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That Was Lovely.

Thursday, April 16 2009
Alan has an idea for Phillip and Natalia's wedding falls apart.

As Beth walks down the stairs, Phillip nearly collapses as he jogs. She teases him, calling him a slacker. They talk about how lucky he is to have been pardoned. He can't understand why his son wanted to help him at all. Beth is sure that he did it for her but wishes she could have helped get him free. He came back knowing he was going to prison. She wonders why he came back then. He says he wanted to make amends and he is healthy enough to do it. When he asks her out to the movies, she turns him down; she has class.

At the mansion, Alex wakes up her hungover brother and asks him what's gone wrong. He claims he is relaxing. He's lost everything and his family hates him. Alex pulls him up and slaps him, telling him he's acting like a spoiled brat. He tells her she doesn't know the terrible things that have been going on. Although he loves Phillip, he knows that he's come home to destroy him. It terrifies him that everyone has already forgotten the terrible things his son has done.

Downstairs, Lizzie offers to spend the day bonding with her brother. He walks away and sends Daisy a message while she's at the wedding. Marina stops her from answering much.

At the church, Doris begins the ceremony. She's slow and tells them that they need to be aware of all of the consequences and responsibilities. When she asks if there are any objections, Olivia blurts out, "No… body's objecting." Doris continues to talk about how sacred marriage is and how it shouldn't be entered into as a matter of convenience. Doris gets a call and steps out. While they wait for her, Frank asks his father to tell a joke. He can't think of any that are appropriate. The wedding guests joke around.

Olivia chases Doris down and realizes there was no real call. Doris prompts her to tell Nat how she really feels before she walks out of the church and out of her life. They slip into a back room. Olivia refuses to stop the wedding; she wants to do the right thing for once. She wants Nat to be happy more than she wants her for herself.

Mallet and Marina slip out. He checks his messages and discovers that Child Protective Services want to move their meeting up until today. She starts to panic and refuses to let anyone take their baby. James arrives, looking for Daisy and his sister Emma. He slips in as Daisy gives Rafe a welcome home hug. He tells her that he is back for good. She's happy for him. After some awkward moments, she walks off to sit. James sits down behind her.

Natalia lights a candle and says a prayer. Frank joins her and she recites a Bible passage. She's happy that he understands her faith and how important it is to her. He's eager to grab Doris but she tells him to give her a minute. Doris returns with Olivia and the ceremony resumes. Marina is called up to sing. As she does, James and Daisy text back and forth until she notices he's behind her. They continue, teasing and rolling their eyes at each other until the song finishes.

Emma reads a poem about love. Everyone smiles. "That was lovely," Doris says. After Emma sits down, the vows start. Frank tells Nat that she is beautiful, a gift from God. He had given up on love until he met her. He vows to always take care of her and her son. There's nothing he wouldn't do for her. Natalia thanks him and begins to cry. Olivia hands her the ring and hopes it gives her strength. Nat feels blessed; this is a dream come true for her and she is sure that God has blessed her. For her, God is love and love allows you to feel God's gift. She wants to devote her life to Frank... but before she can finish, she chokes up, apologizes and runs out. Olivia goes after her.

Natalia runs down to the park. She begs God not to forsake her. Olivia catches up with her.

"So when does the Greek dancing start?" James asks everyone back in the chapel as they stand around. He and Daisy trade barbs. The family continues to worry. Frank decides that he needs to find Natalia and runs off.

At the mansion, Alex finds Phillip playing video games and eating cookies. He asks her out to the movies. Alan walks in. They ask him along. He turns them down; when he wants to see a movie, he has a private screening. He wonders if his son has any plans other than slacking around, eating his food and drinking. Alan wants to get him a job on the board at Spaulding. Phillip says no but Alan thinks it's the only way for him to gain Lizzie's trust back. Phillip offers to think about it after the movie.

Phillip and Alex go to Spaulding to see Alan. Phillip agrees to take a seat on the board. Alan is thrilled and offers to call Lizzie. They call her over and fill her in. Before they can have a press conference, Phillip reads over the statement he is supposed to read. He realizes that it says he is supposed to seek the help of a psychologist. He's outraged. Alan tells him that he needs to do this to prove his sanity to his own daughter.

Next on Guiding Light:

Bill asks Lizzie out for another date.

Frank asks Buzz if he brought up his doubts with Natalia.

Alan warns that the tests may show that Phillip isn't well.

Natalia blurts out that she doesn't love Frank, she loves Olivia.

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