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    Is There Anything I Should Know?

    Wednesday, April 15 2009
    It's Frank and Natalia's wedding day, Shayne has a dream and Josh gets rid of Edmund.

    Josh tells Roc that no one can know about what they are doing. They load Edmund into the back of a van. "Don't worry. He'll live, but he'll wish that he hadn't," Roc says. He's taking him to near St. Helena's island to rot. Edmund asks 'Father Josh' how he can rationalize treating him like Satan when they are all liars and they killed his daughter. Josh gags him and slams the door.

    Shayne and Dinah are in the park. He wants to swing but she thinks he should be relaxing after being clobbered. He reminds her that she risked her life to save his. She thinks that means she's crazy. He's sure it's something else. As they kiss, she slips in the snow. He jokes around. She still worries that he got so close to Edmund and managed to get him so wrong. Lara's love wasn't enough to save Edmund. Shayne continues blaming himself for Lara's death. He thinks Dinah's naive for believing in him. "Naive? Me? That's a first," she says.

    At Cedars, Reva is worrying about her child and demanding that Jeffery tell her that he's okay. He continues worrying about her. He thinks that she might not survive. A doctor comes in and checks her over. He says that it's amazing she's still alive. Jeffrey forbids her from doing anything like this again. He wants to go after Edmund. She makes him promise not to and says that it's been taken care of. Josh arrives and tells him it's been done. Jeffrey wishes they had let him handle this. He isn't happy to hear that Josh used his agent to get rid of Edmund either. After Josh leaves, Jeffrey tells Reva to follow her cancer treatments while he takes care of everything else. He feels like he and Josh have traded places. Josh peers in from the window for a moment and then walks away. When Jeffery steps out, he talks to her through the intercom and tells her how much he and the baby need her. She blows him kisses and he leaves with Colin. Josh stands back and watches him drive off.

    Shayne and Dinah go back to her place. She tells him to take off his shirt so she can see if the doctors missed anything. He teases her and they talk about how much they have changed since they met in Germany. Somewhere along the way they learned that they could be good together, he says. After they make love, Shayne dreams of seeing Lara one last time. She claims she has something to tell him and then vanishes. He wakes up gasping.

    Ashlee is at the church teaching Emma how to be a flower girl. Emma runs over to Lillian and they chat as Mallet helps Rafe put on his tie. Marina asks him if he is going to catch up with Daisy. They tell him that Grady is gone and he should take a second chance with her. Mallet and Marina fool around and she admits that she's been checking text messages from the sitter all day. She asks him why he hasn't been telling her more about the investigation by Child Services. He tries to brush it off but she tells him to stop treating her like she is too emotional to handle this.

    Frank tells his father that he and Nat are made for each other. Buzz tries to explain but Frank walks away, Lillian approaches. Buzz tells her she was right to break up with him; Cooper men aren't wired for love. "Maybe you just have to learn how to connect the wires," she says. He thanks her for coming. She apologizes for being too hard on him. He says she was right. They kiss.

    Frank gets a call from Father Ray. He can't make it. Frank begins calling around for another priest. Buzz runs off to the courthouse and tells Doris that his son needs someone to perform the wedding. She's surprised that the wedding is going ahead so quickly... or at all. Buzz almost gives up but she tells him that she still believes in true love and offers to do it.

    In the graveyard, Olivia tells Natalia that she can't be quiet anymore; this is her last chance. She doesn't know when it happened, but somewhere along the line she became the woman she loves. She knows that she could never give her the safety that Frank can. All they would have is whispering, canceled play dates and trouble for Rafe. "I've handled trouble before," Nat says. Olivia can't live with hurting her. She's afraid that her love will change who Natalia is and what she believes in. "You know where you need to be. We've got a wedding to get to," Olivia says, taking her by the hand and leading her to the church.

    Marina tells Ashlee that all of the events in her family end up being a disaster. Everyone waits around worrying. Mallet and Rafe tease Frank about the bride not showing up. He's not laughing. Natalia finally walks in. Frank explains that the priest dropped out. Natalia refuses to postpone. As she runs off to get into her dress, Frank grabs Olivia for a word. "Is there anything I should know?" he asks. She doesn't want to be interrogated. He tells her that his father thinks Nat's marrying him for the wrong reasons and asks her if there is something he doesn't know. Olivia claims that she is just a nervous bride. Crying, she tells him that she wants this for both of them. Buzz arrives and tells them that he found someone to perform the ceremony.

    Marina helps Natalia get dressed. She tells her that family events are always kind of a mess but then they work things out and become perfect. When Marina leaves her alone, Natalia prays, asking God to give her the strength to make the right choices. She begs God not to abandon her.

    Olivia is angry with Doris for being there. She tells her to keep her thoughts and snide remarks to herself. She wants everything to be perfect for Natalia. Doris thought she finally came to her senses and told Nat how she felt. Olivia says that she did but Natalia shot her down. She insists that she wants Frank.

    As Natalia readies herself to walk down the aisle. She meets with her son. He is happy with whatever makes her happy. "If you've found someone special, you can't let that person go," he says. He lit a candle and prayed that God would let her have anything that her heart desires. Emma begins scattering flower petals. Olivia walks down the aisle next and everyone rises. Rafe walks his mother down the aisle to Frank. When she gets to the front, she and Olivia share a difficult glance.

    Next on Guiding light:

    Child Protective Services move up the interview for Mallet and Marina.

    Phillip is livid when Alan tries to force him into having some psychological tests.

    Doris tells Olivia to tell Natalia how she feels before she walks out of her life.

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    Posted by Grammy43 at Wednesday, April 15 2009 01:35 PM

    Enough already with the Olivia/Nat storyline, there may be a few people that like it but not many. Why on earth do you feel you have to ruin a good thing for Frank? And when has O ever stuck with any relationship in her life, she would ruin Frank and Nat and then be off with some other man or woman after about 24 hours!!

    Posted by harris22 at Wednesday, April 15 2009 01:53 PM

    I love the olivia and natalia storyline its the only storyline in daytime that getting right.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, April 15 2009 02:05 PM

    One more time, I hate the Olivia/Nat s/l. It has to be the worst the writers had done. There have been others but nothing like this crap. Olivia has never been with a woman before, now they make her out to be in love with Nat. What a joke. "O" was always a self-sufficent, power hungry, mean-spirited individual and now whe is a whimpy, cry baby. Non-believable. Come back, the real Olivia. I think Nat will realize what Olivia really wants and will run out of town. (Pregnancy time). Hope she stays out of town forever, and then Olivia and go back to be a woman with a man. JMO.
    I think Buzz suspects Olivia of being the one that will ruin Frank's wedding to Nat. Josh/Reva/Jeffery s/l is okay. I still love Josh/Reva but it doesn't look like they will get back together soon. Somehow, I think bad boy Eddie will be back and in pursuit of the Lewis clan.

    Hi: GLandWT, Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Vanillahere, and Sunflower23.

    Posted by gossipqueen75 at Wednesday, April 15 2009 02:05 PM

    One word for todays show.... Boring....

    Hi: 3Puppies, Julien, GLandWT, Vanillahere and all

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Wednesday, April 15 2009 02:13 PM

    Yeah, 3 Puppies, I too love Reva and Josh. Im hoping if and when this soap is really going to come to an end I hope the writers, end every thing in a good way, specially by putting Reva and Josh back together. I also liked the idea of Jeffry and Olivia, Im still hoping.

    Hi 3 puppies, Glandwt, mom of 6, vnillahere,and every one...

    Posted by nesitari20092000 at Wednesday, April 15 2009 02:15 PM

    i have nothing against lesbians but come on! nattilia is a good christian woman and olivia don't know nothing about being good, olivia once again being selfish. how come you writers do this to nat's character? put olivia with handsome doris now that's a pair.

    Posted by Julien at Wednesday, April 15 2009 02:52 PM

    Boy is the actress playing Nat pregnant. That was a hard baby bump to hide, she did her best w/ the flowers but the camera angles did not.Yeah the writers basicly killed Oliva right in front of us regaurdless of being a lesbeian or not. I would like to see O and Doris together.

    Hello: 3Puppies,GLandWT,Gossipqueen75, mom6, Vanillahere

    Posted by 12312 at Wednesday, April 15 2009 02:54 PM

    WOW what a great show! They keep getting better and better... thank you GL... I am enjoying the last couple of months, going to Springfield.
    All you naysayers are really not helping to keep GL going come on! Get with it, don't you realize this is what happens in life? your comments are dull boring and very closed minded. As for GL airing this when they know the show is canceled... think! These have been pre taped long before the cancellation was announced... have you see the FL taping yet??? No that is what they were taping then!

    Posted by The Real Deal at Wednesday, April 15 2009 02:59 PM

    I heard this show was going off the air. I am sorry to say I wasn't surprised. It is far the worst soap on tv now. It has been spiraling out of control at warp speed. The writing is horrible!! It a shame though because they have some really great actors on the show. But their story lines bite bad.... When they change the scenry they really made it look worse. When i saw it I went like what the @&*$E#&#&. I used to love this show. Honestly this shows has some of the best acting. That Oliva & Natalia mess is crazy. She all of a sudden Oliva likes women. Unfreaken realisitic mess!!! They could of introduced it better than that. Don't mess up the characters like that.. Bring on new blood to do that... That Reva mess is crazy.. And why didn't they put Josh and Reva together. Insanity... How long is Alan going to get away with everything. I mean some of the story lines never get resolved. They just fade!!!! I mean come the freak on!!!!! These unrealistic story lines have destroyed this show. The talent is truly wasted with these story lines. Those writers should of been paying attention to what they were doing. Sad to say but they had a good run... 72 years. But I saw this coming and if AS The WORLD TURNS don't watch it they will be next... That Meg and Paul mess.. never mind that I talk about that crap on the ATWT comments. Very Sad indeed .... Kim Zimmer Rules!!! They show was kicking when she blew into town in the 80's. I used to watch this show when I was six years old. Peeps. It sad!!!! and that's the Real Deal...

    Posted by grangran at Wednesday, April 15 2009 03:09 PM

    Count me as another one against the Oliver and Nat relationship. I hope she goes through with marring Frank. Glad Frank got Rafe released. I sure will be glad when Buzz can shave. I read that Marcy Rylan who plays Lizze is Pregnant and is due in late Oct. Don't know how they will write it into the show.

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