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I Can Do It Again With You.

Tuesday, April 21 2009
Bill and Lizzie rush through their dates, Dinah tries to give Shayne some therapy and Remy tries helping Christina find a new job.

Josh hurries back to Cedars to check on Reva. Seeing that she is okay, he breathes a sigh of relief. Lillian surprises him. He stammers through an explanation and begs Lillian to watch over Reva 24/7.

Lizzie and Bill are wandering the streets of New York. He says they will need plenty of energy to get through their dates today. Taking out his phone, he calls her and asks her out for a date. They laugh. She does her make up and they meet for their date. More teasing and they set up the next date after this one before strolling off. After they finish those two dates, she complains that her feet are killing her. High heels in a museum are a bad idea. He massages her feet and tells her she'll have to look elegant on their next date. He carries her to a handsome cab. It looks exactly like the one she rode when she was five. He's disappointed that she's been there before and seen everything. "I can do it again with you," she offers.

They meet up later for their seventh date. He has a list of possibilities for dinner but she's been to all of them. They go to a hotdog vendor on the street. She's never done that before so she's impressed. He decides it's time to pack. After he puts her bags in a cab, he sends it off and tells her he will give her something she's never had. He pulls out a lollipop and a kid's trolley, announcing that they are going off to find her childhood.

Remy is giving Christina a massage. "If I had known you were so good at this, I would never have divorced you," she jokes. They talk about Frank and Natalia's wedding ceremony going bust. It comes out that he used to date Natalia. She teases him and tells him to take Frank out for a beer. He thinks that's a bad idea. They start to make out when his alarm goes off. It's time for work. She tells him that she lost her job. He wants to help but she says this is not his fault and she can find her own job.

Jeffrey opens his front door and finds Josh standing there. Josh explains that Edmund ran off leaving a trail of blood. Jeffrey tells him that when you work outside the law, things like this happen. He offers to look after Reva but Josh will have to take care of Shayne.

Edmund is cleaning his wounds before slipping into a disguise. He slips into The Beacon and eavesdrops on Dinah and Shayne through a listening device.

Shayne wakes up from a dream. Dinah asks him if he's okay and guesses he was dreaming about Lara. He tells her that he's not missing her, but she keeps trying to tell him something he can't understand. Dinah offers to help him figure it out. "We have to figure out the past in order to move on," she says. They have coffee and she probes him about the dream. She puts things together and decides that they need to find a way to make Lara dance. As they get dressed, his father calls to check in on him.

Christina goes to Cedars and asks Lillian if they are hiring. She offers to get her a job application. A call comes in from the gym. When Christina gets over there, she finds Remy and other men complaining that they've been trying to get an appointment with a trainer. The owner of the gym realizes that this is all a ruse to get Christina's job back. She thanks Remy for the attempt.

Jeffrey calls Josh and tells him that Roc is motivated to get Edmund, even if he's sick of getting beaten up. Josh has been checking around too but will have to get back to him. They meet up a few minutes later to check in and then Josh leaves to look for Shayne.

Dinah and Shayne go to a gym with Edmund trailing them. She plays Lara's music box as Edmund listens in. Dinah talks about when she was growing up in the carnival and how much she missed her father. They sit on the floor and talk until she gets him to dance. After they dance together, she wants him to dance on his own. He won't. She thinks he needs to work through this and asks him to go away with her to Bosnia. She's sure that this is the only way he'll be able to find a way to say goodbye. He seems uncertain. Josh interrupts. Shayne announces that they are going to Bosnia. "I think that's a great idea," Josh says. Shayne agrees.

Remy arrives at Cedars to pick up his paycheck. He asks Lillian if Christina can pick up some work there. She warns him that they aren't hiring and he tells her that he wants to send her to med school. Down the hall, Christina cradles Colin and talks to Reva and Jeffrey. After she hands the baby to Jeffrey, she sits down with Remy and announces that she wants to open a daycare center. He's impressed and she's excited.

Josh calls Jeffrey to tell him that Shayne and Dinah are leaving the country. Jeffrey tells him that Reva is quiet and Roc informed him that Edmund just boarded a plane for Bosnia. Josh starts to panic.

Next on Guiding Light:

Josh asks Billy to look after Reva while he's in Bosnia.

Shayne and Dinah arrive in Bosnia to confront his past.

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