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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Guiding Light'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Cancel Your Vacation

    Friday, October 27 2006
    Reva is rushed to the hospital. Josh tries to whisk Cassie away to Paris. Buzz tries to fix things between Ava and Olivia.

    Coop tries to comfort Ava

    Olivia and Buzz collapse on the bench exhausted from the party. They still can't believe how strange it was and even stranger how Reva is running off with Billy. Olivia tells Buzz that he's 'amazing' and has the 'biggest heart.' They go inside for a nightcap and, as Olivia slips off for a moment, Buzz calls Ashlee over for a favor.

    Ava is going through all of her old photos of her mother. She becomes frustrated and throws them at the wall when she realizes that they no longer give her comfort. She goes into the bathroom to cry and, as Coop picks the photos from the floor, he gets a call from Ashlee telling him that he and Ava are needed. They rush over, Ava stopping outside, reluctant to go in if Olivia is there, but Coop ushers her in. Immediately they are faced with Buzz and Olivia and Coop realizes that they were set up. They stare daggers at each other and Coop asks Buzz if he can 'seriously imagine Ava sitting down with Olivia after she tried to have her killed?' Olivia tries to sneak out but Buzz asks her to stay 'for me.' Ashlee invites herself to the meal and can't help pointing out how much Ava and Olivia look alike. She wonders how no one could have noticed before. She continues to go about her own relationship with her mother and tries to dole out advice to them while they stare at her with utter dread. Buzz continually asks her to go and eventually she gets the hint. Olivia announces that the dinner is over and walks out. Ava and Coop soon follow behind, only to find Alan-Michael waiting for them outside. Coop tries to get rid of him but Ava blurts out that she 'needs him' and offers to help him work through the night. She tells Coop that it's only so she can get Olivia off her mind. He says 'fine', he has to have a talk with his father anyway. She leaves with Alan-Michael while he pensively looks on.

    When they get back to her apartment, Olivia begins to berate Buzz for what he did that evening. She's sick of him telling her what she should do and how she should be. It's time for her to find someone else, someone in her 'own league.' She's only been settling with him; he's not the right guy. Buzz tells her that she deserves someone who loves her and can see her, 'good and bad and won't run away.' This silences her and she falls into his arms apologizing profusely for her outburst. He says that she is really lashing out at Ava's father and the only way she can get over this and learn to trust again is to find him and forgive him somehow.

    Alan-Michael flatly tells Ava that she is stuck with her biology and can't run away from it. She doesn't want to talk about it, but he suggests to her that Olivia could be lying. Maybe her father really was a good guy. 'My father? A decent honest always can hope.' He offers to put some of his people out there to find him.

    Coop has gone inside and is looking for flights to book to London. He wants to take Ava away. Buzz comes and sits by him, apologizing. Coop tells him to forget it. 'Just don't ever let that woman come around Ava again.' Meanwhile, Olivia has begun flashing back to the morning after her rape. She discovered a necklace baring the image of St. Jude which she has kept to this day. There is a knock at the door. It's Ava demanding to know all about her father.

    Cassie, Josh and RJ have gone to his place to finish packing. He decides that he doesn't want to spend their first day together packing and asks her and RJ to go to Paris with him to see Marah. Cassie can't refuse. Soon, they are in the jet drinking champagne while RJ tours the cockpit. Josh keeps staring at his phone and Cassie asks him if he's expecting a message. He tells her that he feels like he's forgotten something. She tells him that he's worried about Billy and they really shouldn't leave him in his state. He insists that there's nothing they can do for him. He begins flashing back to the dream about Reva and looks down at her rabbit's foot. She asks him again if they should go. She feels uncomfortable leaving things they way they are with Reva and Billy. They have been waiting a long time and there are storms ahead so the flight will be delayed a few hours. They decide to go back into town to pack some more. Josh gets a call from Billy who informs him that Reva is in the hospital before hanging up.

    Reva arrives at the hospital while Rick and Lillian try to pry information out of Billy after they find amino suppressants in her purse. Eventually, he slumps into the seat beside her and tells them about the cancer. Lillian walks him out and gets information before calling Dr. Colin. Mel comes out and tells Billy that Reva is critical and he should call the family. He asks to see her first and sits down beside her, apologizing for telling them everything. She opens her eyes and tells Billy that she won't die in a hospital. As she tries to climb out of the bed, he tries to calm her while she tells him to keep his promises to her. She collapses again, going in and out of consciousness, begging Billy not to call Josh.
    After Rick and Mel get Reva stabilized, they walk off and Mel is upset. She never though she'd see this. Rick tries to comfort her, but she pushes him away. Just then, Josh runs in demanding to see Reva while Lillian tries to hold him out of the room. He gets up close and sees her laying in the bed unconscious and is stunned into silence.

    Next on GL: Ava tries to get Olivia to come clean. Reva's situation has further complications.

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    Posted by TammyP at Friday, October 27 2006 07:59 AM

    Josh is at Reva's bed side will it be to late for them? Guess it will be Monday DAMN IT! WHEN WILL THIS END!

    Posted by Revajane at Friday, October 27 2006 08:02 AM

    One thing I've got to say is thank God for VCRs. This is torture.

    Posted by paparazzi at Friday, October 27 2006 08:56 AM

    Does Jonathan really have to be the father of the baby? There was never a test to confirm it -- just the ultrsound. After all it iis Lizzie we are talking about - a very deceitful and spoiled person who always gets her way -- it is time she be stopped!!!! The baby could be her business partner's, Joey, Coup, an unknown friend, --- whoever you want it to be on the Soap. After all, Reva came back from the dead!!! Jonathan and Lizzie DO NOT have chrisma and sparks between them and do not make for good entertainment.

    The same goes with Reva and Josh -- they are great actors together -- Cassie is a misfit with Josh. My husband of 44 years would be so hurt if I kept such a tragic disease from him -- also my family would not forgive me. I
    understand Reva's sacrifice for the hospital -- however, that is accomplished so it is time that Reva and Josh re-unite.

    We need to see more of the girl who befriended Lizzie and changed the hospital records. She is very entertaining.

    A retired school teacher who is a faithful viewer of 35 years.

    Posted by Countrygirl22 at Friday, October 27 2006 09:00 AM

    Hate to say it..but if something is going to happen to Lizzie's baby that will save best be happening now. I never really get to watch the show..just read the updates..which are very informative..great job. But just reading these like the one for today..i cried..i feel like i am losing one of my best friends. Hopefully they will tell Josh the truth now and something will happen to save her. Reva...don;t go!!!

    Posted by cheryl69 at Friday, October 27 2006 09:01 AM

    I hope this finally means Josh will learn about Reva's cancer. It's about time for Cassie to be kicked to the curb.

    Posted by rosemary.graham at Friday, October 27 2006 09:46 AM

    I agree. I've always liked cassie but she can never replace Reva. I can't wait for Josh to wake up. I know it will happen though

    Posted by harminni72 at Friday, October 27 2006 09:58 AM

    Okay let's say when Josh does find out the cancer, he has already been with Cassie. If I was Reva I would not want him back, he should have known something serious was wrong. That it was not Reva being Reva!

    Posted by vickster01 at Friday, October 27 2006 10:05 AM

    Reva should never have asked Billy to keep such her illness a secret, and that is too much for a recovering alcoholic to deal with. Let this be over and the secret out so everyone can deal with this issue realistically with some dignity and compassion.

    Posted by tlw1 at Friday, October 27 2006 10:31 AM

    I just want to say in my own experience through losing my sister with cancer a year and 10 months ago,my sister was a single mother and her family was everything to her. We all helped to take care of her. As her sister I was able to be with her when she died and I thank God for that because I got to say goodbye. Reva should let her family say goodbye! So their are no regrets. I know my sister was scared and I held on to our hands until her last breath. Knowing she wasn't alone made a huge difference. Reva needs the support of her family so she doesn't feel as if she is alone.

    Posted by boris at Friday, October 27 2006 10:43 AM

    I too have been watching GL for over 30 years and have been extremely disappointed with the writing over the last year. Recently, with the ridiculous, overly drawn out storylines, I now only watch it on TIVO when there is absolutely nothing else to watch. And thank God for the fast forward button in which I often use to FF through the Riva crap. I long for the good old days when I just couldn't wait to see what was going to happen in the next episode. Not the case anymore. Days go by before I toggle through Tivo and decide to try to make it through an entire episode before getting totally bored and frustrated with the Riva thing and end up just deleting the entire episode.


    Also, even though I Tivo the episodes because I cannot always watch it at 10AM, I am now for the first time in my life watching General Hospital (enjoying watching the old Cassie)to fill the 3:00 time slot. Looks like it may be goodbye GL and hello GH if something isn't done about the writers on this show.

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