Remy is concerned that his ex-wife is running off like this. Christina and Ashlee run off giggling. Remy asks Daisy what's happening. He begins worrying about Christina getting mixed up with the Spauldings.

Phillip has slipped out of the hospital. He meets Rick on the basketball court. As they play, they recall the last time they were there and Phillip stabbed him with a needle. Phillip repeats that he's sorry. Rick hands him the keys to the Bauer cabin and walks off. Phillip sneaks back into his room. Beth immediately walks in, telling him that she will get him out of there. He already knows how to get out. She tells him about Alan's plans to protect their daughter from Bill. He is sure that she can handle Alan. She can't even stand to be in the same room with him. He convinces her that going down with the family is the right thing to do.

At Company, Daisy finally changes her mind and tells her friends that she'll be going with them. They all scream and jump up and down before running out to a cab.

Back at the mansion, James asks Alan how much family stuff he has to show up for. He has friends coming down with him. Alan tells him how important this mission is but assures him he'll have time to relax. James is eager to go but Alan thinks they need to wait for his mother. James flops on the couch to wait. Beth arrives and Alan promises that they will have family memories they've never had before. "I'm going to be sick and I haven't even been on a roller coaster yet," Beth groans.

Next on Guiding Light:

Bill calls Philip to ask for Lizzie's hand in marriage.

Phillip asks Rick to cover for him while he goes to Florida.

Lizzie is shocked to see Alan arrive in Florida.

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